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Kelsey Grammer Wedding #4 -- Batter Up!

2/25/2011 8:00 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Here's Kelsey Grammer and his latest wife Kayte Walsh at their wedding today (left) -- and Kelsey and his third wife Camille Grammer back on their wedding day in 1997 (right).


'Til death do us part ... or something like that.


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windows 8 forum    

ALl shall be well for both of them. Best wishes!

1306 days ago


Look, there are piles of poop all over my house. I can't see the tv. I'm very mad, and that makes me flatulent. pffffffffffft

Now it stinks in here. pffffffffffffft

Now it stinks even more. I'm tired of watching Kelsey be happy while I smell like poop.


1306 days ago


To the Kelsey bashers:

Father--------------- murdered.
Sister--------------- raped and murdered
two step brothers-----killed in shark/scuba accident.
Kelsey---------------- heart attack in Hawaii on May 31, 2008.
Kayte Walsh----------- suffered miscarriage (10-10-2019)

IMO, He is a talented man that should have some happiness in his life.

1306 days ago


Kayte Walsh----------- suffered miscarriage (10-10-2010)

1306 days ago


This morning Kelsey didn't look happy at all and the pictures following the wedding neither look that happy. Maybe he asked her to sign a pre-nup at the last minute? Something is clearly going on and it isn't good, wedding or not. Everything has been such a huge rush and something hasn't been quite right from the start. Time will be very telling.

1306 days ago

norm p    

kelsey is damaged. He had a rough life with all his sorrow. This is no excuse for his deviant despicable behavior. What about the 15 year old he raped and had to pay off the family? What about all his children that he failed to stay with their mothers? He just picks up stakes and moves on to the next victim whenever he gets the urge .He has no remorse or guilt for all the lives he destroys.

1306 days ago


"End of Life Crisis" is What this is called. Hugh Hefner suffers from the same issue!

1306 days ago


Mr grammer u r a punk for doing camile like she is a bitch but she did need that. whe u die u r going to be just like my dad and no one knows us its just your name I am 38 years old an AM BLK. I watch u growing u like any blk wesley snipes or my man tommy lee jones . I sit back day to day about helping my fam and you r miss treating that qween blk or white.

By MRS Allen

1306 days ago


it looks more like a father preparing to give his daughter away - younger isn't always better, Kelsey.

1306 days ago


God will strike this anti-christ man down. How dare he make a mockery of the sanctity of marriage vows having them performed by a drag queen. Why not just split in the Lord face. To mock the Lord our God or any religion as a whole in this manner is demonic. How digesting this his new wife and or her family didn't have more class and not allow this charade. Heathens so ungodly! FILTH!

1306 days ago


People get divorced and remarried all of the time. A few weeks ago everyone was bashing Camille and saying how horrid she is. If she's that bad then why would anyone be flip out that Kelsey moved on?

1306 days ago


Once a porn star, always a porn star, Camille!

1306 days ago


Golly, if I did not know, I would have thought it was a father giving away his daughter.

What is this skanky, home wrecking, British **** wearing white for? She should have a scarlet A stitched on the front.

1306 days ago


'Til death do us part"? if so he should have been dead 3x! What an *******!

1306 days ago


#66. OMG, I have NEVER laughed so hard in a long long time. I laughed so hard that I peed. I am still laughing as I write this. That was WAY too hilarious.

1306 days ago
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