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UFC Honcho to Sheen -- You Can Fight In My Octagon!

2/25/2011 1:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen already has a venue if "Two and a Half Men" creator  Chuck Lorre agrees to fight him in the octagon -- because UFC boss Dana White has invited them to be the "co-main event" at this weekend's big fight.

Charlie Sheen UFC

White tells TMZ, "BJ Penn is fighting Jon Fitch on Saturday ... [Charlie and Chuck] are more than welcome to be the co-main event."

In fact, Dana's even made a prediction -- saying, "I have Charlie Sheen by brutal knockout."

How can you bet against a guy with "fire-breathing fists?"


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Charlie is a fool. Already lost. Needs to not bite the hand that feeds him. Besides the rest of Hollyweird will not hire a loser that fails to show up for work due to drug and alcohol addiction no matter how popular. I love his character on 2&1/2 Men but his days are numbered, if he fails to get the help he needs. It is not anybody’s fault but his own. He is the one who blew off work not his producer. He is the one in denial blaming everyone else for his lack of self control. Though both are acting like children here. Cutting the show and laying-off all the other people because Charlie insulted him on the radio is pretty immature and very petty. Hope they both go broke over this idiotic and immature behavior. What ever happened to the show must go on? Hope I find something else to watch during their old time slot that will prevent me from missing the show. Plus if and when they try to return to the air I will be watching my new favorite show and not care!

1245 days ago


Anyone who works on a TV show knows it can be over at anytime. Cast and Crew were very well paid.

Most of the time the cast and crew don't know their show is cancelled. The TV Networks don't have the balls to tell them. They just get dumped. Next.

1245 days ago


Is there any way his family can legally intervene to get him help and the treatment he needs? It is sad to watch him decompensate more each day as he becomes more maniacal. Next he will think he can fly without an airplane.

1245 days ago


Sheen, sorry to your family that they have a loser, who is off his rocker. Talk about a clown.. umm you have no work. As someone said already.. bye bye

1245 days ago


Chuck better be careful
Charlie knows Crack-Fu

1245 days ago

nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney    

Charlie Sheen questions Obama about 9/11
despite AIPAC controlled media censorship

1245 days ago


stop it.

1245 days ago

La Verdad    

People are Jealous of the Wealth and Woman that Charlie Has. I wished I had that deal too. He should just stay away from hard drugs. Instead try organic natural non addictive substances like mushrooms or pot in moderation. or better yet Transcendental Meditation.

Charlie has gotten away with looking COOL AS HELL with the hookers and good times. Others like Tiger Woods didn't know how to handle it and looked pathetic. Charlie on the other hand is getting praised by Opie and Anthony's Jim Norton as a BAD ASS!! And he is Cool as ****. KEEP IT UP CHARLIE!!!

1245 days ago


i hope charlie gets a new toupee.

1245 days ago

Don Alex    

Yeah, way to enable Sheen's insanity and addiction for your own profit, bullethead. And the winner is: TMZ, the biggest enabler of them all. Why dont you send some coke to Lindsay Lohan while youre at it, you amoral clowns?

1245 days ago


I'd pay to see that fight!!!!

1245 days ago


I'm SURE that Charlie isn't that well built. Sorry but he looks like my grandfather.

1245 days ago

Mebal Zahari    

I'd rather see someone knock Dana White out.

1245 days ago


Charlie three things:

1) "We soar like the Sparrow Hawk flies and then we drop like a stone. ."

2) "The mosquito sting brings a dream but the poisons derange. ."

3) "Get back to where you once belonged. ."

Two of those quotes used to be in your favorite song/album. You can do it brother.

1245 days ago



1245 days ago
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