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Charlie Sheen to Give First TV Interview

2/26/2011 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen will be sitting down for an interview with ABC that is set to air next week.

Charlie will be talking to ABC News' Andrea Canning during a special one-hour edition of "20/20" on Tuesday at 10:00 PM ET.

This is why the five-second delay button was invented.


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It's probably going to be the same rant`` diff day `` but this time on tv. Who would have thought that Charlie Sheen was going to out do``` Mel Gibson`` and have more PR than ``Lindsay Lohan?
CONGRATS CHARLIE```` YOU` win this round!! ☺
Just please don't show up to the interview``````` completely `bald!

1335 days ago


most of these comments are so smart and informative to what judgement they will receive even if they arent seen through the innerwebs right number twenty two -grooveypetpiss- almost like they are all the chosen puppets to make the example of what not to be right or over done and lost on it ----

1335 days ago


Let us all hope he takes a tranquilizer before the interview... :-)

1335 days ago

The Common Man    

Finally an actor with the balls to tell the rest of the world what Hollywood is really like. If Charlie wasn't making so much money for what he calls these "turds", they'd have heaped in a dumpster in a millisecond. But with so much at risk and Charlie making a smidgen of what the "turds" are making, I sure if he stays within rehab he'll do fine. Go Charlie, expose Hollywood for what it really is!

1335 days ago


I think that Chuck isn't ignorant and that what he may say will be interesting. It is possible that he has the goods on these execs and the way things are done may not be as clear and correct as they're supposed to. chuck has the ability to blow the lid off a lot of people and their secrets and i wouldn't be surprised if they are trying to get a gag order as we speak. Chuck always turned up and knew his lines and was professional according to reports from cast etc. Makes me wonder what else happened that made him say screw you? maybe hes had enough, maybe it will open up an understanding of where he went off the rails and why. Al i know is if you've crossed chucky these are very dangerous days indeed and i look forward to the whole thing being played out once and for all. my money is on chuck xxx

1335 days ago

a long time Leno fan!    

And this is where the audience goes wild.

Game - Set - Match. I predict a Charlie win.

1335 days ago

a long time Leno fan!    

And this is when the viewing audience will go wild.

1335 days ago


By any standard, he's mentally ill. Media outlets wouldn't put a raving street person on the air, so why does having a home qualify Sheen for air time? I'm not calling for a boycott or blacklist, but I think all media outlets -- TMZ included -- should voluntarily stop talking about a very ill person. No interviews on the newscasts and news shows, no jokes on late night TV, no morning radio show call-ins, and no reports about what he's doing. Just do it out of simple human compassion for a person who's seriously ill. The attention he's getting is feeding his illness. If you were interviewing someone with heart disease, you wouldn't take them to McDonalds. If you were interviewing a drug addict, you wouldn't take them to a crack house. Whether Sheen wants to get help or not is up to him, but stop giving him public attention. And that includes you, TMZ. "Just reporting on what he does" has the same effect as jokes by Leno and Letterman, it gives him the attention he seems to believe is his divine right. Johnny Carson stopped doing Nixon jokes after it was reported he was drinking heavily and walking around the White house mumbling to himself. Sheen should get the same and if you won't stop because he's mentally ill, then stop because everyone is sick *of* him. Look at the few posts that support him. Their average IQ is room temperature. No one will miss reports about him.

1335 days ago


muah NUMBER 49

1335 days ago


uh TMZ do you think maybe u will put a diff top story up at any point or you goin for the 1 tho comments. ur a gnarly gnarlyington, i f***n love that so much!!!!!!! and puzzled just ad some periods to your run ons bb!!! and groovypetpiss u want the golden shower lol ::))))))

1335 days ago


He just doesn't know when to quit. Not good enough to make a damn fool of himself on the net....has to do it on national tv, too. He's just nailing his coffin shut.

1335 days ago

Alan Carver    

And what kind of idiotic things are going to fall out of his mouth during this interview? All he is going to do is 'whine and complain' about poorly he was treated during the past 8 or 9 years on 2 & 1/2 Men. And by poorly, I mean a regular salary, the times that CBS gave him off the show to take care of her personal issues during these past 8 seasons, the syndication monies, the DVD dividends, and contract/negotiations to get him to come back for another two seasons as the highest paid actor on television today ($1.2M) per episode.

Charlie has completely come undone. He does not give on iota about anyone but himself, his ability to call 'foul' on his bosses, because he FELT he wasn't being treated properly, so what does he do, he just and goes out and blows his salary on coke and whores. Not only that, but he literally screwed the people that he said he would do what he could to help them out while he was in rehab, which he has not done. Instead he just unhinged his mouth for all of this CRAP to fall out.

So instead of helping the people that helped him get to where he is at today (tv/money, etc et-al) he just CRAPS all over them so he can PROTECT himself and get more money, if not from CBS/Warner Bros., for working, but by going to ABC to do this interview. I wonder how much ABC agreed to FORK over for an hour with this DOUCHE BAG!

I have lost complete and utter respect for his man. He has been given chance, after chance to get his act together and at every turn all he does is just go back to his old ways of ADDICT BEHAVIOR.

CBS had better get this right and start the legal proceedings for the loss of Advertising Revenue they are going to experience for no one tuning into Monday nights since this show is over with, obviously for the rest of this season, and if he continues to back-hand CBS/Warner through the media outlets he has done so far, he is done. CBS/Warner, should begin the process of 'breach of contract' re: Sheen, and demanding that he pay them back the loss of revenue for the show they had to cancel due to his ERRATIC/ADDICT behavior.

I am not going to say that I am not going to watch this soon-to-be completely derailed train wreck's interview, because if Vegas were taking bets on what kind of interview this is going to be, it is going to be Charlie doing what he has been doing these past two weeks, being in FULL-BLOWN ADDICTION MODE and unhinging his mouth for CRAP to fall out!

Should be interesting!!!!

SEE ya Tuesday Turkeys!!!

1335 days ago


He that TV show for 8 years high as **** on cocaine and no one noticed. I am more than sure he can do a TV show and appear to be calm, collected and plain. This interview will be VERY boring, he will be tight lipped and he will act completely clean and sober.
He will speak softly, slowly and calmly directly to the interview. You will see a scripted, charming and polite Charlie Sheen. High on crack, booze and viagra yet seeming to be sober as your postman. He has had this drug abuse problem for nearly 30 years, he stole a care when he was 16 and is more than capable of fooling authority figures.

If Charlie Sheen can do just ONE thing it is fool someone into believing he is polite. Charming Crack Head Charlie Sheen.

Charlie needs you to be fooled by him. Keep an eye on his CRACK face, notice the make-up covering the discolored crack face.

1335 days ago


Charlie Sheen will be playing his greatest role ever, he has managed to be on the "List of Doomed Careers". I can already see the do***entary depiction of this very junction of his life.


1335 days ago


I hope he'll be so high that he will mention how he accidentally killed a porn star, and how his dad helped him to cover up.

1335 days ago
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