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Halle Berry/Gabriel Aubry Custody War: Round 2?

2/24/2011 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry is bracing for another fight with baby daddy Gabriel Aubry, TMZ has learned ... and the info is coming right from "The Mountain Top."

Halle Berry Custody Battle

Halle is all but confirmed to star opposite Samuel L. Jackson in "The Mountain Top" -- a play set to open on Broadway this Fall which is scheduled to run for around four months.

Our sources say Gabriel is ready to raise the same stink he made over Halle going to NYC to film "New Year's Eve."

TMZ broke the story ... Gabriel was shot down when he asked the judge to prohibit his baby mama from taking their daughter Nahla to NYC for the "New Year's Eve" shoot -- which will last 1 week. 

As for whether he'll be more successful in keeping Nahla from going to Broadway with Halle -- it's doubtful.  The argument -- "You knew what you were signing up for" -- is awfully compelling.

Halle Berry


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Annoyed in MD    

Wow - Halle Berry is really not a good judge of men. Think a bit more sweetheart about who you get knocked up by!

1248 days ago


Kayla I am right with you. I never heard of him until Halle. What I have notice on here that there are a lot of Halle hater. But I also notice more for Kim what her name!!!

1248 days ago


Sincerity I have to say I agree with you on your statement.

1248 days ago


"You knew what you were signing up for" ---- That's BS written obviously by a feminist on TMZ! Maybe they planned to get married! Taking care of the child is a doesn't mean the mom can go take the child away for months at a time away from the father!! THIS is what HALLE signed-up include the father in THEIR daughter's life!!!

Posted at 11:30 AM on Feb 24, 2011 by Superman

Actually Halle was making the rounds in magazines and on the talkshow circuit making it clear that she was never going to get married again and that she wanted a child very badly and was ready to have one.

They met on a photo shoot and knew nothing about one another except that they wanted to get into each other's pants.

Let this be a lesson to all to do your homework on people before you lay down with them or open your legs to them.

1248 days ago


They need to go to court to set shared custody. It doesn't matter if both parents are good parents. He should have the same rights as Halle does. I believe in shared custody if there is no abuse involved with either parent. Just because she is richer doesn't make it fair he can't give her good care. But saying that I wonder if the daddy isn't trying to make some money off of Halle. But no excuses if both are good parents. I am for shared custody, period.

1248 days ago


Newsflash to Halle::: You are NOT a single mother!! Her father is alive and very much a part of her life and always has been. Your behavior is shameful and petty. What if Gabriel took a job overseas or in NY for months??? The father has as much of a right to see Nahla as you AND the best thing for her is a stable environment!! He should not and does not have to follow you around. She chooses her jobs as does he and she needs to check with him on this before committing to something!

1248 days ago


I'm a little amazed that people figure since Gabriel is not an ''Actor'' he is poor and after money. Along with being a succesful model, businessman and a one time restaurant owner, he is doing extremely well for himself. He does not need a woman to support him.
What Halle wants is control. Control over when he gets to see her. When it suits her to be a mom.
Why is she jealous that he is dating, wasn't she flaunting Olivier Martinez way before. In this case, what's good for the gander....should be good for the goose.

1248 days ago


I love the hate the goobers are posting on Halle. Gabrildunce justs wants some money and to cause her aggravation like all white men do who think they are some type of playboy. The rest of you goobers are just mad and jealous because you don't have her fame and money. Actually Gabbajerk can keep it up. Because as that child gets older, she will relate when her father comes around it just causes trouble. So Halle will have to do nothing since this jerk is doing it himself.

1248 days ago


ha, dood looks stoned to the gils.

1248 days ago


"You know what you were signing up for"

With all due respect to any legal system that feels that way, he may have known, but that child certainly didn't. I'll go back to - this is fine for now, but what about when she starts school. Stability is important, especially at such a young age.

1248 days ago


It is no wonder that this woman never breaks up with anyone on good terms. Halle is NOT a good person and she is just trying to vilify Gabriel. She once said that she considered India(Mr. Benets' daughter) to be her own, yet she never even mentions her anymore since things ended bad between her and Eric.

1248 days ago


Gabriel Aubry NEEDS TO SHUT UP. Be a dad and stop wasting his time and money!

1248 days ago



More race based theater by race based theater...

I'm sure obama will make an Communist African to america via hawaii.

Maybe you can protest civil rights again, and this time let's talk about the communist fringe associated with your racist bull****.

1248 days ago


Halle had get the Kevin Federline manual pronto.....this dude is hanging on to meal ticket for dear life.....
I could really see this dude getting desperate and set up some fake ass kidnapping.

1248 days ago


Halle is disgusting!! If she wanted to be a single mother to a white child, there are many sperm banks available. Instead, she chose to have a child with a man who wants to be a father and then be evil and try to cut the man out of the child's life.

1248 days ago
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