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Sheen: I Am on a Drug, It's Called "Charlie Sheen"

2/27/2011 2:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If this promo is any indication, the ABC interview with Charlie Sheen is going to be good.

*BTW -- that headline is an actual quote from Charlie. Yes, really.


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Flippin' heck, you could drive a truck up his right nostril. Is the left side of his nose collapsing or something?

This was him on Celeb millionaire when he was in Spin City:

1300 days ago

Cherry Neptune    

This makes me sad for his friends and family who are watching him slowly die. I'm sure that they have tried absolutely everything to reach out and help him, but he does not want it, and there's nothing anyone can do to reach him at this point.

Charlie is flaming out in a spectacular way, it is horrible and fascinating to watch.

1300 days ago


OH MY GOD. HE LOOKS TERRIBLE!!! He looks disheveled, and like he's wasting away! How pitiful. But I'll be tuning in - cuz it looks like this train wreck is one that I just can't avoid watchin'!!

1300 days ago


isnt it obvious, charlie is a genious, hes revitalizing his career. Crazy coked up charlie is on the news every single day, almost like the way lindsay is int he news everyday yet she hasnt done anything in hollywood in years. Remember the old saying, there is no such thing as bad publicity, yes charlie looks like hes wascked out, yes he looks like hes been binging, but its f'en brilliant on his part. oh by the way, michael jackson is alive and coming back soon.

1300 days ago

Los Angeles    

He is seeing the BIG GREEN WEENIE. WEEEE HAAAAAA!!!!!!


1300 days ago


His book should be called "The Day My Teeth and My Brain Fell Out". He looks pretty good for a 70 year old psychotic junkie.

1300 days ago


I can't even stand watching the Olympics cuz somebody might fall so why would I want to watch this guy implode and completely destroy whatever career he had? Talk about jittery, talking way too fast, sweaty and wild-eyed for at least over half that video. And WAY too funny he thinks he's going legitimize his paid prostitutes or his life by parading them before the cameras! It's going to be wild but I'll wait for the reviews, thanks.

1300 days ago

The Real Victim    

I hope the interview is haphazardly peppered with the word “WINNING.”

1300 days ago


This is actually the first time I've ever felt sorry for him...It's really quite sad...:-(

From watching him in that video clip -- the feeling I got was that he's trying to hide that he's falling apart inside.

1300 days ago


Can´t stand the talnetless POS. By not having movie role almost in a decade, his last movie was the trailer trash Scream and main movie role he played in decades ago so strange he has still fans. 2 1/2 men most boring show on planet earth.

1300 days ago


Charlie is mentally unstable, but don't blame the drugs or booze. It's genetic. Check out some of his father's crackpot theories. Don't know about his brothers, but he sure got a couple of choruses of loony tunes from his dad...

1300 days ago

Keiths Wife    

I swear Hugh Hefner looks better than Charlie....and Hugh is 30 years older than him. You people are crazy to buy into his sick innerself. This is what drugs and money does....and he thinks other people adore him? Really? Semen stains all over his hands and thats cool? I have to say that even airing a program about this guy is only about money.....shame on you people who make up tv programming. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

1300 days ago


I'm convinced that Charlie is bipolar, manic depressive, he just hasn't been diagnosed yet. Anyone who is familiar with this disease will recognize the symptoms. Even when under treatment the affliction is difficult to manage. It comes in cycles, peaking and subsiding. Among other symptoms are a tendency to ramble, jump around from thought to thought for hours at a time, can take in massive amounts of alcohol and drugs without be affected as much as a normal person. All the symptoms are there with Charlie. Hope someone can get him the help he needs before it's too late. It's difficult if not impossible to get through to these people when they're in the throes of mania.

1300 days ago


Overdose death around the corner

1300 days ago


The crack has caused brain damage, his career is over if he does not shut the f@ck up! My advice for him would be to beg Chuck Lorre/CBS/Warner Brothers for there forgiveness and shut his f@cking mouth! He has 24 epidodes left of that show @ 1.8 million/episode that is alot of reasons to eat crow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!No one wants to meet his sluts on morning tv!

1300 days ago
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