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Rihanna Photos


2/24/2011 12:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

New photos of Rihanna reportedly taken shortly after Chris Brown beat her have shown up online.

Rihanna Abuse Photos has published photos of Rihanna which appear to have been taken at a hospital back in 2009 ... following the brutal attack.

Rihanna Assault Photos
No comment from Rihanna's camp ... at least so far.

Shortly after the incident, TMZ published a photo of Rihanna's injuries. Brown eventually plead guilty to assaulting Rihanna and was ordered to stay away from the singer.

However, just this week, a judge agreed to allow Brown to once again have contact with his ex-girlfriend.




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Molly's Mom    

You ninnies -- there are no bones in your lips and by the look of this picture it would have to go a far way to get past those HUGE lips...

1345 days ago


take note oksana. this is what a battered woman REALLY looks like.

1345 days ago


shoulda just paid Kanye...

1345 days ago


Seeing these pictures, I hope she learned her lesson.
He doesn't like tomato on his sandwich, bet she'll get it right next time.

1345 days ago


OMG!!! You idiots need to give it a rest! First of all this happen how many years ago?? Yes Chris Brown made a mistake and beat the breaks off of Rihanna but that’s nor here or there so stay out of their business. Rihanna and Chris are young and both of them were in the wrong. Chris has been found guilty of the shameful act and has been punished by the courts so why the F**K are you and the media being so judge mental like your life ain’t got issues, hell we just don’t know you’re a** that’s why we can’t judge or talk about you.
Leave Chris and Rihanna alone. If you really want to know Rihanna miss Chris and if it wasn’t for the courts order for them to be apart and not be involved with each other, trust me they would still be F**King each other. All people that are over the age 25 need to shut the F**K up and grow up and handle and mind your own f**king business, this is Cheryl and I approve this message. You can follow me at NaturalbeautyEP

1345 days ago


I think that they have both moved on. RiRi is a new person and I think Chris has paid his DUES...... LEAVE them alone! I really don't see the point in this Pics RIGHT NOW!

1345 days ago


Of course these photos would appear now since he's been cleared and done with probation and the judge pulled the order to stay away from her. He's still a woman beater in my book, Forget that piece of ****.

1345 days ago


wow they are released after Chris brown is allowed to be near her....the music industry is planned!!

1345 days ago


It's horrible what happened, but everyone always acts like this is the FIRST time something like this has ever's not. Unfortunatly. Not to mention that Rhianna herself admitted that it wasn't one sided, that she had hit him before too. Not that it makes it okay, I'm just saying... he shouldn't have hit her and she shouldn't have been hitting him either. She was okay with the judge lifting the order of protection as well.

Just seems odd that these picture surface NOW, after all this time when neither one of them have any real news surrounding their names.

Seriously, this might sound awful, but if this were flipped around and he was the one that got beaten up by her after he hit her, then people would be cheering and applauding her. It's a strange double standard these days where men aren't allowed to women, but women are allowed (and ultimatly praised) for hitting men. (Yes, even when they start it) (Not implying that she derserved it or started it or anything, so don't chop my head off). I'm just saying, no one really knows what happened, we just see and hear the aftermath of the whole thing.

1345 days ago


Something's up with those photos. The bruising and swelling around her right eye aren't present in the black & white shot. And the mark on the right side of her head in the color shot looks like a birth mark, whereas in the black & white, it looks longer/larger.

Anyway, I don't like either of them, don't condone physical violence, and I think it's awful the media won't just let this sh** go away.

1345 days ago


Why post these now....leave it be...they both have moved on.

1345 days ago


Dang SportsGrl, you sound obsessed with people of color. Mad cause your not one of them. Wish you were Nicole Simpson.

1345 days ago


SICK!!! that's exactly what these pic's are,come on TMZ i thought you guys knew better than this.

1345 days ago


For the sake of dignity for Rhianna, take the photos down; you posted them back when this occured; it seems TMZ keeping the drama going... In bad taste/company with

1345 days ago


Show my CB's mug shot! Out of ALL the ones we see we have YET to see his. Don't that make ANYONE curious as to WHY? I think they were beating the crap out of each other and she got the worst of it. Both of them should be ashamed and really, I'm sure it was her camp that released the new pics. Rihanna is known to be violent, even hitting her own brother over the head with a bottle...once I see CB's mug shot then I'll be able to either say he's an ******* that is a woman beater...but if he has marks I will write it off as a dumb couple that got into a brawl.

1345 days ago
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