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Charlie To 'Men' Creator

Let's Fight in the Octagon!

2/24/2011 9:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen tells TMZ ... he wants to fight "Two and a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre in an octagon ... and, according to Charlie, "If he wins, then he can leave MY show!"

Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre

Charlie is still ensconced in the Bahamas, having what he calls "a grand old time."

Charlie said, "I violently hate Chaim Levine (Chuck Lorre).  He's a stupid, stupid little man and a p**sy punk that I'd never want to be like."  Charlie adds, "That's me being polite."

Charlie is scoffing at all the people around him, saying, "All these guys told me to 'clean it up.'  Well this is me cleaning it the f**k up."

Charlie, who insists he's sober, says, "All I want is to bring my family together, and I have to deal with all this B.S. politics." 

And as if that's not enough, Charlie says "That piece of s**t [Lorre] took money out of my pocket, my family's pocket, and, most importantly, my second family -- my crew's pocket."

Charlie adds, "You can tell him [Lorre] one thing.  I own him."



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The reason Charlie want to get in the octagon with the creator with two and half men so he can bang the UFC ring girls! Atta boy, Charlie! =P

1274 days ago


Very funny...I don't think this is the first time the machomos of Hollywood rants against each other. Machomo writers and machomo actors always get at each others nerve.No sillier than two drag queens throwing hizzy fits!

1274 days ago


My post is in response to #92 Interesting ramblings from someone with a very closed paranoid mind. The ONLY person wno is responsible for this situaition is CHARLIE SHEEN. This story is NOT about Jews in Hollywood or anti semitism nor its reverse.

The way Charilie is headed he'll be like Mel Gibson and no one will want to have him in their projects

Chaime Levine aka Chuck Lorre its funny why a certain race of people used to change there names to deflect attention from the control they have on hollywood. Got a feeling harvey and his crew will massacre Sheens career cause he is anti-semetic. This is what you call ppl in hollywood when you decide to kill there career. Im sure Chaime and Harvey don't like to sleep with strippers and escorts in there private lives. Wake up ppl

Posted at 4:19 PM on Feb 24, 2011 by Kosher SAL

1274 days ago


Bye, Carlos. You were mildly amusing (when you showed up for work). But hey, at least you won't have to worry about all those photographers following you to your coke dealer's house any more.

1274 days ago


So it's all the Jews' fault, huh? Not the Mex who doesn't show up for work because he's coked out of his skull? LOL.

1274 days ago


Hey Charlie! My husband of 30 years and I lost everything we worked so hard for threw A MEDICAL BANKRUPTY. You had it all and will lose what you had not threw sickness but because of your addiction. I know I will live on but your pretty much ready to meet your maker to bad! Let's just say see ya.

1274 days ago


you got it very wrong Charlie, it was YOU who took the money out of your pocket, and YOU who took the money out of the crews pockets. This is your f*uck up. Typical addict not taking responsibility for your own actions and blaming everyone else. Thats an addict, full of toxic self-importance. Good riddance to you

1274 days ago


Charlie, Charlie, Charlie...........

Come on, man.

You're used to putting knives up to ladies necks, and having tantrums with girls.

You're not used to fighting a man? Men are out of your'd best stick with girls.

Posted at 3:37 PM on Feb 24, 2011 by William

I absolutely LOVE your comment William, you nailed it :)

1274 days ago


Uh, btw, b/c of the ****ty writing tool this site has, the link I posted is altered, just remove the '...' in the middle of the code link and u should be able to access it.

Also, wtf is up with the anti anti-jew slurs, he didn't say nothing about jews retards. He called him by his real name, big fkn woop, his reason for calling him by his real name is probably the same reason we don't like talking to indians in india who call themselves Steve. All u haters, go jump off a cliff, plz, wat a bunch of fkn dogs, and ugly dogs need to be put down.

1274 days ago


I hope your happy now Charlie,you just pissed your career away.Your gonna be blackballed in Hollywood,no one will touch you now..Your an embarrassment to your Father,Brother and your entire family.Please seek professional help before it's too late.Think about your children,and the example your setting for them.

1274 days ago


Why don't you posters all shut the **** up not one of you ever earned $1 million per week. end of story and if you don't like Charlies show DON'T WATCH IT. you dumb morons...

Posted at 4:05 PM on Feb 24, 2011 by GalacticCannibal

I love when people show their ignorance like you do. So, what you're trying to say, correct me if I'm wrong, is that because we dont earn the money he does, we are not allowed an opinion? My guess would be that the majority of posters here have stopped watching the show because the man who earns money has become a threat to himself, his family, society and women in general. Be careful who you call a moron cause you musta been looking in a mirror

1274 days ago


Its so funny how the majority of people applauding and supporting CS in his abuse of drugs and women are ~ men. Surprise Surprise. Drugs are a source of immense pain for the families of those who use them, they are a scourge on society and usually people will go to gaol if they get caught with the amount CS has been let off with. Abusive men who beat and attack women are usually sent to gaol too. CS has gotten away with too much, just because he makes $$$ does NOT make him a good person. In fact $$$ has turned him into a monster capable of knifing his wife.

It is also amusing how all you supporters get so personal with your attacks on anyone posting on here who has a brain and can see this man you love needs help, or rather, a gun to just end the s*hit he's putting everyone through.

1274 days ago


Sigh..I own all the seasons of 2 and a Half Men. LOVED the show. LOVED Charlie's role in it.
However, though I found it amusing on the show, I do NOT find it amusing in real life, nor his tirades. Please pull the pole out of your doopah Sheen.
In all honesty, he has never been that great of an actor and most people will agree that he was not really acting in the series but just being himself. One does not need talent to play themselves.
Sheen, it was not YOU that made the show. Anyone could have played your part. It was the script that everyone enjoyed so much.
I am so against this blown up pathetic ego of a person.
I pray that they permanently end the show and Sheen NEVER gets another job/chance in Hollywood.

1274 days ago


Wow. I enjoy the show, and I liked Charlie, but...

This seems so over the top. He seems to be so arrogant and hateful, almost to the point of appearing mentally ill.

1274 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    


1274 days ago
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