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NASCAR Champ -- Cinnamon Toast Crunch RULES!

2/24/2011 12:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Screw Wheaties ... Daytona 500 winner Trevor Bayne says he's been running on Cinnamon Toast Crunch since taking the checkered flag in NASCAR's biggest race -- one day after his 20th birthday!

Trevor Bayne Nascar
Trevor -- the youngest winner ever at Daytona -- flew into L.A. to meet his growing legion of fans ... and said he thrives on cereal, pizza, and burgers. Yep, just your run of the mill 20-year-old ... who just won a million dollars! 

Trevor also told us what he plans to do with all that cash. Here's a hint: orphans.

You gotta love this kid!

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No Avatar


Maybe the new reason I start actually giving a rats azz about NASCAR. What a cutie.

1303 days ago

Davey Boy    

Yee Haww. I can drive around in circles for hours own end. Cue the banjo music.

1303 days ago


Only Rednecks eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch -- REAL men eat nothing but Capt. Crunch!

1303 days ago


Hey Dog Pound....I loved reading your post you ignorant douche. A bunch of dumb hicks driving around in circles? Pissing their pants? Here is some info for you. They pound water and gatorade and water because they sweat so much. It's usually 40 degrees warmer in the car so they sweat all the moisture out. As for being hicks...I'm sure you're aware that most are not from the south anymore....i.e. Jimmie Johnson, 5 time champion is from California...

People like you crack me up. I can tell by your typing skills that you make roughly 12.50/hr and have no clue about the real world....also note...he got paid over a million dollars for making those left turns....

But hey...I'm sure anyone can get in a car and race 200mph right? Why don't you start at the local go kart track and see how you do....ass clown.

1303 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Trevor won it in a Wood Brothers Ford. Good for him and good for Glen and Leonard, two elderly gents who kept at it and won the Daytona 500 for the fifth time. And it had been a decade since their previous win and, uh, 35 years since their previous Daytona 500 victory. And all y'all callin' it a hick sport just don't know nothin' about the thrill of American muscle cars. It takes some big jingle balls to strap in and stand on the gas.

1303 days ago


Way to give it to Dog Pound, Chris. And actually, there have been no "hick" NASCAR Sprint Series champions in 10 years. Jeff Gordon (2001) is also a Californian, Kurt Busch is from Las Vegas, Matt Kenseth is from Wisonsin, and Tony Stewart (twice champ) is from Indiana.

1303 days ago


Doug Dog, I'm from Nova Scotia, Canada. I'm not a hick, I'm a pr*ck.

1303 days ago

Il Duce    

Geez---at first I thought this was Spencer Pratt! EEEEEEK!

1303 days ago


Even better...Doug us unemployed. While I wish that upon no one, I can see why you might have trouble. They looking at things from a different angle and think before you speak. And I was actually born in NY, then lived in Texas, Minnesota and now North Carolina. So continue thinking I'm a hick and whatever else you have made up in your mind and spend more time on monster.com and less on TMZ, hoss.


1303 days ago


holy sweet jesus he's canadian...how can you have the balls to insult anyone from up there, ay? Enjoy your snow...by the way...you like hockey? We got this stanley cup thing here in Raleigh a couple years back...it's pretty nice...

REDNECK HOCKEY and NASCAR....oh..and gainfully employed.

<3 Chris

1303 days ago


Go Juan Pablo Montoya! (He's a Colombian hick, Doug, in case you don't know).

1303 days ago


You're nailing the wrong guy Chris. And I don't know where Doug Dog's from.

1303 days ago


glad he won..next year look out..its going to be midnight toker in the lead
but looking at this guy I think hmmm..this guy is 20 years old and accomplished this and I look at my daughters boyfriend who is 21 and pretty much a bum..damnnnnn

1303 days ago


Don't pay attention to any of the "peculiar" posts here, Trevor. You drove great throughout the entirety of the race, and did a great job blocking Carl's run on the last lap. Good luck this week in Phoenix, both races, hopefully the weather will hold out . . .

1303 days ago


Only hicks still call the the "N" word...

Around here we call them "canadians"

Yes...your neighbors to the south hate you....french speaking, universal health care having ass clowns!

1303 days ago
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