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Halle Berry/Gabriel Aubry Custody War: Round 2?

2/24/2011 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry is bracing for another fight with baby daddy Gabriel Aubry, TMZ has learned ... and the info is coming right from "The Mountain Top."

Halle Berry Custody Battle

Halle is all but confirmed to star opposite Samuel L. Jackson in "The Mountain Top" -- a play set to open on Broadway this Fall which is scheduled to run for around four months.

Our sources say Gabriel is ready to raise the same stink he made over Halle going to NYC to film "New Year's Eve."

TMZ broke the story ... Gabriel was shot down when he asked the judge to prohibit his baby mama from taking their daughter Nahla to NYC for the "New Year's Eve" shoot -- which will last 1 week. 

As for whether he'll be more successful in keeping Nahla from going to Broadway with Halle -- it's doubtful.  The argument -- "You knew what you were signing up for" -- is awfully compelling.

Halle Berry


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The Truth Hurts    

Sunseeker and whoever else that what some. THIS IS FROM HIGH AND have some nerve, you guys on this site trying to judge How this woman is raising her kid. If Halle didnt have money, he wouldn't even try to see this child...You need to try and get some funds for him, to get him into rehab, because he totally high on that picture, what he going to teach her, to use people to get ahead, instead working for your own money.

First of all, If Gabriel was really concerning about his daughter, he wouldn't make a big deal about her colour..Yes he was the first one to bring up the race card, stating that his daughter isn't black. She only told the truth, Nahla is black, whether you agree or not. When he comes down to it, she will be considered black. If you go back 2000 years ago, when all the white slavesmaster was raping the black woman , I don't rememeber anyone condisdered their kids white, because they looked black, so does Nahla, she looks just like a light skinned little black girl, just like your grandson, is a little black boy, I'm not saying that she has to disinherit her white side, what I'm saying is that she is a black girl. And her most beautiful trait. The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice, Once you go black you can't go back, he's probably searching for a new black woman, up all night, wishing Halle was still with him, but she's move on to bigger and richer things, He's broke, look at it him, he looks strung out on drugs. He need to find a job and pay to support his child, instead going to court asking for spousal support, so do your research... And I feel sorry for your grandson, you guys are so fake, smile in your face, and then turn on you. You are mad because Halle considers herself and child black, and she has that right. So if you want be fake and pretend that your grandson isn't black, that's on you, but you believe it as soon as he goes to school, because kids are mean, just like the bigots on this page..I proud of Halle...SAY IT LOUD...I'M BLACK AND I'M PROUD..lmao(hahaha). Don't get in the ring if you're not to not ready for me.

1300 days ago


Just like the male species to try to stop a women from having a career.
She can be a Mother and work too, now-a-days you would have to. Kids are expensive no mater what level you are at in life

1300 days ago

In L.A.    

Someone please inform house husband Gabriel (Who suddenly does not have a career)that until he is officially paying the bills, he needs to shut his gorgeous face - he's a kept man. Gab, you might be too old to be a model, but you're old enough to get a real job!

1300 days ago


Serves her right...that's what happens when you make a douche bag impregnate you! HALLE is such a bone head!

1300 days ago


haahahahahahaha you people who just make ignorant ass comments are so hilariously...ignorant..shut the **** up and get a ****ing life!! you guys act like you know halle or gabriel personally check your own life dumbasses!! By the way gabe is a piece of handsome trash she shouldnt have ****ed and had a child with thats all to it!! mother****a doesnt even work he really doesnt have say in **** but spending time with his daughter and we are talking about raising a child here he is ****ing broke and homeless, most of everything he has halle gave it to him!!

1300 days ago



I have never heard such a lot of rubbish in all my life. My son-in-law says go back under the stone you came from. And if Halle is so into her black side why did she have her nose changed, that was the only feature that showed her black side. This is why Halle started the racist remarks, she has idiots like nyou on her side.

1300 days ago

The Truth Hurts    

Sunseeker....When did Halle have a nose job?.. and if she did, what does have to do with her being black or white..Hollywood are know have a plastic surgery.. If she was trying to look white, I dont believer she's doing a good job..She knows who she is.. A beautiful black woman.. Are you red yet? hahhaha//lmao.

