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Lindsay Shows Up At Her First Lawyer's Office

2/24/2011 6:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just showed up at the law office of Blair Berk --- Lindsay's first lawyer --  to noodle over her felony grand theft case ... TMZ has learned.


Sources tell us Shawn Holley and Lindsay decided to call Berk and ask her to review the evidence in the case and strategize with Lindsay.  Sources tell TMZ ... Holley met with Lindsay and Dina for hours yesterday at Holley's office.  That meeting was followed by a lengthy conversation between Holley and Berk, and the two decided Lindsay should continue the discussion with Berk today.

Holley is and will continue to be Lindsay's lawyer, but in this kind of a pickle, two heads are better than one.

Berk, by the way, is the lawyer who repped Lindsay when she got her 2 DUI's ... and managed to get her off with a legal slap on the wrist.  One of the main reasons Berk is meeting with Lindsay -- she was the lawyer in the case the has now led to the probation violation.

It's likely Berk and Lindsay will discuss the D.A.'s plea offer, which would require her to accept 6 months in jail. 


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Maybe she could loan her some decent clothes to wear to court. She obviously has nothing to but revealing outfits!

1339 days ago


Wonder how much stuff she stole before she got caught. What was her take of the $400,000? She needs to steal some rogaine.

1339 days ago


sick of this loser............wake me when she's in jail or dead.

1339 days ago


Lindsay has worked - as recent as last year, so that's how she must be paying her legal bills. Those bills must be huge however.

1339 days ago


The only thing that can financially save the Lohans is for the family to go on the road with the wackiest 'Aristocrats' show ever seen by humans.

1339 days ago


MY GOD! Lindsay, good ol' Lindsay has aged 7,312 years. If that is what staying off alcohol does to you...COME TO MOMMA, MR. BACARDI, COME TO MOMMA. Whoa!

1339 days ago

bring back recent posts    

hey honor of the Academy Awards this weekend..why don't u make us a nice pictorial of Lindsay walking the cement carpet..and we can vote on are favorite outfits??? hahaha

1339 days ago


Stand up, tell the truth and say I'm guilty.

You might really start to heal from that minute you accept responsibility for your life!

1339 days ago


Maybe Holley can finially dump her as a client.

1339 days ago


#40 Mikey

I think the way the Lohan's can make money is to take a dunking tank on the road, stop at big cities and the public can line up and throw baseballs at the target and dunk all of them (and Ali,too). What fun!

1339 days ago


TO: No. 14. [john smith] who wrote:
"Lindsay can easily get off If it goes to trial. Take it to trial Lindsay!!!!"


How do you think a jury is going to feel when they see the tape of Lindsay walking out of a night club with somebody else's Mink Coat on?

The jury just might think that there's a pattern of stealing, and that alone could get Lindsay a lot more than 6 months.

1339 days ago


NO matter what happens, she's going to get jail time.
And no matter what happens, her mother will find someone else to blame.

1339 days ago


Gee, looks like Lindsay only feels comfortable with lesbian lawyers.

Or maybe they meet to lick each others p*****s.


1339 days ago


I cant believe they are going to waste good money on more lawyers. I cant believe Lindsay actually believes she is innocent. I cant believe Lindsay is even a real person.
I cant believe it.

1339 days ago


The skank/slug needs jail time. She has felt "entitled" way to long and needs a good lesson that she is just like everyone else. Of course, once trash, always trash but being in jail getting raped and beaten constantly will do her some good.

1339 days ago
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