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'Idol' Hospitalized Contestant Stays On Show

2/25/2011 9:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Abrams ...  the "American Idol" finalist who was hospitalized Wednesday ... will stay on the show ... TMZ has learned.

Casey Abrams Hospital Update

As we first reported, Casey was hospitalized Wednesday after complaining of severe stomach pains.  He received a blood transfusion at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center this morning, and was released about an hour ago.

Casey has now done two rehearsals for the taping tonight -- featuring the top 12 male finalists.

A source connected with the show tells TMZ Casey will not have to return to the hospital.


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I love, love, love this guy..what a talent he is. He's a triple threat with his instrument playing, personality and singing, he's my pick. So glad he is doing better and staying on the show. Come on Idol, you need to show more mercy to these dedicated singers and young talent. I wouild have not watched the show if Casey would have not been allowed to continue. TEAM CASEY ALL THE WAY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1336 days ago


A blood transfusion for stomach pain???

Welcome to Obamacare.

1336 days ago


Stomach pains and then a blood transfusion, what is the health issue? I thought you only get a tranfusion when u lose blood. hum

1336 days ago


Severe stomach pain caused by bleeding from an ulcer or inflammatory bowel disease might indeed require a blood transfusion, no matter what the health care system. lcmb, you're just dumb.

1336 days ago


There's something hinky about this story. Not TMZ, but American Idol being hinky. Find it hard to believe AI would force him to perform today for a TAPED performance after having a blood transfusion this morning when he could have just as easily performed tomorrow or even Sunday for a TAPED performance. And how do you have a blood transfusion for some mysterious stomach ailment (which I'm guessing if it required blood transfusion was likely a bleeding ulcer) and then rehearse and sing. I actually have an ulcer, and cannot imagine trying to belt out a tune when it's acting up...and mine isn't even serious, certainly nothing requiring hospitalization or A FREAKING BLOOD TRANSFUSION.

Then the idea that Idol lawyers would accept the liability for suggesting someone check themself out of the hospital to come tape a performance also seems suspect. The contestants might sign some kind of hold harmless agreement but still...there would be a hundred ambulance chasers looking to poke holes in that and reality show producers know it. They wouldn't take that risk.

Imunna have to call bulls*** on American Idol for their story. This is exaggerated drama. I dont believe it.

1336 days ago


Thank God...he is BY FAR the best musician on the show

1336 days ago


Casey is great,but c'mon blood transfusion then out and ready to sing?! thats crazy weird! you know i know this is a dream come true for people on idol,but their health comes first. but feel better casey!

1336 days ago


Stay away from Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi soft drinks. They turn into formaldehyde and methanol in your gut and lead to a host of neurological diseases. It's poison. Seriously. Fake sugar is worse than the real thing. Like deadly worse. After many years on the toxin, you think you got some rare disease. Only it has been festering in you for many years and you drank it all along.

1336 days ago


I don't watch IDOL, but every time this show is on, they seem to drum up some controversy that brings them publicity. I just always see the headlines and think what the many times can they pull this phony PR-stunt-crap and what kind of a person watches this show that doesn't catch onto the P/R gig?..."oh well, never mind" (ala GILDA RADNER)

1336 days ago


That's a relief that means I'll continue to watch, he's amazing.

1336 days ago


Casey if one of my faves on this show.. HOWEVER.. I worked in the medical field for years (ER and X-ray) and I have NEVER, not even once, heard of a patient getting cleared to leave after a blood transfusion (esp. for something like stomach pains). If his stomach pains were cause for a blood transfusion, that would indicate that there could be something REALLY wrong with him. He shouldn't have left the hospital, and he most certainly shouldn't be continuing a demanding stressful schedule like the one he is for American Idol.

If this is a made up story "for ratings", it doesn't sound very real. If this IS real, I hope that he is VERY careful...

1336 days ago


posted at 4:20

1336 days ago

Bobby Trendy    

Tired.....the hospital card again- anything for attention!!
He just wanted attention-anything for attention!!

1335 days ago

Bobby Trendy    

I just re-read the story
No one gets a blood tranfusion over a stomach ache
no one gets a blood transfution then realsed to do a reality show in one day
and other fake story line

tired tired tired

im gla di dont have to fake anything to drive an aston martin- tired contestants

1335 days ago


It's the Top 24...not the Top 12! And Casey was never in jeopardy of leaving the show!

1335 days ago
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