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Lindsay Shows Up At Her First Lawyer's Office

2/24/2011 6:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just showed up at the law office of Blair Berk --- Lindsay's first lawyer --  to noodle over her felony grand theft case ... TMZ has learned.


Sources tell us Shawn Holley and Lindsay decided to call Berk and ask her to review the evidence in the case and strategize with Lindsay.  Sources tell TMZ ... Holley met with Lindsay and Dina for hours yesterday at Holley's office.  That meeting was followed by a lengthy conversation between Holley and Berk, and the two decided Lindsay should continue the discussion with Berk today.

Holley is and will continue to be Lindsay's lawyer, but in this kind of a pickle, two heads are better than one.

Berk, by the way, is the lawyer who repped Lindsay when she got her 2 DUI's ... and managed to get her off with a legal slap on the wrist.  One of the main reasons Berk is meeting with Lindsay -- she was the lawyer in the case the has now led to the probation violation.

It's likely Berk and Lindsay will discuss the D.A.'s plea offer, which would require her to accept 6 months in jail. 


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Nicole oops, Dina went with Lindsay to the attorney, so she couldn't post today. After they come back from dinner, you will start seeing the posts.

And John Smith the fur coat is not heresay. The owner sued and they settled out of court. The DA can use the case as evidence (I think)

1334 days ago


I just hope this doesn't go to trail. Can you imagine one person dumb enough to buy into all this victim crap she pulls(and is going to pull) ? That'll be enough to get her out.

1334 days ago


do not pass GO, do not collect $200, go straight to jail.

she's used up all her get out of jail free cards.

1334 days ago


#61 Johnsmith

You couldn't be more wrong. As someone who has seen the tape, I'm telling you right now, she will NEVER take this to trial, EVER. She'll accept a plea deal, and I bet her and her lawyers biggest concern is for that tape to never see the light of day. it's one thing to be accused of something and have people use their own imagination of what happened, and people like you can live in your own fantasy world...but when you actually see it, and see what she did. DONE. Lock her up.

Oh, and she hasn't been in that store 5 times, but three, and wait till you hear about that. Plus, i don't know why people keep saying she lives right around the corner...i guess a few miles is.

Again trust me...she's going to take the deal. :D

1334 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

shutup! now Kate and Susan are answering each other. Let John Smith get in on that...wait.....there's a no contact order....never mind. Dumb fu*ks

1334 days ago


#61 john smith "At least half of the Jury is going to think that Lindsay accidentally walked out with the item."

REALLY??? And just how will sticky-fingers Lohan explain why she didn't bring BACK the necklace she didn't pay for? Did she walk out with it?? YES. Did she return it after she realized it was around her neck? NO. That's stealing.

Its not the store's responsibility to go beg for their stolen merchandise back. Lindsay FINALLY ripped off someone who just called the cops on her like they would on any old common thief. Maybe if Masha had called about her mink instead of settling privately this would have happened a long time ago -- or maybe Dior -- or the dude who's Rolex she stole...and on...and on... ad nauseum.....

For the record Nicole & John and all the other little Lohan monkeys lurking here -- EVERYONE in LA who works in retail KNOWS better than to lend five-finger-discount- fire-crotch Lindsay Lohan ANYTHING. The jig is up. She "forgets" things, trashes things and leaves her cancelled credit cards as collateral. NOBODY lends her anything -- and if they do (like the Range Rover) then they regret it. The Lohans are straight up righteous trash who insist on calling Lindsay a "young person who is still learning" ummm.. b1tch is 24 years old. Get a clue. She's grown & she's learned from her felon father and her delusional mother. She's learned to be a sociopath and a common criminal. Good job.

SOCIOPATH Lindsay will try and take this to trial and I'm going to LOVE it. Maybe they can even get her little buddy Patrick her accomplice in the jewelry store on some aiding & abetting charges. He'd sing on her like a CANARY!

1334 days ago


Is dawn Holland still wearing that wristbrace?

1334 days ago


Anonymous makes a good point. Hearing about the tape is one thing but SEEING it, especially if large segments of the public see it, is quite another. Whatever fan base she has left could be completely destroyed if they actually see their idol stealing an item from a real store in real time. Lindsay would be completely NUTS to let that tape get out if she ever plans on making a comeback.

Good point.

1334 days ago


WOWSIE, johnsmith, you really aren't in reality, are you? Have you ever shopped at a store? Your little scenario is straight out of a very BAD Hollywood movie. Maybe Lindsay can hire you once she's done her time in jail - you can write a very BAD script for her to "star" in - when she isn't in jail or on felony probation.

BTW, hate to burst your bubble, but lawyers WEED OUT potential jurors BEFORE the trial who show too much bias towards or against a person going on trial. So the scenario playing out in your mind simply will not happen. You will have people who are middle of the road there. Mostly middle-aged and older people who may never have even heard of Lindsay and who take a poor view of law breakers.

1334 days ago


Ahh, the smell of desperation! I would think that after reviewing the evidence SCH most likely suggested Lindsay take the plea and Lindsay is refusing to do so. Lindsay and Dina are probably blaming SCH for not trying to win her case so they'll bring in somebody else who can. Bye bye Lindsay! You're finally going to face some consequences for your behavior.

1334 days ago

john smith    

@61 anon YOU SAID DUUUUUH "Lindsay lives a few miles from the store." I looked it up on google maps Lindsay lives .3 of a mile from the store on Abbott Kinney bl..........

1334 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Hey Lou, and besides weeding them out, if there is one lone holdout when there is overwhelming evidence against a defendant, they replace that juror with an alternative juror. A jury will never see this, LL can't afford for this to go public. Just wait til Dawn Holland isn't getting her money because LL is in the hooskow. She'll be singing like a bird!

1334 days ago


Deb you're dead on. SCH is definitely recommending the plea deal, for two reasons:

1. It's the best deal she's going to get.

2. The evidence is overwhelming and Lindsay will never recover.

As I mentioned before, and thank you Lou for noticing, that tape will never see the light of day because it will destroy even Lindsay's biggest fans. My only question is, where's Patrick in all of this? Why isn't anyone going after his opinion?

Lindsay decides to fight this (against her attorney's wishes) he will be very key. No way does he perjure himself! He'll fold so quickly...

Someone go interview him.

Lindsay is going to jail.

1334 days ago


Lohan has been cut every benefit of the doubt. Lohan just got a ticket for speeding 59 mph in a 30 mph zone. The porche did it.

As long as Lohan can still do what ever she want's has lawyers to get her off she's been just fine. Nothing but a joke.

1334 days ago


As much as i hope she goes to jail, I doubt she will, she is too valuable to be damaged in the jail or prison systems.

1334 days ago
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