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Shopping Book Deal --

Starting Bid $10 Mil

2/26/2011 5:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen tells TMZ he's writing a tell-all book about life on the set of "Two and a Half Men" -- with details about what led up to the final implosion -- and he wants at least $10 mil for the publishing rights.

Charlie Sheen Book Deal
Sheen tells us he wants the world to know what really happened behind-the-scenes of the show during his 8-year run ... the good times and the bad ... and he plans on naming names -- including co-stars.

We're told Sheen even has a title in mind -- "When the Laughter Stopped."

Sheen says even though he's still working on the book -- he's expecting a bidding war for the publishing rights ... starting around $10 mil.

As TMZ first reported, "Men" honchos shut down production for the season after Charlie told us he wanted to fight creator Chuck Lorre.


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Idiot thinks he invented money, sex and drugs.

1232 days ago


Charlie Thinks he's un-replaceable......big mistake...get off that white powder before you go broke and realize you screwed your life up...
no one ever heard of good ending from doing drugs, and Charlie will show us the proof..again..

1232 days ago


Charlie thinks he's hot like Errol Flynn (lmao) but he's really just a sad, ugly crackhead with no teeth that got lucky when his dad became an actor.

1232 days ago


charlie's gone from horn dog to corn dog, I wonder if he'll type with his teeth in? money can buy porn stars and hookers, it won't buy respect and professionalism.

1232 days ago


I listened to the entire Alex Jones interview. Coupla comments:

1. He sounded exactly like my manic brother..stuttering, pressured speech, stammering to get the next sentence out. He had a few lucid moments, but they were sharply overweighed by the nonsensical, over-the-top ranting ("...can't process it? Losers. Winning. Bye!")

2. The grandiosity ("let's talk about something intereting--ME.") about how he can cure himself of addiction in a nanosecond, and how everyone is a loser but he and those in his 'family' (and judging by whom he chooses to spend ALL his time with, that is apparently porn stars...not his precious 2 year old twins.) is really hard to listen to. Almost unbearable actually...I had to pause the recording every so often because his ego is just nauseating.

3. He talks about violence, death, fire, fiery death, napalm, bloody gore, dripping heads, as if this is healthy and normal. It is not. Violence is what is WRONG with the human race. Clearly this is not logical or healthy thinking.

4. Immaturity. I'm incredibly struck by his lack of grace, humility, gentleness, and calm. He acts like a coked-up 15 year old boy. Jedi warriors? Ninja assasins? It is said that when addiction starts, you stop growing emotionally. I would say Sheen is stuck somewhere in teenage adolescence...but with a man's body and a lot of money. A dangerous combination.

5. Anyone who thinks he is '100% clean.' is incredibly naive. The old joke "how can you tell when a junkie is lying?...their lips are moving." applies here. Who actually thinks that a man who has struggled for ALL his life w/drugs and booze is in the Bahamas with 2 paid-for women and just drinking Snapple and Pepsi. If you listen to the ranting (its hard, I grant you that) Sheen talks about his life existing only 'between moments.' I'd say he is using some contrived way to excuse continued drug use and boozing. One of the girls he's with was on the cover of a pro-pot magazine, sporting a bong as big as her thigh. We're supposed to believe she is drinking oolong tea and smoking clove cigarettes?

6. Normally, I wouldn't give a rats azz about this spoiled little rich boy, but Charlie Sheen has shown time and time again that he is capable of extreme violence towards women. That makes him my enemy. He's beaten his wives, held a knife to their throat, raged and tore up a hotel room while a frightened hooker locked herself ina closet. This is a dangerous man...NOT just to himself, but to anyone who gets near him. The women with him right now are NOT safe.

7. He calls Lenny Dykstra ("Nails") a "genius" and speaks about him in god-like terms. Anyone looked up the personal history of this loser? This is a guy who JUST LAST MONTH was arrested for sexually assualting his housekeeper, and it was't the first time. MLB officials have confirmed he used steriods during his baseball career, and his business history is one long train wreck. Up until 18 months ago, this crown prince was living out of his car and hotel lobbies. He only recently escaped a massive SEC investigation into his investing activities, and before that, was arrested for placing illegal inside bets on his own sports team. And THIS is the guy Sheen calls his closest friend. I wouldn't let Dykstra babysit my DOG; this guy is as messed up as a soup sandwhich.

