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Sheen vs. Lorre -- You Decide!

2/26/2011 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The war between Charlie Sheen and "Two and a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre has torpedoed the show and cost hundreds their jobs. So as the dust settles, we ask ...



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Linda Janke    

Charlie need tough love. He is a good actor but won't live long. Has an overinflaflted veiw of himself. He would make a good dictator. Not worth the money.

1298 days ago


In a few years Charlie will be doing that dumbest show with Bonaduce and Tonya Harding, if he's still alive..

1298 days ago

The Village Idiot    

Goodness I don't know what the cast gets paid per rerun I'm sure it is substantial.

Charlie can live on reruns adinfinitum, why should he give a crap?

1298 days ago


If you want larger busts visit

1298 days ago


Its a shame a high power celeriby has to pay for sex.Hes been doing it foe years.That show he a loser.He looks like a dries up pickle with salt on it.I say fire his sorry ass an kick his ass out of the movies.I guess he says high to forget about haveing to pay for sex.Get real people hes a loser drugy who has to buy sex.Maybe he should become a pimp.They could call him pickle pimp sheen.Or pinky **** i read some girl said he pay for it because of the size she said he was no bigger then her pinky finger.

Posted at 1:29 PM on Feb 26, 2011 by Greg

He doesn't have to pay for sex. He chooses to pay for sex, and lots of it. Big difference.

The fact is if your wealthy like Mr. Sheen is your going to be paying for sex whether it's hookers or the gold digging women you date. It's hard to find a genuine American woman whose judgement isn't clouded by wealth, even the ones who think ther'ye not, are.

1298 days ago


Why is it when a Rock star takes a lot of Drugs and Shags lots of Chicks and gets Drunk every night we all seam to love that,But when its Charlie Sheen we all flip out and call him a total Sinner and the devil,If he wants 2 do lots of Drugs and screw lots of porn stars who are we to judge.Charlie's been known 2 be a Drug addict in the past,Those people at CBS new what they were getting into when they signed Charlie to do that Tv Show.I think all this Drama is for the ratings,so the show can make more $$$$$$$$$$$$$...

1298 days ago


Yea, I'm with Puckett on the whole anti-semetic thing. Nobody complained or asked for an apology. If anything the media tried to instigate it the next day in the news. I'm not jewish, but Im also no anti. I do disagree with him on the favoratism though. Clearly there are not a super-majority of Jewish actors in Hollywood because they "tried harder" or over achieved. Really, come on, there has got to be a bit of playing favorites as well as nepotism going on there! Acting is really a "who you know" business. Unless a person is just super talented or spent his/her life trying like Dicaprio. Its also not like Jewish people happen to be naturally better actors for whatever reason, its simply looney to think so. I just dont see how its an issue in this case at all. Charlie just said his real name, he made no mean or nasty comments about the guys religion and I think It was kind of big of him to do so consiering the other things he was saying, he could have said someting to that effect just because of the condition he was in. Angry and maybe drunk if he wanted to pick on religion I think he just would have, but he didnt. I dont think it even came to mind. I think the media saw a chance to stir the pot a bit and tried but I think most people just shook their head at that one. -Team Charlie-

1298 days ago


Charlie Sheen is arrogant, condescending and toxic. he needs to get sober and stay sober. He is way out of control and I totally support them taking the show off the air!

1298 days ago


Ok I have a few things to say. #1 TMZ you gave a trick question the one that says Do You Like Charlie SOBER or UNDER THE INFLUENCE. Trick question: Charlie sez he's sober, so does that mean when he was doing the show he was under the influence. If that's the question I would rather watch him under the influence. What we are seeing now is Carlos Estevez (AKA: Charlie Sheen)exploding. Whatever issues Carlos and Haim have should be worked out between them (the men). Great Show Losey Ending (shame on you)

1298 days ago


Charlie Sheen is arrogant, condescending and toxic. he needs to get sober and stay sober. He is way out of control and I totally support them taking the show off the air!

Really, toxic huh? He's a 30 million dollar a year actor. he can pretty much be whatever the hell he wants and he's earned It. He was keeping his end of the contract up. So long as he does that he could be a Total Alcoholic crackhead and his personal life is still nobody elses business. If he broke his end, or just stopped showing up thats totally different. So if we just play by the rules of contract law, the guy can be as Toxic as nuclear waste and as long as the show goes on, too damn bad if you don't like it. I do not support the actions of a broken contract for invalid reasons. In my opinion the station owes Charlie for the shows he was not allowed to complete and all of the other actors and support staff as well. I also belive that Lorre should foot the bill, based on his Intigation of Sheen and implied refusal to write. That IS a breach of contract. If anyone does not like the personal habits of Charlie than simply change the channel, nobody is forcing you to watch. It helps when the public supports the law and not whatever wacky Ideology they think he should follow, that is extremely petty and glares ignorance. -Team Charlie-

1298 days ago


Poll Unfair, questions need more balance.
Are any of Charlie Sheen's points valid in principal? Y N (I say yes)
1. Who made the first personal attack on the other in the presence of colleagues and or the public? CL or CS (I say CL)
Let’s see the Men attendance records of critical personnel affecting production and reasons for absence
I think Lorre has been bantering Sheen for some time about his lifestyle. Lorre did it at work, to a subordinate in front of all his peers espousing a moral and hierarchal authority. I think Sheen and the others might be able to sue Lorre for creating a hostile work environment. I think Sheen is on the higher ground in principal.

1298 days ago


Poor Jon Cryer! He didn't have a career for like 30 years and then he got this show, and now it's all over because of Crackhead Sheen. :(

1298 days ago


Wow, Eli (poster #14). You say you don't believe in killing anyone, and yet you also believe that if Hitler had succeeded, it would have been to the benefit of the rest of the human race?! Hypocrite much?! Hitler tortured and murdered MILLIONS of innocent people because he was jealous, demented, and evil, and if you really think that there's any "benefit" in his crazy plans, you're no better than he was!

I'm not even a Jew--in fact, I'm Roman Catholic--but even I think that your comment is one of the most prejudiced and un-called for things I've EVER seen. You have some SERIOUS issues with hate and prejudice, as does anyone else who thinks that what Hitler was trying to accomplish was in ANY way a good thing! If you hate the Jews so much for being rich and powerful, then work harder to become more successful yourself instead of thinking for one moment that genocide is the answer! Seek help for your issues and PLEASE don't reproduce! The world doesn't need another Holocaust!

One of the TMZ staff really ought to delete your comment and I sincerely hope that they do.

1298 days ago


I was trying hard to think of something positive to say about Charlie- he looks better in a pimp hat than Lorre would. other than that I got nothin.

1298 days ago


Sorry folks, dark and dastardly Lorre looks like the evil as**** in these pics while Sheen just looks like he's on vacation. Who knows what Charlie went through in all those years on that show? I'm sure the money was worth it then. But is it now? At some point pride sets in. And TMZ needs to dig into the other side of the truth. We know all about Charlie. But what about Chuckie?

1298 days ago
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