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Banksy STRIKES Again -- Tags Up San Diego

2/25/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Academy Award nominee and legendary street artist Banksy continued his Southern California graffiti spree last night ... this time, leaving his signature rat character on a taco shop in San Diego.

Banksy Graffiti
As we previously reported, the mysterious artist -- whose documentary "Exit Through the Gift Shop" is up for Best Documentary -- had been tagging up various spots in L.A. over the past few weeks.



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This is 100% not a Banksy. He posts photos of his art on his official website (, and since this piece is not on his website, it is not one of his.

1299 days ago

Christopher Thompson    

Take a look at the NEW Banksy Doc

1299 days ago

Christopher Thompson    

Take a look at the NEW Banksy Doc

1299 days ago


Just went over there to see it. The shop owner should be thanking him...there was a crowd of people there and they were taking pictures and getting food.

1299 days ago


They interviewed the owner. He said his first reaction was to take it down, because rats and tacos are not a good mix. Then people started showing up and calling him, and he decided to leave it.

There's a lot of people calling it a fake. I don't know that much about him or his art, so I can't sort it out. But it's a cool thing for Oceanside, and for art people.

1298 days ago


Some of the comments on here make me realize just how dumb a majority of you people are. This is not vandalism, it's not racist, it's art. To "Kat Von D", I know that you're not the real Kat Von D, but your comment nonetheless was one of the stupidest comments I've ever read. Unintelligent people who try to come off as intelligent in their comments is comical to say the least. Everyone claiming that this is vandalism knows nothing about modern and contemporary art. Get a clue before you run your smelly, ugly mouths.

1298 days ago


This is NOT a Banksy.
TMZ, get it right.

1298 days ago


its faux obviously come on people. banksy in oceanside at bull taco...yea right

1298 days ago


"Exit Through the Gift Shop" is a fake movie. It's stupid and no one should believe it. This guy Banksy, needs to be held responsible for destruction of public property. End of story.

1297 days ago


As an artist myself, I've always placed garfitti alongside scrawling limerics on bathroom stalls.
No #$!@%* clue why anyone cares.
And Picaso of our time? Please.

1297 days ago


Banksy, if you are reading this... come vandalize one of our moving trucks! We wrote you a formal invitation below!

1297 days ago


It's california for **** sake.
Never the less it's oceanside that place isn't all that great.

The way i see it is. if you see something blank and get the urge to do something with it go for it.
Thats why it's blank or else no one would want you to write on it.

I think it's kind of funny that people get all worked up about things like this.
If it gets you so bloody angry why dont you drive your ass to any location he's painted and spray paint it white.

I like graffti why be limited. When I lived in WA and Tokyo I'd graftti when I could.
Creativity shouldn't be limited and the only way it's bad is if you get caught doing it or at least get in trouble for it so who cares.

Either it be crude or to the point or even funny it got everyone's attention so Banksy is just doin the job other people can do.
Get people's attention.

1296 days ago


Sorry, NOT Banksy, he has a website where he posts all his work. This is an copy cat. I understand how people think it's vandalism, well, because it is, but do your research on Banksy and take a look at his work before judging. He's brilliant!! Also, it helps out the companies that he does his work on, you wouldn't believe what people will pay for his work. He's very witty and it's not like these stupid punk kids that scribble their names on walls. And for all you who talk down about "Exit through the gift shop" lighten up, whether it's a hoax or not it's really interesting and pretty damn funny. People seriously need to open their minds a little!!!!!

1296 days ago

San Diego Res    

Its only vandalism if someone presses charges otherwise its an expression of art that is obviously widely appreciated.

1296 days ago


LOL That's a riot!

1295 days ago
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