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'Two and a Half Men'

Shut Down After TMZ Story

2/25/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned "Two and a Half Men" will immediately stop production for the rest of the season ... because of Charlie's escapades in the last few days ... most recently what he said to TMZ.

Two and a Half Men Shutdown
CBS and Warner Bros. say, "Based on the totality of Charlie Sheen's statements, conduct and condition, CBS and Warner Bros. Television have decided to discontinue production of 'Two and a Half Men' for the remainder of the season."

The decision comes several hours after TMZ posted a story in which Charlie Sheen challenged creator Chuck Lorre to a fight, calling him "a stupid, stupid little man and a pu**y punk that I never want to be like."

Sources connected with the production tell us ... Charlie's comments to TMZ were the final straw.

No word on whether production will resume next season.


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CHarlie Sheen.....You are a dumb ass!! Thanks to you, there are people now out of work...oh are soooo self centered that you don't care. You only think of yourself. I hope the workers put a lawsuit on you, so they can think of their families.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, by the way, I need some of that extra cash that you are gonna be wasting by....saying that you are innocent!!! Get a freaking life!!! REALITY or should I say KARMA!!!!

1303 days ago


Charlie Sheen is like the used vomit bag from a previous flight that's been stinking up everything, but nobody was smart enough to get it off the plane. Dumping Sheen and cancelling the show was the correct move. To paraphrase a sentiment from the movie "The Wedding Singer" with Adam Sandler, "Fonzie's show was cancelled because nobody wanted to see a 40-year-old guy hitting on chicks." Well, AMEN! Sheen is what, 45? But he looks 55, no doubt from his stellar lifestyle. Apparently the only people who DO like seeing 'an old dude hitting on chicks' are the pathetic losers who have blurred reality to the point they believe this show actually gives them hope of finding a bubble-headed, bleach-blonde, Silicone Sally who will think THEY are special. Now, if the out-of-work co-stars of the show would sue the daylights out of Sheen for loss of income and future earnings, that would be the icing on the cake!

1303 days ago


It's truly sad to see such a talented actor spiraling down the toilet because of his inability to recognize he has a drug problem. His rants and raves appear pompass and ignorant. I happen to like Charlie Sheen and it's a shame that he cannot see what his actions are doing to everyone around him. Maybe when he cannot get work, runs out of his money and hits the bottom of the cesspool he's currently in, maybe then he will wake up and take measures to fix his problem. Robert Downey Jr. should be a role model to him. Producers were afraid to hire him because of his addictions. Look how many times he went to rehab. It took being put away for a few years to help him straighten out. But he has come back a better person for all he went through. Charlie can do it too, but he has to first accept there is a problem. Good Luck to you Charlie, I sincerely mean that.

1302 days ago


I sincerely hope that boy reads these comments, and realize how many lives he has distroyed, his co-workers, the crews behind the camera ect. they have homes, bills, and children to support, this day and times people are out of work even in tinsel town, his antics are deplorable without any regret from this this silly little pu##y punk, he will go as most addicts, and soon forgotten except his family I'am sad for them.
I do pray that God will comfort them.

1302 days ago

Nancy Blaski    

I feel sorry for the rest of the cast and crew. His activities are beyond the pale; he deserves to be fired. Too bad the show can't go on without him. couldn't they kill him off and write in a cousin that inherits the house? Enrique Iglasius could play that part. I really like everyone that's been on. I am so mad at Charlie Sheen and his irresponsible behaviour that I'm not going to watch even the reruns anymore. I am sick to death of him and all the media coverage.

1301 days ago


I can't believe CBS pays this piece of @#$% 2 million dollars an episode. I wouldn't pay him 2 dollars to walk my dog....

1301 days ago


It's amazing how stupid "most" of you people can be.

"eww, he even had sex with a hooker.." Hahahahaha

Grow up. This isn't a kids show and, as such, most of you shouldn't be watching it anyway.

Charlie isn't gone, he'll be around, you clowns.

1300 days ago


They're really stupid if they think replacing him is going to do the show any good; it might as well just be canceled. Charlie Sheen WAS the show - no one else can really do the role justice.

1295 days ago


okay, I'm pretty tired of Charlie Sheen and all his drama, actually, I would replace him on this show, obviously he has some problems going on, but I'm done with him. He has cost alot of people their jobs, He needs to go, I will not be watching this show if he comes back, nor will I watch the reruns with him in it. Enough is enough. So long Charlie...... this fan is done with you. Shirley

1293 days ago


Obviously Charlie Sheen has some serious problems that he needs help for. It's too bad that he's costing so many other people their jobs. Not just the actors, who are all great on the show but, the others behind the cameras etc. This effects everyone working on the show and their families. His reckless behavior has cost everyone on the show. I'm sick of seeing him and his 2 bimbos on TV. I hope they replace him and the others can keep their jobs. Other shows have done it. How can someone not appreciate two million dollars per episode? Especially when so many people are jobless and losing their homes with children.

1292 days ago


I loved this show..i hope it keeps going..only show that i was ever able to laugh at..

1254 days ago


They should fire chuck and let charlie do what he wants. Its the #1 show for a reason. You don't change the formula. Now the show will fail with ashtons retarded, ugly, no talented ass on the show.

1198 days ago


Well I think that without Charlie Sheen will not be funny and perfect for the role he

1188 days ago


We see what happens to anti-Semites in LA. They die, and family
is left homeless.

Good riddance, Charlie. Hope you and your big, fat ego can live with causing hardship of those, who worked for your series
by screwing up their livelihoods, sick, greedy loser. Good luck
with finding a gig without a freak show factor... waiting for the loose gun to go off ... you and Lohan.

1182 days ago


It's over.. Don't kill Charlie off.. To evil... Just let the show die out on it's on. We love your Charlie.

1182 days ago
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