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Kelsey Grammer's Wedding -- It's Gonna Be a Ball

2/24/2011 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer isn't just spending a boatload of money on the food at his wedding on Friday -- he's also splurging on one of the glitziest venues in NYC ... the famed ballroom at The Plaza Hotel.

Kelsey Grammer's Wedding

Let's hope he didn't invite Charlie Sheen.



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I feel sorry for his kids

1339 days ago


Good for him! He deserves a lil' happiness after his years (of suffering) with Camille....

1339 days ago


You know what they say, "There's no fool like an old fool".
Pretty extravagent way to rub Camille's nose in it. Is it
any wonder he went bankrupt before and only Camille's financial
savy got him all the money he is throwing around today.

1339 days ago


What a Dog that POS is. You know it's the money.

1339 days ago


Kelsey you are an idiot with poor taste in women. This is just another gold digger. If you have a child with this one it will be the same as your last wife. She will need at least two nannies to raise the kids because she is too selfish and and arrogant to do it herself. Then after a few years she will divorce you and take the last of what money you have left. While you and your flacid weewee go in search of another gold digger. So sad.

1339 days ago


Are those the chairs for all those wanting to see an old bald weirdo making a fool (at best) and sleazeball of himself?

One would think with his slimy past he would slither in the back door of a rural courthouse to legalize this vomit of a marriage.

To have his children attending is disgraceful and disgusting.

1339 days ago


s n o o z e-------------------------

1339 days ago


Could he be anymore of a cliche? Can't figure out how to use accent marks.

1339 days ago


Kelsey is so pathetic it's comical. This broad he's marrying is no different than any of the other golddiggers lucky enough to marry him with no prenup (hence the ****-eating grin you always see on her face). I guarantee he'll be completely broke in a few years.

1339 days ago


No fool like an old fool.
Kelsey is an idiot ot leave his wife and kids for someone who brings nothing to the relationship.
Camille may not be perfect but neither is this new woman.

1339 days ago

he's an idiot    

wow!!! men are so stupid!!! she's into his money and somewhat fame, not him!! happens eveeryday with men leaving their wives for a younger woman thinking the younger women are really interested in them!! LOL Plus i really doubt he is 100% straight, i can see him getting pinned down by men, i'm sure he's a bottom boy!

1339 days ago


Oh for Christ's sake....why doesn't he just come out of the closet already!!!

1339 days ago


I hope that Camille is making notes on how much he is spending so that it can be deducted from her share!! After all the years she has put in she deserves a lot! You know that all these young women that go for these old men have daddy issues. Plus they want to money. I bet he doesn't even have a prenup with this one! Did you see the pic of him kissing kayte? GROSS is all you can say!!!! take him to the cleaners camille

1339 days ago


Kayte a wh&%ing mindless sk%#$ with the morals of a skunk and a scent coming off her tw$t that smells worse. This sk%#$ let that old skeez rut around on top of her while he was still IN his marriage. She deserved to have a miscarriage, that poor baby would have had 2 parents with no morals and no hope of any for itself. Hopefully she will never be able to have a child and only suffer the pain of miscarriage after miscarriage. Maybe Kayte will carry to term, the baby will die, then she will die from a hemorrhage and leave this worthless, skirt chasing, cross dressing, effeminate bald freak to wither away, alone.

If his 2 kids with Camille are lucky, he will disappear from their life. She may not be very mentally sound, but look what she was with for all those years. She pulled him from financial ruin and deserves every penny (more actually) he got.

1339 days ago


team camille, she hung in there to try to make it work
when camille married him he wasn't worth anywhere near as much and she helped motivate him to stay sober

kelsey is cuckoo, can't believe he is marrying again so quickly

1339 days ago
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