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Jon Cryer -- That's Not My Twitter!

2/26/2011 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Various media outlets are reporting Jon Cryer has broken his silence -- via Twitter -- on the whole Charlie Sheen/"Two and a Half Men" fiasco -- except he DOESN'T HAVE A TWITTER ACCOUNT!!!


The Twitter page in question looked shady to us, so we asked his rep, who quickly responded: "Actually Jon does not have a Facebook or Twitter account. I would love for you to let folks know this is all bogus."



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cs insulted his fans. thats all it takes to kill a career!

1274 days ago


Any time you get involved with someone that has a substance problem they will eventually try to drag you down with them when they start to go down themselves. It's a given. In retrospect his bosses took that risk hiring him in the first place and now everyone involved will suffer. The abusers eventual demise is a given if they are using and abusing. I think CBS fooked up by not letting Charlie be Charlie as they knew what kind of guy they were signing up right from the start. When they tried to push to cut him off his addiction fought back and now look where everything is?

1274 days ago


Charlie -

I'm with you. You are the talent, they are the leaches.

Best wishes and bring me on the boat :-)


1274 days ago


I watched Friends for many years in university and remember going to see the finale at the skydome. It was the end of an era in many respects. It is too bad we won't be able to say a formal farewell to the cast of 2 & 1/2 men. My favourite episode was the one with that guy who used to play in Andromeda/Hercules.

To the Cast of 2&1/2 men: Thank you for all the entertaining moments. I am not sure if it was the show that drove Charlie to the cocaine, alcohol and sex addictions or if he is truly just bored. The show is over so that can no longer be the reason. If the reason was boredom, then Dear Charlie: Go somewhere meaningful and fill your soul with love and companionship and friendship. Go to Afghanistan and cheer up the soldiers who are dying, go to Chile, go help Brad Pitt rebuild New Orleans. Find something to build. Be like that Richard Gere in Pretty Woman. Stop being a prick and do something meaningful. Find your Angelina Jolie and marry her for christ sakes.

1274 days ago


I think both Charlie & Chuck are wrong. The character that Charlie is playing is Charlie Sheen. Families and friends of addicts try to keep celebrations and holidays alcohol free so the person recovering won't get tempted. Addicts serious about their recovery stay away from alcohol fueled functions for that very reason. Now imagine a former drug addict/alcoholic/whoremonger playing a alcoholic whoremonger on TV. Wouldn't that said addict be tempted to indulge in all of the above especially when the access is unlimited? So Charlie was supposed to go to rehab, come back refreshed and play a character who drinks, gambles and loves hookers? Then the ******* who writes the show says foul ish about your demons at the end of the show. I think its effed up that the cast & crew have to suffer because noone wants to be a mature adult and make a mature executive decision. Charlie & Chuck could have handled this differently and obviously neither was thinking about the cast & crew. They were only thinking about who can piss the farthest.

1273 days ago


I see a Charlie Sheen reality show coming...what do you think? I agree with a lot of you that Jon takes the high-road and that is cool....he will find work no problem, this is making him even more famous!

1273 days ago


I think they should kill Charlie's character (seems redundant, doesn't it?) from... a heart attack. Yea, that's right. Alan's character inherits everything, and he grows up (because big brother charlie isn't there to pick up the pieces). Then the show could revolve around Jake's travails as a growing-up teen and into college (as if?). Charlie's character really wasn't THAT important in the scheme of things because this is an ensemble show. Probably bring the mother in more prominently as well, I like her.

1273 days ago


Great athletes make their sport look easy - same applies here. This sitcom is so darn funny because there is solid writing and fantastic acting. Not to make excuses for Charlie, but apparently the show has taken it's toll upon Charlie. We really don't know what has transpired behind the scenes. He has given MUCH to the cast and his fans - time for him to rest a bit. I'll truly miss the show but I'm still pulling for you Charlie! You're the talent and I'll be waiting for the next act in your career.
~~~ Always your fan ~~~

1273 days ago


WINNING.. LOST MY $150.000 WATCH.That's winning isn't it?

1273 days ago



Cryer and the rest of the crew should be happy Charlie stayed around this long. The show would of been canned after the first season if anyone else played the role. Seriously. The crew should be kissing charlies feet for somehow making this bad joke pile of crap work for so long. If anyone deserves to be sued it's for the ****ty writing being done.

1273 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

If the show resumes sometime, I hope Alan is thrown in jail for cheating everyone out of their money. Jon Cryer is so creepy and disgusting. The show would be so much better without that dipstick!! Charlie, go to a Psycho Ward... Now! There is still hope for you - I think.

1273 days ago


....I would have a hard time not calling all the talk shows like Charlie is doing.

Posted at 12:33 PM on Feb 26, 2011 by Bons


He is not of Charlie Sheen's status yet. Charlie Sheen is a household name (he's already done alot of A-list movies), Jon Cryer has not. And not to say the other actors are not good, but Charlie Sheen is clearly the best actor on the show. Imo.

1273 days ago


When you consider that "Industry insiders estimate that the show has already grossed $400 million in reruns, putting total syndication fees at a cool $1 billion", I think Chuck Lorre, NBC, and Warner Brothers should have cut Charlie a little more slack. And not let their ego's (and Charlie's partying) get in the way!

1273 days ago



Cryer and the rest of the crew should be happy Charlie stayed around this long. The show would of been canned after the first season if anyone else played the role. Seriously. The crew should be kissing charlies feet for somehow making this bad joke pile of crap work for so long. If anyone deserves to be sued it's for the ****ty writing being done.

Posted at 6:25 PM on Feb 26, 2011 by nadsack


I just basically said the same thing. I remember when the show first started, I was thinking to myself, "A sitcom with Charlie Sheen, what's up with that?" Because I'm used to seeing him in movie roles, not a sitcom. And, for a while I did not watch the show, until one day, my daughter told me that she always watch the show and she said it was very funny. So, I started watching it, and found out that Charlie Sheen was the funniest one on there. But my daughter is too young to know that Charlie Sheen is really a movie actor, instead of a sitcom actor.

And maybe that's why he's having so many problems, because when you shoot a movie that's it, the job is done. As oppose to filming a sitcom which is long and ongoing.

1273 days ago


Jon Cryer is a class act and seems like a good guy...the problem is? He and the other cast members are being HELD HOSTAGE by one of the biggest DIRT BAGS in Hollywood history.

To all you "Chuckles the Clown" SHEEN fans? your boy is ruining lives...and you call him a "Hero" and a "Pimp" that says more about YOUR morals than it ever will CHUCKLES.

Sad state of affairs and my support goes to ALL OF THE OTHER GREAT CAST MEMBERS OF THIS for CHUCKLES? he can take a dirt nap for all I care.

1273 days ago
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