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UFC Honcho to Sheen -- You Can Fight In My Octagon!

2/25/2011 1:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen already has a venue if "Two and a Half Men" creator  Chuck Lorre agrees to fight him in the octagon -- because UFC boss Dana White has invited them to be the "co-main event" at this weekend's big fight.

Charlie Sheen UFC

White tells TMZ, "BJ Penn is fighting Jon Fitch on Saturday ... [Charlie and Chuck] are more than welcome to be the co-main event."

In fact, Dana's even made a prediction -- saying, "I have Charlie Sheen by brutal knockout."

How can you bet against a guy with "fire-breathing fists?"


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I can't believe that Dana White picks the antisemite Sheen to win over the guy he calls "Heimie". So far about the only person that Charlie has been brave enough to hit are $30,000 a night prostitutes...

1338 days ago

Sean Ashby    

Dana White brings shame to the UFC. Kimbo? Shaq? Charlie Sheen??? I say scratch that. If you want more money, bring back some original Pride rules back in. Not these guys.

1338 days ago

not a hooker     

Charlie you are so right. That guy is a douche bag. Why aren't you on Twitter? You could hear what people really think....

1338 days ago


I think Charlie needs someone....anyone...to beat the crap out of him.What a knob.

1338 days ago


Once again, Dana White proves he's a PUTZ.

The Octagon is an arena for elite athletes to compete in sport. It's not a back alley where crazy crackheads (Sheen) settle their disputes.

Pull your shiny head out of your keister, dipsh*t.

1338 days ago

Tito Santana    

Easy win for Chuck all he has to do is drop a little bag of flour as soon as they start and when Charlie dives into the matt for the flour, Chuck will just need to follow up with an Atomic Elbow right in the back of Charlie Crackhead AZZ

1337 days ago



Shame on you Dana!!! You actually sound serious?!?! For all the efforts of the UFC to make MMA a legit “sport” and not just a version of Lesnar’s former entertainment wrestling even Dana’s words are enough to damage Zuffa’s reputation. I will not put my dollars into watching BJ Penn and Fitch if they are followed up by Sheen fighting anyone. Celebrity boxing has been tried and it bombed!

Posted at 8:38 AM on Feb 25, 2011 by Carolyn "

That's why UFC is a joke now. Strikeforce is where it's at.

1337 days ago


I'd love it! Beat his ass Charlie obviously the prick has never been checked which is why he runs his arrogant mouth off.

1337 days ago


In a perfect world this would actually happen

1337 days ago


Before I got sober over 9 years ago, the people I hung out with were all addicts and heavy drinkers. They all (me included) had really big mouths and thought they could take anyone down. The truth was they could not even handle getting pushed, and would fall like a tree if someone did. Drugs make you feel like you can take on the world but the opposite is true. Before I really got the part of the program about changing yourself in all ways, I got sober and then decided to get back at those who had gone after me in the past. I went into the bar we all used to hang out in, found a couple of them and went to work. It was pathetic. They were down in a few seconds and could not get back up. Not so satisfying, it was really sad. That was what I used to look like there on the floor, bloody and still talking like they could still hurt me if I just would help them up. I left and never went back. Charlie is talking like he could take on the world right now, that he could mop the floor with certain people. But the thing is, those people are clean and have so much more in mind and body strength than Charlie does. He just does not get that part. His body is not healthy at all, his mind is about gone and the talk is just that. Talk with no way to back it up physically. He will have to pay someone else to fight his battles for him if he hopes to win...

1337 days ago


Charlie, YOU ARE A LEGEND!! and chuck lorre YOU ARE A *****!! hiding behind your VANITY CARDS AND THESE FAKE NAMES AND TMZ POSTS, go get a spine and front up to this so called drug addicted, alcholic, prostitute porn star banger, old school ways, and get your head smashed in like a real man. and to those who are not chuck posting bs about charlies life style get a life you jealous Aholes! because on set charlie is nothing but professonal which is what he gets paid for!!not his personal lifeso take good hard look at yourselves and realise he is the meal ticket for many! and you are no better personally than he is only you don't get reported because you are a NOBODY!!!

1337 days ago

Shayne B.    

I'm gonna be cheering for you Charlie Sheen if you two ever make it into the octagon,...good for you bro! Call that bs out like you see it, and there's plenty out there. You seem like a cool, straight up guy to me, not to mention a hell of a lot of fun to party with no doubt...just keep calling it like you see it and be true to yourself and you're top dawg in my book! Never mind the haters! Aloha from Hawaii.

1337 days ago


I don't think it's fair to either guys really..........
The show wouldn't be what it is now without the writers/producers.Also the show wouldn't be the same without Charlie.I honestly think the writing hasn't been as good the past 2 seasons or so.Charlie does bring the spice/laugh/hate/love to the show like no one else does !!
Give the guy some credit, he may be a "character" but thats why we watch him.

1337 days ago


Charlie Sheen can kick Chuck Lorre's butt any day. I just bet Chuck Lorre and CBS have been telling Charlie not to express his political views the past couple of years. He's rich enough that no amount of money will keep Charlie silenced when it comes to all the corruption and deception that corporations and government get away with today.

Charlie, I am one of your true fans who will follow you anywhere. <3

1337 days ago


without Sheen there is no sitcom he made this series what it is today .....awesome

1337 days ago
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