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Charlie Sheen

RAGES in Open Letter

2/25/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen just wrote a sternly worded open letter -- which he's given to TMZ -- addressing the decision to shut down the production of "Two and a Half Men" for the rest of the season.

Open Letter
The letter reads:

What does this say about Haim Levine [Chuck Lorre] after he tried to use his words to judge and attempt to degrade me. I gracefully ignored this folly for 177 shows ... I fire back once and this contaminated little maggot can't handle my power and can't handle the truth. I wish him nothing but pain in his silly travels especially if they wind up in my octagon. Clearly I have defeated this earthworm with my words -- imagine what I would have done with my fire breathing fists. I urge all my beautiful and loyal fans who embraced this show for almost a decade to walk with me side-by-side as we march up the steps of justice to right this unconscionable wrong.
Remember these are my people ... not yours...we will continue on together...
Charlie Sheen


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What a pathetic, messed up, sorry excuse for a human being but much more, a father. How the arrogant mighty do fall! And not soon enough for me.

1302 days ago



Hope your saving your money$$$$.
You are blessed to be a successful working actor.
So many people would love to be in your shoes.

1302 days ago

John Huetteman    

The letter is clearly indicative of someone whose drug addiction has seriously affected the way in which he interacts with the world around him. A recent comment uses the word: delusional, and I think this is much deeper than delusional. On a moderate scale, I would think that Charlie's letter could be the product of a bipolar mania episode, or could be warning signs of schizophrenia. Whether drug addiction or mental illness, it is obvious that Charlie Sheen is a very sick man and I just pray that he gets better.

1302 days ago

Optimus Prime    

CHARLIE!!!! 2 mil an episode and u cant keep ur mouth shut?!?!?! think of the prostitutes, the drugs, the alcohol, and the prostitutes you could buy!!!! but nooooooooooooooooo, you blow it. Im not surprised, since u know, ur charlie sheen.
Im with u man, i wanna know wat happens between u and rose. thats mainly y im pissed with u, since u decided to do this without letting us find out wat happened with u and rose

1301 days ago

rob quarry    

Charlie-big guy-come on. I'm 63, I love your show, but you're killin' me. Get it together. If you need help, give me a call. I've been there. I've been a teacher and a coach for 40 years at the high school level. I've seen it all big guy. I even coached those 2 guys on 7th heaven-the Stultz Bros.-719-650-3516--it's time.Coach Q.

1301 days ago

michele morrison    

what a whiny little brat! try working in the real world charlie! Most people go to a job they hate and put up with a boss they hate and do it for a lot less money. boo hoo poor you, they didnt give the great charlie any respect. you dont deserve it. you are a jerk

1301 days ago

Jane Doe    

Whether or not Charlie Sheen is on drugs, or insane, is not the issue. He is an adult who can choose to live his life however he chooses to and is not seeking our permission or approval. As long as he is able to get to work on time and perform I am confused as to how "legally" they can break his contract and not meet their financial obligations to him. I am sure that nowhere in his contract does it dictate what he can and can't do when he is not working. If I were a "weekend" druggie, but came to work evey day, performed my job well and met all my contractual obligations and I was fired I too would take legal action. Please do not misunderstand, I believe Charlie has some serious mental health issues, and I feel badly about the tightrope he walks where his drug use is concerned, however, it has nothing to do with his abilty to play his role on the series and entertain me week after week. If I were fired and my employer broke my contract based solely on the fact that I was a "weekend warrior" I would hire an attorney ASAP! Just imagine how you would feel if your boss fired you because he found out you got drunk or hign every weekend? I am sure you would contact an attorney ASAP as well.

