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Shopping Book Deal --

Starting Bid $10 Mil

2/26/2011 5:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen tells TMZ he's writing a tell-all book about life on the set of "Two and a Half Men" -- with details about what led up to the final implosion -- and he wants at least $10 mil for the publishing rights.

Charlie Sheen Book Deal
Sheen tells us he wants the world to know what really happened behind-the-scenes of the show during his 8-year run ... the good times and the bad ... and he plans on naming names -- including co-stars.

We're told Sheen even has a title in mind -- "When the Laughter Stopped."

Sheen says even though he's still working on the book -- he's expecting a bidding war for the publishing rights ... starting around $10 mil.

As TMZ first reported, "Men" honchos shut down production for the season after Charlie told us he wanted to fight creator Chuck Lorre.


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Why would I want to read a book written by a guy who was in a stoned-out fog the entire time.

Chapter 1

"Dear Readers,

Everybody is an idiot except for me.

Everybody on set was mad because I showed up late today but what their little un-evolved brains can't comprehend is that I was actually early for tomorrow!

Snorted some coke for lunch and hired a hooker to tell me that my d*ck isn't actually broken.

As usual Jon Cryer got all the laughs but that's only because the little earthworms in the audience are too un-evolved to know that I actually control laughter with my flame-throwing fists of fury and lightening bolts shot from my a$$!

Snorted some coke and hired a hooker to tie my shoes. Bitch stole my watch."

Chapter 2...

1298 days ago


I think Mr Jon Cryer should involve and tell media if Charlie Sheen's accusations towards Chuck Lorre are correct or not.

1298 days ago



1298 days ago


I'm hoping that Charlie gets cast in the re-make of DEAD MAN WALKING. He is perfect for the role (NOT). Sheesh... his career is dying and he hasn't a clue.

1298 days ago


Wow Charlie Sheen is turning into a total about biting the hand that feeds you.

1298 days ago


I think he should never work again. Who does he yhink he is? these actors need God and help not more money from some book. I am so sick of actors getting all this money and use it for drugs, if i was in charge 1 whould have such a hight tax on them to help the pooor they would be made poor. I am sick of the rich who nver help the poor. so you say we are the richest country. The rich get rich of the poor. stop it now tax the hell out of them

1298 days ago


Two and a half men is American nonsense! It dumbs Australians down and is totally inappropriate for a 7.30 time slot!!!! The sooner it goes the better

1298 days ago

January Jonez    

Dear Poster # 14:

1. Charlie can write a book if he so chooses..Please; go back
to law school..and pass this time..
2. If you don't like formulaic sitcoms such as THM;
then don't f*cking watch them..

1298 days ago


#30 makes some really good points. We know there is no book and CS is just po'd cuz he's royally screwed himself but like that person said...why take it out on your co-stars? 2-1/2 would be nothing but a show about an old, worn out alchy if not for the supporting cast who, btw, have said nothing untoward about this whole business.

1298 days ago


He Charlie: here's a song especially for you:

1298 days ago


Just wanted to add: If this turd gets a book deal, I do believe I will boycott the publisher. They would only be re-enforcing this idiot's belief that he is some sort of coked up super hero and that people should pay him to fart.

1298 days ago


Haven't we pretty much heard it all in various stories online? Why buy the nearly incoherant ramblings of this stupid man? Charlie himself has pretty much blabbed his personal opinion of how great, wise, special and important he feels he is in interviews he's given...that he instigated. I don't care to hear anything further from a man whose brain is pretty much pickled and who thinks he is god's gift to mankind.

He apparently feels that he is so super human that he can do drugs as often as he likes and it has no lasting effect. He feels he can put people out of work with his lousy behavior and that we, his adoring public, will only applaud him. He feels that he is justified in beating up his woman and can consort with prostitutes and porn actresses on a regular basis and that everybody should admire him for it. Personally, I'm tired of hearing about this sad, stupid drug addict.

He is an object lesson to young people. They could make him into a commercial for what happens to a person on drugs...if they manage to live into their 40s.

1298 days ago


I vote for #47 as Charlie's ghost writer!

1298 days ago


Nobody will buy his book. We all know the problem, he's a drug addict and out of control with the hookers. That is why he got fired.

1298 days ago


Such a book would be interesting for sure. Only problem is, I wouldn't believe a word that crazy crackhead says.

1298 days ago
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