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TMZ Live -- Charlie Sheen BLASTS 'Men' Creator

2/24/2011 6:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen publicly calls the creator of "Two and a Half Men" a TON of horrible names -- including an anti-Semitic slur. Does this mean the show is doomed? Plus, why is Lindsay Lohan calling in for legal backup over her grand theft case? We have all the answers on TMZ Live!


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(0:00) Charlie Sheen viciously attacks "Two and a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre ... and it doesn't bode well for the future of the show.
(2:02) Highlights from Charlie's radio rant.
(5:00) Why does Charlie keep saying he's "winning?"
(6:10) It's simple ... Lindsay Lohan is screwed.
(9:30) Is Charlie's popularity actually on the rise?
(13:30) Harvey bails ... Gary takes over.
(14:00) Has Charles brought bad energy to TMZ Live recently? If so, he's sorry.
(18:00) Skype question from Karim ... and he kinda looks like Gary.
(20:00) Time for your tweets!!
(21:08) Would Harvey donate a kidney to an ailing staff member?
(23:00) Who is TMZ's "most brutally opinionated staff member?"
(25:50) Breaking news with Harvey ... he says Lindsay is seeking the council of Blair Berk -- one of the most powerful attorneys in L.A.
(27:00) Gary and Charles are big fans of 20-year-old NASCAR prodigy Trevor Bayne.


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So...we are to believe Charlie is clean??? He just bit the hand that fed him, chewed it up and spit it out...Kind of what most trolls think of Hollywood...Wow

1301 days ago

Shelly Smith    

WE WANT MIKE!!!!! If Harvey has to GO!!!!

1301 days ago


rycky martin & ryan seacrest is it really true?

1301 days ago


Is there any information out there that Charlie may be bi-polar. His behaviour and his rantings sound like someone who is manic.

1301 days ago


He sounds schizophrenic or bi polar at the least. There is something seriously wrong with him.
He needs medical help.

1301 days ago


This guy sounds like he was treated with IBOGAINE. There is a clinic in the Bahamas that treats people with IBOGAINE.

The way he is talking about his recovery says it all. Just check out all the videos about people who took IBOGAINE on YOUTUBE.
They sound the same... Check it out.

1301 days ago


Perhaps Charlie has mental health issues that he was masking with alcohol and drugs.

1301 days ago


Charles! Of course Canada has East West rivalry. Vancouverites dislike everything east of the rockies. Everyone dislikes Toronto and Newfoundland Labrador are constantly made fun of by everyone.

1301 days ago


Where is the highly respected addictions specialist that is supposed to be rehabing Charlie at home? If he is sober, then he is crazy, bi-polar or something, he need a mental evaluation!!!

1301 days ago


More Max, we love Max in Canada!!!

1301 days ago


Charles.....stop rubbing your nose during the live show. Makes you look like you've been hanging out with Charlie Sheen! j/k

1301 days ago


Stop hatin' on Charlie Sheen. Maybe he needs some help, but he's gotten away with this behavior his whole life and now people are outraged and bailing on him. Come on!!!

1301 days ago


I really dont get charlie. He used to be a pretty good guy but now he is turning out to be a show off cause he is rich big f n deal. Grow the f up and take care of your kids. I bet you dont even see your kids ever since you are with those little holes all the time. Get help , not rehab for a month get real freakin help be4 they burry your ass. What kind of message does this send to your kids and family. Your letting everyone down and you dont care. Stop being a smuck, the only one is getting hurt is others. In the end we all lose and right now we are losing and you shine like its freaking x mas. Just my opinon. Have a nice day lol. BY the way luv two and a half men but it would be better if you werent acting stupid in real life. Bye

1301 days ago


Why does tmz have a mobile app that requires flash?
It doesn't work on the iPad or iPhone.

1301 days ago


when will the d.a. press charges on charlie sheen?

1301 days ago
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