8. Everything is open to argument, but one thing cannot be denied: his physical appearance. Seriously, Charlie Sheen looks awful. His features are becoming distorted, his face is sunken in, skin shriveled, teeth broken and rotting out. He is only 45 years old but looks about 60. He is NOT superhuman and cannot defy the laws of physics and biology. No matter what his manic, possibly coked-up brain is telling him, he is a human being like the rest of us, and his body and brain will only take the constant assault of toxins, lack of sleep, and unprotected sex so long.

There have always been Hollywood stars w/massive egos and bad addictions. Errol Flynn liked the bottle and young women, and he died way too soon because of his 'choices.' This is nothing new. Charlie, you aren't different or special and you don't posess superhuman powers. You are simply a middle aged man making an absolute fool of yourself.

Even your 'buddy' Alex Jones was exploiting you in that interview. He sidestepped your crazy comments carefully (after all, he has his rating to think of) but all in all, that interview reflected badly on you.

I'm sure Sheen doens't read these comments, but I had to speak my mind.

I see a lot of 'death pools' going around, and I think they are in bad taste. This is someone's son, brother, and more importantly, father. He has small children who should be with him right now, watching Disney movies, and playing on the floor, instead of being babysat by nannies. Sheen is a perfect example of how ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD can't buy you peace or serenity.

I am only a middle-class America going to work every day at a small business I built mysef. I can't afford yachts and private jets, and I'll never be able to fly around the world. And yet...I woulnd't trade places with Charlie Sheen for all the money in the world.

He is a sad, sick man, and unless his father intervenes in a BIG way, an overdose in inevitable. I wish it were not so...every human life has value, even Charlie's. He needs a whopping dose of humility, and far more compassion that he has ever shown any of his wives, girlfriends, or co-workers. Still, I DON'T hope that he dies. It would be another life lost to this horrible disease of addiction.

He doesn't have to like AA, but the path he's on is obviously the wrong one. He needs to stop talking about HIMSELF and focus on getting sober. I think the reason he uses drugs and alcohol so much is that there is a serious mood disorder underlying all this craziness. Bipolar mania can feel incredibly good; you assume that you are invincible and have superpowers, but that's just the chemicals in your brain sending you the wrong messages. One big clue is his admission that he never sleeps.

Okay, I'm off my soapbox. I'll continue to watch, with sadness, this crazy train he is some ways, a physical collapse would be a blessing. On the right psyche meds, he could stabilize...and the American public are an incredibly forgiving lot. Sheen can still come back...he is not without some talent.

Let's all wish him the best and hope he sees the light soon.

1232 days ago


Charlie will be dead before a book comes out, lol.

1232 days ago


Let's move on to the next lowlife celebrity...

1232 days ago


This is simply his addiction and the withdrawl from cocaine talking.

Posted at 1:08 AM on Feb 26, 2011 by JLS

1232 days ago


And I would want to read his book because.....????

Not a chance.

1232 days ago



Excellent review of the AJ interview with Sheen.

1232 days ago


No Charlie Sheen ? No Two and a half Men. That's just the way it is.
The book ? I'd buy it. Love the guy. Makes more money than he knows what to do with, and he lives like it.
I wish him a long and happy life, in a way he likes to live it.

1232 days ago


$10 million. It's all our fault you know. Somehow these actors and actresses have gotten the impression that they're extremely important. It's a freakin' job; to be an actor, just like being a bank manager is a job. They are not philosophers or demi-gods.

1232 days ago


Cheryl Heuton, creator of CBS' long-running drama Numb3rs, tweeted, "You want to claim your show creator owes you all his success, you should choose a guy who doesn't have another 10 hit shows you weren't in."

1232 days ago


I'm guessing that means Charlie shouldn't bother ever auditioning for a Cheryl Heuton show. Numb3rs was great. CBS was foolish for canceling it.

1232 days ago


Charlie, you'll get this kind of book deal, right after HBO signs you for a 5 year contract WITHOUT a morals clause! Not going to happen! Loser! GET SOME HELP! My God, where in the hell is your father? Can't he help you? Or has he already walked away from you, like so many others?

1232 days ago
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