1301 days ago

Daniel j morgan    

Charlie Screw them all and the easy ones twice. You are the Show, and with out you... it would be nothing. People dont seem to see all the money everyone else is making off you and all the pressure you endure dealing with all this other bull-crap. You Are one with the people. everyone i know loves your loyalty and kindness. Every thing i say is true, bless you Charlie, and by the way i have 5 kids a wife of 19 years and worked all my life and im losing my home over 30k because of a motorcycle accident. im 44 and hurt and would greatly appreciate a few bucks to come my way to help keep my family together. Thank you for all the years you have practiced your craft you have always brought laughter to me and thousands. a man that has to fight every day to get by in a very hard life. Iv seen your generosity across the board to regular people for years and years, hell decades, I wish the very best for you and your family.. Your Fan DanMor P.S. this is the first fan letter iv ever written or comment for that matter.

and #379 Everyone, get real. The truly pathetic posters are those bashing on Charlie. Drugs are a problem, but his rants against Lorre are no big deal. You are all clearly jealousy because your combined salaries per year don't exceed Charlie's pay per episode. Grow up and stop trying to find ways to convince yourselves that you're any better than a recovering addict who is just speaking his mind is, because you aren't. You are worth less money, are less interesting, less intelligent, less talented, less famous, have smaller penises, etc,.. Try making something of yourselves instead of bashing celebs who actually have made something of their lives.

1301 days ago

Charles in charge    

Charlie you have sealed your fate. Calling someones home little & there kids ugly is as low as you can go.

you think your a god and the rest of us are below you.
well let me tell you if CBS hires you back there will
be a protest like in wisconsin.

take your cocaine and go away ( maybe Libya will have you )

I feel so sorry for your own children whom one day will
say my daddy is an *******.

1301 days ago


How is it now one is talking on the fact Chuck started all this by saying things about Charlie first!
Chuck said before of any of Charlies rants. He used these vanity cards to take shots at Sheen, including the recent one where he stated how healthy he lives and concluded "If Charlie Sheen outlives me, I'm gonna be really pissed."
I would Rant back to someone who made that comment wouldn't YOU!
When I heard this I thought that guy has a lot of Balls to say that about Charlie!

1301 days ago

sal iaropoli    

Charlie is just the way he is on T,V. Thats why the show is so cool.
You can't change a man with such great talents into a ardinary actor. Keep you hands off and the show will continue to grow..

1301 days ago

The eagle    


You've made some pretty good movies a very successful t.v. show. Everyone wants to like you. You have been given Carte Blanche on drugs, hookers, porn actresses etc etc.

It's time to grow up bud. I'm the same damn age you are. Be a man... be a father. You have a lot to lose. Yeah, you're responsible for the popularity of the show you 'were' on. So what, clean up your act, move on, you're rich man. You have everything a man could want. Why are you throwing it all away? Hope you wake up...

1301 days ago


I miss the show, but I would not want to watch it again with this raging a$$ on it. So what to do? Hey, Chuck (Lorre)! How about, in the next episode, Alan gets a call from Charlie (we don't need Sheen, we can watch as Alan has the conversation and hangs up), and Charlie ended up in Amsterdam on a bender. Loves it so much, he doesn't know when he'll be back. The rest of the season we see Alan stepping into Charlie's life (as happened in a previous episode), using his Mercedes, and as Charlie's old girlfriend show pop in to see Charlie, Alan tries to bed them with his usual lack of success. Jake is all about trying to borrow the car and exploit his usual antics, but as a now older Jake he is starting to show an interest in these old Charlie girlfriends who pop over. Ocassionally, Alan or Berta or Mom Harper get a call from Charlie (again, can be pulled off without Sheen's voice) that sends them all in a tizzy over something, for example, Charlie has apparently told an old girlfriend she could live in the house, but she turns out to be a clepto, a nimpho, whatev. Chuck L., we could ride this for years without that dirtbag Sheen!

1301 days ago


So sad to see such a sick man. However, Chuck Lorre seems to be a sick man too. Instead of starting a Sheen bash, maybe he should have done something to help this man. I have added boycotting anything Lorre has to do with......Sorry Big Bang and others...........

1301 days ago


You guys all need to spend a little more time dealing with yourselves, and a little less time worrying about what Charlie Sheen does.

Save Charlie.

1301 days ago
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