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Penelope Cruz -- How to Lose Baby Weight in 32 Days

2/24/2011 1:35 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Just 32 days after giving birth to her baby son on Jan. 22, new mom Penelope Cruz surfaced in Santa Monica on Wednesday with no signs of any baby weight to lose.

She's one hot mama.


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What? She's a beautiful woman, but she still is carrying a LOT of baby weight. Are you guys blind? Look at her belly! It looks doughy!

1306 days ago

Annoyed in MD    

yep....she is definitely hot, no doubt but she has a ton of baby weight to loose and yes, she probably doesn't want this picture out. It is just stupid for TMZ to say..."No visabable signs of baby weight left to loose". Of course, like ever other broad after a kid....SHE IS FAT! (good thing is she has the money to make the fat "go away")

1306 days ago


@tink981. Thank you so much. It's good to see that there are some good, decent and unselfish women left on this earth. Your baby is lucky to have a mother like you. Thanks again.

1306 days ago


yep. she's fat. not saying she isn't a beautiful woman, but if we're talking matter-of-factly pre to post baby? she's fat. there's no denying it.

i'm a woman, and the idea of a baby growing inside of me disgusts me. revolting. women are taught at toddler age that having babies is this wonderful, amazing thing, because that's what our mothers were taught, and their mothers before them. physically, it's just a parasite leeching your nutrients to survive, and it wrecks your body from the inside out. if i ever want children and have the money, surrogacy is the way to go. let some brainwashed woman with no mind of her own get stretchmarks and roast beef flaps, not me.

1306 days ago


Yet again, I'm amazed at how harsh people are being. She had a child a month ago. Why is it, TMZ, that you feel the need to make reference to her shape? Can't you find some other no-nonsense story to report on? It's this type of mess that adds to the negative image that young girls and women carry around about their image.

1306 days ago



You are the parasite.

1306 days ago


SHE IS NOT FAT... my GOD have you people been to a Wal-Mart lately? sheesh...this obsession is ridiculous.

She had a baby..she looks healthy, give it a rest.

And no, before you jump to conclusions...I'm not over fact I'm under weight for a 5'10'' I'm not "protecting" the fatties here...just being SANE about her looks.

How many fat, stupid men are commenting on this story? Yeah...thought so..GET A JOB.

1306 days ago


#37 either a tranny or a barren, bitter woman...I'm banking on MER being a MAN in drag...go put some lipstick on that pie hole of yours dude.

1306 days ago


By the can see the BONES in her wrists and hands for God's this FAT obsession is out of hand.

She looks perfectly NORMAL...unlike some of the people posting here I'm sure...

1306 days ago


She's never looked hotter, OH MAMA!

1306 days ago


Not hating, but she definitely hasn't lost the baby weight....

1306 days ago


Penelope Cruz looks beautiful. She is ALL woman, inside and out. God Bless her and her family.

1306 days ago


I see what looks like a mini-foopah. It's between her stomach area and her cooch. There's something there for sure. Nothing threatening. She still looks hot.

1306 days ago


She's beautiful.

1306 days ago


To all you people bashing how she still has a lil meat on her bones. Get a grip not many women can go to perfect before baby body 1 month after giving birth. She looks absoluely stunning for only a month after. So she doesnt look model perfect right now she looks more realistic now because most new moms dont walk out of the house looking perfect. Duh it is lack of sleep, plus having a baby over 35 or 40 is harder on your body. Kudos to her for keeping it real and taking care of things on her own without a bunch of nannies around.

1306 days ago
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