1299 days ago

The Truth Hurts    

Sunseeker, Why are you invested in this? How old are you? You say you have a grandson, dang, you are so jealous of Halle, because she is proud to be a black woman, She never stated she didn't embrace her white side, you guys did, It's obvious in this world everything is black and white, so tell you son in law , I don't need to go under a rock, he might need to open his eyes to the real world, because he has a white wife, doesn't change how you view us, as soon as something happens, he will see it, you probably call him names when he first came in to your daughter's life, It's 2011, and nothing has changed, believe me it hasn't. just read this post, this woman has been called all types of disrespectful names, just because she considers herself black, this is so funny, as the good book says, the last will be first, and it's coming to pass, whether you like it or not, So Grandma, get your old ass off this site and get a life. this must really bother you, you have to get your son in law involved. I would be embarrassed being a grandma and telling someone about these comments, my mom would never stoop so low. going back and forth like a kid, the only reason I entertain you with this, because it is hilarious... Fight your own battles grandma...and go bake so cookies...hahahaha...

1299 days ago



Yes, I am a grandma and proud of it, and this is the first time I have got involved in any of this rubbish. The reason I got involved is because I find it awful that a woman, doesn't matter what colour she is, can stop a father from having access to his child. And my son-law showed me the article in the papers, and says people like you put racism back 20 years. I think most of us think she should have kept this between her and Aubry. Jealous of Halle, why. Why is it that some people think you are jealous if you have a different opinion then them. And I have never called my son-in-law names, he is a loving father and a great husband. I think you have problems, not us. And you are right I think I have said enough, bad mannered people have never appealed to me. By the way hate baking, love going out to the pubs though, going abroad and of course shopping with my fiends.
Also Halle had her nose done years ago, look at her year book.

1299 days ago


She could have saved herself a lot of trouble if she had adopted or done surrogate or gone with a sperm donor. she chose to have a baby with a guy she had been dating for a little while - and a model at that.

1298 days ago


still waiting to get your confirmation, re my previous comment!

1298 days ago



You said he is trying to take her baby. Last time I checked, it takes two people (a male and a female) to make a baby. What planet are you from? That child is as much Gabriel's as it is Halle. And, he has every right to be able to spend time with his little girl without Halle being in his presence. As far as trying to get money from Halle, this man is one of the top models in the world. He might not have as much money as Halle, but he's definately not broke. Also, as I recall Halle saying on Oprah when she went on a mission to find a "baby daddy", she didn't care whether the man had money or not. Wonder why that changed?? What is going on now, happens when you don't do things in the right order. (First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby, with the horse and carriage." Ms. Berry thought she had found someone that she could just run over, but she obviously picked the wrong guy!!

1298 days ago


He put his life on hold for his daughter???? lmao you mean he is too old to model and didn't have plan B and trying hard to live off Halle Berry. Stupid woman comment that Halle Berry got a nose job, gene pool have been great to Halle Berry and you couldn't buy her nose if you wished to. We all seen the nose job none are close to perfect nose. To be frank you couldn't buy any of Halle Berry's features if you tried too with a billion dollars. I see a lot of you support Gabriel and he needs it but make it a $$$ donation in his honor so he can take care of his child instead of asking for money :)

1298 days ago


you guys are so stupid; what are expecting Halle to do give up her baby? seriously your hate for this beautiful woman is making you guys go crazy. Simply there won't be a judge that is going to give the child to Gabriel period no matter what; instead of asking for child support like a loser, maybe he should support his child financially if he is as great as you guys make him out to be. He is white so he is an angel according to you guys hmmm. oh well again no judge will provide him with full custody case close move on, get going, this is a love child not a marriage child, he won't get **** ps out

1298 days ago


Its obvious Halle has problems. Anybody who goes through men the way she does, has the to be the problem. I think she used this man to get her baby and now wants him to act like a sperm donor. Being as cute as a button does not excuse treachery, lying, deceit, lies. You should be ashamed of your sistah.

1297 days ago
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