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Kelsey Grammer Wedding #4 -- Batter Up!

2/25/2011 8:00 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Here's Kelsey Grammer and his latest wife Kayte Walsh at their wedding today (left) -- and Kelsey and his third wife Camille Grammer back on their wedding day in 1997 (right).


'Til death do us part ... or something like that.


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I'm sorry...he looks like her GRANDFATHER walking
beside her. How totally nasty. Tonight, he will show
his "true" side when he "slips" on her wedding
gown, and garter, and this will be the beginning,
or the END...of yet another of Kelseys failed
attempts at marriage. And are not
losing your best are losing your
x-husband, who is a pervert, and degraded you in
every possible way in the bedroom. You are free of
him, and, it is not normal for you not
to have had sex with him in the last ten years. Now, you
can find yourself a real man. One who won't wear your
dresses and panties when you are not looking. What a
CREEP he is.

1344 days ago


I can hardley get over the similarities between the 2 woman. They look alike to me almost. Start making bets how long this marriage lasts. I give it 2 years.

1344 days ago


She looks pretty close to his size.. So I'm sure he won't stretch out her underwear out too much when he "borrows" them.

1344 days ago


Don't really care.

1344 days ago


#34, lol. She's 29, he's 55.

1344 days ago


Has anyone noticed she looks just like a younger Camille....What a joke..

1344 days ago


It looks like they are both wearing the same dress.

1344 days ago


to the whore and man whore: may the miscarage of your baby be just the first of a long string of misery you experience in your short marriage. Kayte, be prepared to join the rank of the ex wives, may you get what you deserve for sleeping with another womans husband.

1344 days ago

Hey Now    

Its so creepy how much she looks like #3, only younger. Why keep marrying versions of the same person? I could ask OJ or Hulk Hogan the same thing.

1343 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Kelsey trading wives like cars -
every few years,old one for a new one.

1343 days ago


Wow, Kayte can be Camilla daughter! I canno believe how much they resemble each other. Kinda sick! Kelsey, I really really liked you but your just COO COO!

1343 days ago


This ugly old man is a a total douche bag. If he had no money he would definately be single. Who would date his tired old cross-dresser ass? I don't care how much you paid me, I could never lay down with him-he is so gross and old! FUGLY!!!

I wish him everything he get cheated on and left for good.....penniless!

1343 days ago


I feel for Camille. She didn't come across well on Real Housewives, but she doesn't deserve this. Having your husband, whom you're in love with, cheat and then leave you for someone who looks like you did fifteen years ago when you first married him must be a terribly painful experience. Kelsey Grammer is without compassion or impulse control.

1343 days ago

Just Sayin    

Camille is psycho!

I hope his new wife is everything camille was not and wish them happiness :)

1343 days ago

Lori the two of them had anything to do with the beauty and class of this's real easy for "new money,WHITE TRASH" to throw a million bucks at a wedding planner and then show up an hour before their own ceremony! sheesh.

1343 days ago
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