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Shopping Book Deal --

Starting Bid $10 Mil

2/26/2011 5:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen tells TMZ he's writing a tell-all book about life on the set of "Two and a Half Men" -- with details about what led up to the final implosion -- and he wants at least $10 mil for the publishing rights.

Charlie Sheen Book Deal
Sheen tells us he wants the world to know what really happened behind-the-scenes of the show during his 8-year run ... the good times and the bad ... and he plans on naming names -- including co-stars.

We're told Sheen even has a title in mind -- "When the Laughter Stopped."

Sheen says even though he's still working on the book -- he's expecting a bidding war for the publishing rights ... starting around $10 mil.

As TMZ first reported, "Men" honchos shut down production for the season after Charlie told us he wanted to fight creator Chuck Lorre.


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"Death From Above" inked on you Charlie Sheen? What division of the armed forces did you serve under? Your daddy was in an anti-vietnam-war movie so now you're G.I.JOE?

Charlie "Apocolypse Now" was an anti-war movie, not a celebration of violence. You missed the message of a movie your own father acted in. You could not be any dumber.

1344 days ago

nancy williams    

Through all the nonsense your co-stars have supported you and now your going to throw them under the bus!!!!! I know I should pity this guy but loathing is the emotion I feel right now!!

1344 days ago


Why do you keep posting stuff about this pathetic *******? I know he has a disease but I'm sick of hearing about him. Maybe if you'd stop exploiting his idiocy he'd get help.

1344 days ago


Maria (#121) You are as delusional as Charlie. Get help.

As far as the tv show goes... They're a dime a dozen. The remainder of the cast has many options, and I feel certain will be taken care of now that Charlie has ruined their lives as he continues to destroy his own.

And you look up to this toad?

1344 days ago


Let's all wish him the best and hope he sees the light soon.

Posted at 5:33 AM on Feb 26, 2011 by XDrinker

All of you folks that think you can fix him are way off the mark.

Some animals cannot be rehibilitated. It's undiscovered country, there is no map and there is no guideline. That ticket was one way and it's stamped that way for a reason.

Your time is better spent mending other fences. When you help Charlie Sheen you lose the oppurtunity to help a child find food and shelter in this hate-filled world. Would you rather let a young child die or help 45 year old Charlie find another hooker?

1344 days ago


Why would I waste my time reading about him?

1344 days ago


Poor Ducky (John Cryer), I absolutely love him! He finally gets a good gig after years of obscurity after the 80's films and THIS crap happens? Hopefully, he and Angus (Jake) have contract clauses that they get paid even if Charlie goes on another bender.

1344 days ago


Please stop making this sick man relevant. Maybe if we stop feeding his ego he will get help. He was lucky to have this show as long as he did. Made mass $ but it's over now. Move on Chuck get help at least for your kids.

1344 days ago


Let's all wish him the best and hope he sees the light soon.

Posted at 5:33 AM on Feb 26, 2011 by XDrinker

His father was just interviewed on ABC begging us all to offer Charlie our love and concern and what does Charlie do? Charlie begs for 10 million dollars to buy more crack cocaine with. Family does a great deal of begging, I think they have enough already. Maybe too much.

Maybe Charlie and his family have taken too much from us. Maybe Charlie and his family have learned to abuse us.

Maybe Charlie Sheen and his family have learned from living in the United States that if you abuse the people of the U.S. they will grant you power, money and explicit rapture.

Maybe it's time we stop being slaves to Charlie Sheen.

1344 days ago


Charlie needs help, he has gone over the edge and is still doing drugs. So much for rehab at home. Right

1344 days ago


Well done, #115. Whether or not he is bi-polar, tho, remains to be see. Seems to me we should have seen the depressive side throughout his lifetime and we haven't.

1344 days ago


He's certifiable now...say, I have an idea for the producers (if they haven't already thought of it by now), either send Charlie's character away indefinitely for rehab (he was a boozer on the show), just in case he has an awakening, or kill him off in a serious episode where he gets into a fatal drunk driving accident which could also serve as a teachable moment for the audience. In steps, a long, lost relative - who else? Jerry Seinfeld - Uncle Jerry could meld well with the other characters and it would not be long before his character would overshadow Charlie's. And they could pay Jerry what they would have paid Charile -now if that ain't payback, I don't know what is.

1344 days ago


I have a better idea, Just say- Since Charlie is a drug addict, drunk crazy man we are no longer using the idiot and let the show go on without him.

1344 days ago


So sick of Charlie-just another druggie-

1344 days ago

He's Crap    

There's nothing worse than a tweaker with money.

1344 days ago
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