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MJ's Kids Give Away $10,000 to Honor Dad

2/26/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's children definitely have the bug -- the one that makes you give away large sums of money -- because they just helped make a $10,000 donation to one of MJ's favorite charities.


Earlier this week, Prince, Paris, and Blanket presented a check for $10K to the L.A. Housing Corporation -- a group that provides shelter for homeless families. Sources tell us Michael used to take his kids to volunteer with the group.

We're told the massive chunk o' change came from grandma Katherine Jackson's memorabilia biz.

MJ's heirs made the donation on behalf of his Heal the World Foundation. All three of them joined the group's Youth Board of Advisors last year.


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WOW! a whole 10k? with all their billions? I think im gonna go donate a quarter to a charity today.
Posted at 7:54 AM on Feb 26, 2011 by jOHN
Everybody's got to start somewhere!!!lol!

1304 days ago


The 10k these kids donated is like me or you dropping $5 in the bell ringers pot not a really big deal. Jacksons has made estate almost half a BILLION dollars!

1304 days ago


Wwho said it was a 'piss off' sign?

thats the peace sign you moron

and paris looks like she got a lot of pent up issues.. she gon need therapy soon i can see.

1304 days ago


@TMZ moderator.

Are you guys sleeping on the job or what?You are letting a HEARTLESS CREEP DrLarry8(#12)say terrible things about an innocent 9 year old,if you don't throw this MONSTER out then you are an accomplice to MENTAL childabuse, please wake up and stop using MJ's kids; you made his life a hell and you won't rest till you ruin theirs too.

Posted at 7:52 AM on Feb 26, 2011 by kathy 40

I agree, kathy.

1303 days ago


....and as always, Murray has no defense. The LA Times confirmed that team murray is NOT ready!!!!funny how TMZ did NOT cover it!!!! where are the PR stunts on conrat murderer this week or last week for that matter?

1303 days ago


The 10k these kids donated is like me or you dropping $5 in the bell ringers pot not a really big deal. Jacksons has made estate almost half a BILLION dollars!
Posted at 8:28 AM on Feb 26, 2011 by Karen
PPB and Mrs. Jackson do not control the estate....duh! of the hundreds of millions earned by the estate PPB and their MGM barely saw a million of it.
the jackson estate has unreported billions in assets around the world (jmo).
btw: to the internals, this is a prime opportunity for you to post the wrong info. blame mrs. jackson and the kids by calling them cheap among other names due to all the money earned by the estate. when you know they don't control anything. just say it wrong anyway in effort to increase the desperately needed hitz for TMZ.

mgm: maternal grandmother

1303 days ago


Who care`s about the child molesters kids, they`re not famous, have done nothing to earn any fame. They`re just the kids, let them earn their own way to fame. It still blows my mind how many people would be outraged at a drugged up child molester living in their neighborhood. But if it`s MJ then it`s ok, any person that defends him is just as sick as he was.
Posted at 7:36 AM on Feb 26, 2011 by Jim
You care Jim, that's why you logged on came to a Michael Jackson board and wrote that post. You're post is lame, lame, lame!!
What on earth is TMZ going to do when the fans leave after the trial?

1303 days ago


I always get the since they really dont like doing interviews. You dont see a true joy on their face. Their interviews are almost painful how they have to be more less forced to talk. I dont feel this would have been Michaels choice for his kids. He wanted them out of the spotlight and living just a normal life as possible.

1303 days ago


WHAT? ONLY ten thousand dollars???
This family is worth MILLIONS and continues to earn MILLIONS in MJ Royalties and this is the best they can come up with?
This pitiful pittance is not even enough to refurbish ONE shelter, let alone do a community any good.
This is just a shameless display of publicity whoring running amuck.

1303 days ago


@ genel

The estate earns millions, not the family.
They get a monthly allowance from the estate.

1303 days ago


Trying to focus on the kids are we TMZ? Lets show how great the kids are doing since their father passed away. meanwhile team murray is staling and fumbling around the judges chambers because they are not ready. Murray has no defense. What's going on TMZ? no photos, no story, no PR stunts of the once confident liar conman murray. murray knows that he cannot prove that he arrived at holmby hills before 1:30 am to start administering those meds to michael as he stated in the police affidavit. TMZ is not standing outside the courthouse to get a glimps of anything in effort to help their man murray.....pleaszzzz.

someone posted the LA times coverage, this was CNN take on it

Prosecutor wants Conrad Murray's 'speedy trial' delayed
February 24, 2011|By Alan Duke, CNN
A prosecutor in the involuntary manslaughter case against Dr. Conrad Murray asked the judge Thursday to delay the trial, which is set to begin in a month.
Murray, who is charged in the death of pop star Michael Jackson, invoked his right to a speedy trial within 60 days of his arraignment, but the prosecution complained the defense has not met its duty to share information about potential witnesses.
"I do not take notes when talking to a witness," defense lawyer Michael Fla****n told Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor during a hearing Thursday.
Judge Pastor scolded Flanagan and his co-cousel Ed Chernoff for not providing more details to the prosecution about the testimony they expect from the 93 people listed as potential defense witnesses.
"There are sanctions, including monetary and continuances, and also including preclusion of a witness," the judge warned.
Judge Pastor appeared caught by surprise at Murray's arraignment last month when defense lawyers invoked his right to hava a trial within 60 days.
Flanagan, outside of court Thursday, said the defense will be ready when jury selection is scheduled to start on March 24.
"The defendant has a right to go to trial within 60 days," he said. "I don't think there's any obligation for him to be completely ready 30 days before he's set to go to trial, if that were true then what would we do the last 30 days?"
Judge Pastor ordered Murray's lawyers to create written summaries of what they've been told by witnesses in interviews.
"I guess we'll have to go out and take some more statements and tell the prosecution a little buit more about where we're coming from," Flanagan said.
Judge Pastor set a hearing for Monday morning to consider the prosecution request for a delay.
The judge also delayed making a decision until next week on allowing a new lawyer to join Murray's defense team until he can determine if there is a conflict of interest.
The lawyer, Nareg Gourjian, had worked on Michael Jackson's child molestation defense.
Murray wants Gourjian to replace Joseph Low, who left the defense team earlier this month.
Gourjian's former law firm, headed by lawyer Mark Geragos, raised the possible conflict of interest because the firm represented Jackson for two years starting in 2003, when he was charged with child molestation.
Geragos, and Michael Jackson estate's lawyer, Howard Weitzman, appeared in court Thursday to discuss the matter. But Judge Pastor asked them to return next week to meet privately because it involves "very sensitive material."
Gourjian told the judge last week that he was "in no way involved" in the Jackson case because he was "a brand-new lawyer" busy working on the a murder case at the time.
Jackson died on June 25, 2009 from what the coroner ruled was an overdose of the surgical anesthetic propofol.

1303 days ago


..and don`t forget Michael`s will : 20% of all income is going to charity!

1303 days ago


Its wonderful to see that MJ3 doing the same charity work that that Michael began. Michael did a wonderful job in raising the kids. And I think that people need to lay off of bashing the kids everytime they do something - they are only kids. What were any of us like at that age? These kids are great - leave them alone!

1303 days ago


It's great that these kids are being charitable, but MJ is rolling over and over right now.

1303 days ago
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