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Shopping Book Deal --

Starting Bid $10 Mil

2/26/2011 5:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen tells TMZ he's writing a tell-all book about life on the set of "Two and a Half Men" -- with details about what led up to the final implosion -- and he wants at least $10 mil for the publishing rights.

Charlie Sheen Book Deal
Sheen tells us he wants the world to know what really happened behind-the-scenes of the show during his 8-year run ... the good times and the bad ... and he plans on naming names -- including co-stars.

We're told Sheen even has a title in mind -- "When the Laughter Stopped."

Sheen says even though he's still working on the book -- he's expecting a bidding war for the publishing rights ... starting around $10 mil.

As TMZ first reported, "Men" honchos shut down production for the season after Charlie told us he wanted to fight creator Chuck Lorre.


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Osiris Reborn    

I'd love to see CBS try to do the show without Sheen.

This is Cryer's (and a few of the others) career if CBS doesn't fix things with Sheen..

Chooo.. Choooo.. choo..
Chugga chugga... choo..
Chugga chugga.. cho....

Sheens crazy.. but those behind the show are being a bunch of *******. They can handle Sheen banging porn stars and doing coke, but calling Lorre ugly was just too much for them? Lorre must be related to Michael Bay. Poor lil Bay couldn't handle a 22 year old girl comparing him to a Nazi because he's a ***** as well.

1303 days ago


So a crackhead becomes a hero. I think he should start rapping. It can't be any worse than his acting.

1303 days ago


When he runs of sh*t he will aplogize and grovel. They will forgive and it will be the same sh#t different day. The show is crap

1303 days ago


How can an alcoholic/drug addict go back to a show playing the same .... alcoholic/drug addict? How can you recover if you stay in that same role? I love the show but cannot see how he could ever make it back....recovery is a long road and usually those recovering stay away from temptation, right? Gonna miss the whole cast, I agree, Allen, Jake and Berta could make it withought Charlie....he not all that.

1303 days ago


As much as it hurts me to say this because I love Two and Hald Men. The executives need to drop Charlie like a hot potato. He isn't doing the show any justice. You would think that they wrote the show about Sheen himself! Get a life Sheen and grow up!

1303 days ago

Diana Fetterman    

Charlie is being self destructive,his rants and ramblings are of a manic phase. Finally, all the drinking and drugs have affected his brain. Its very sad and he is in total denial. You don't clean yourself up in a month. He totally believes this. You can see how he is from his outlandish behavior. All he has are these hangers on who are just taking him for what he has. They have no interest in his well being and Charlie is not able to distinguish it because he doesn't want to believe it. As long as everyone agrees with him he is happy but go up against him, he will hate you. This is just what he is doing now, spouting hate against what he perceives as his enemies. He is having major mood swings, truly and example of a manic bipolar illness. He should be hospitalized or his family should do an intervention.

1303 days ago


charlie you don't need to write a book, we can see what happened

1303 days ago


What a sleaze...I thought he was concerned about his fellow cast & crew. He had dollar signs in his eyes the whole time with this book. That's why he's acting like a raving we'll buy it. Well I'm not interested.

1303 days ago


Unfortunately for Charlie when he does inevitably exit from this manic phase there is no "Sorry I wanted you to die in the octagon" card available from Hallmark.

1303 days ago


CS isw bat**** for sure!

he's a freeway pileup.
we dont WANT to stop and watch but we just cant help it!!!

1303 days ago


Can Britney Spears' dad file for conservatorship of Charlie Sheen? Just a thought.

1303 days ago


do you think if he gets the deal he will finally have enough money to get his teeth fixed?

1303 days ago


HEY CHARLIE ... your co-workers have been very understanding with you and haven't publically badmouthed you. They've been very patient with your problems and haven't threatened to go to the tabloids or to write a book. SHOW SOME CLASS and leave them alone and treat them better.

HEY CHARLIE ... instead of YOU wasting $30,000 dropping 'tip' checks to whores, etc etc ... you could be putting that aside for your children or donating to a charity to help the suffering in the world. You have the resources and the charisma to be a power for good on this planet.

HEY CHARLIE ... all that time you spend stoned or with prostitutes, you could instead be spending with your children. You'll never get this time back and by the time you figure it out, the kids won't want to be bothered with you. Time goes fast.

HEY CHARLIE ... Your DAD went on a pilgrimage to MEDJUGORJE YUGOSLAVIA many years ago. Ask him about it. Go there with him. Seriously ... Go without a cell phone and without anyone knowing who you are. Spend a few weeks with a Croatian family in the mountains, quietly thinking about who you are and what you want to be. Life is short. Eternity is forever.


1303 days ago


Where is his family? They should be surrounding him now. His married daughter, his mother, his sister, his other brother. Where is his support system? Start by getting rid of all the bimbos and be with this man - he's sick (maybe by his own doing but he's still sick).

1303 days ago


Who really cares ???

1303 days ago
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