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Sheen RIPS 'Men' Creator,

AA and Thomas Jefferson

2/24/2011 5:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen just launched a nuclear attack on live radio ... slamming "Two and a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre -- calling him a turd -- and went on to call Thomas Jefferson a "p***y."


Sheen unloaded while calling in to "The Alex Jones Show" and claimed he is 100% clean, saying, "Here's your first pee test, next one goes in your mouth. No, you won't get high."

During his rant Sheen compared himself to the Marlon Brando character in "Apocalypse Now" -- and hit just about everything and everyone:

-- He calls Lorre a turd, a clown, and says his real name is "Haim Levine"

-- Referring to his rehab stint, Sheen claims to have embarrassed Lorre "in front of his children and the world by healing at a pace that his un-evolved mind cannot process." 

-- On Alcoholics Anonymous ... Sheen says it's a "bootleg cult" with a success rate of only 5%, while his is 100% and added, "Newsflash .. I am special and I will never be one of you."

-- After one rant the host, Alex Jones, tells Charlie he sounds like Thomas Jefferson. Charlie's response, "I'm not Thomas Jefferson. He was a p***y! But I dare anyone to debate me on things."

-- On his drug and alcohol issues, "I have a disease? Bulls**t! I cured it ... with my mind."

Yesterday Charlie flew to an island near the Bahamas with ex Brooke Mueller, Bree Olson, and Natalie Kenly. In the the interview Charlie says Brooke has bailed out ... saying, "Where there were 4 there are now 3. Goodbye Brooke. Good luck in your travels, you're going to need it. Badly."

There's more ... much more -- including sometime incomprehensible riffs about trolls, tattoos, F-18 fighter pilots, and Vatican assassins. 

For what it's worth ... Charlie also said he's ready to get back to work.


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that, that, that, that, that, that. Dude - slow the F down.

1336 days ago


Charlie makes NO sense to me. He is delusional and from another planet. Those drugs did a real hum-dinger on his brain.

1336 days ago

Hey Now    

How long is this call-in????????? How can someone go on a literally crazy rant for that long?? Alex Jones is an idiot!

You guys don't think he is bipolar?

His family must feel so bad that they cannot do a damned thing. It's so sad! He sounds completely OFF THE HOOK!

1336 days ago


This guy has gone over the edge. Anyone that cares anything about him should try and get a psych hold ASAP! Maybe we will all get lucky and he will not come back from the Bahamas with his whores.

He calls Thomas Jefferson a "*****?" Thomas Jefferson would make Charlie Sheen his B!%ch!!

1336 days ago


Paging JOHN BELUSHI...John Belushi, your party is waiting for you in the Bahamas...

Wonder what the toxicology report will read after this SH*T BAG takes a dirt nap?

1336 days ago


He has run his course. He's done! What an idiot!

1336 days ago

Sikki Nixx    

He sounds like an even crazier David Lee Roth or like he's a pro wrestling cutting a promo.

1336 days ago


Emilio's face during Martin Sheen's interview said it all.

1336 days ago


I thought coke was out of your system in 3 days not 2 as previously stated.

I'm just going by what idiots say in their reviews of in home drug testing kits. Hilarious when they say the Walgreens kit said they were clean but they got fired because the test at work came back dirty.

Sheen's not clean and how can CBS afford the insurance on him now?

1336 days ago


TMZ, it's a joke for you to use an old publicity grade still. USE A CURRENT PICTURE to match the man's current condition!!

1336 days ago


He is still high as a kite, probably sniffing coke as we speak.

1336 days ago



What medication do you recommend for TV-watching brainwashed idiots who refuse to carefully look the mountain of evidence which clearly indicates that 9/11 was stage by the US government?

I know "you can't fix stupid", but personally I find water-boarding to be very effective in these cases.

Posted at 1:20 PM on Feb 24, 2011 by bofors
anyone who thinks the government staged 911 is a total moron..we cant even manage to get decent health care but you think we staged 911 ..give me a break,,impossible impossible impossible

1336 days ago


Ya know Charlie. You're doing yourself a lot more damage than you know by being the public idiot. People would be laughing if you weren't so pathetic.

1336 days ago

get real    

Whew. Listen to Audio... Alot Of Chatter and Mucic. Hard to hear it Clear. But... He Is On a High On Himself. Dont Know him normally, but sounds like he is Speeding.... Rambling.. Whew. He also made it clear, he hates TMZ. He says dont Judge him? He Has Gone off the Deep end. Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. You are Going to Lose it ALL..You are Spinning OUTTA control DUDE. Hope You Dont Crash to Hard. Good Luck!

1336 days ago

JR Jake    

OK Charlie this is where I comment on your arrogance.

You can slam your bosses, that's alright with me because I hope they fire you and you never work another job in Hollyweird or anyone where else.

Thomas Jefferson is not rolling over in his grave because of your dislike for him I am almost certain.

BUT when you slam one of the GREATEST ORGANIZATIONS in America (A.A.) that shows what a real loser you are. A.A. has saved more people's lives, mended families and given men and women second chances they may have never deserved. Except for those brave men and women who diligently provide shelter, counsel by aiding and abetting people who are worse off than you, and providing safety by allowance of 24/7 crossed the line.

1336 days ago
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