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Lindsay Lohan

Stealing the Show on Oscar Night

2/27/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is only two steps removed from the Oscars -- and by "steps" we mean "time slots" -- because TMZ has learned she'll be a part of Jimmy Kimmel's big post-Oscar special.

Sources close to LiLo tell TMZ she'll play a role in Jimmy's taped sketch that will air during the special, which airs after local news, which airs after the Oscars.

You'll remember ... last year's Kimmel bit was the Handsome Men's Club, which featured Matthew McConaughey, Josh Hartnett and Rob Lowe, among others.

We're told this year's sketch features some of the hottest women in Hollywood -- Lindsay, Scarlett Johansson, Emily Blunt, Sofia Vergara, Eva Longoria, Minka Kelly and Jessica Biel.

Pretty good company.


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That's a good one. Why are most the comments from haters of Lindsay?? Some comments are hilarious, I admit, but some people here are actually getting all upset at Lindsay. She is her own worst enemy. She needs support to get better. I just don't get all this jealousy. To get all riled up like that is just being jealous and hateful.

1298 days ago


marla, she needs to sincerely admit she has a problem to get better. People get riled up because of her innapropriate diva behavior which the Trollhans dish up as gold.

1298 days ago

Davey Boy    

Sorry Marla, I am neither jealous or LieHo nor am I envious of her. I do however NOT support a chronic thief who has stolen HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars worth of luxury items because Lindsay thought she deserved nice things. And when she gets caught she either blames the black kid (nice a racist just like daddy) or her family says she borrowed it without permission.

1298 days ago

Alan Carver    

Well like #3 Lori said, thank you for the head's-up. I,too, will be changing the channel. Hottest women of Hollywood, I think that there is a joke coming from this 'skit'. Why would any of these other talented, gorgeous actresses even consider consorting with this drug-addled, booze-bag has-been that never was! Seriously! You would think that their 'contract-riders' would have a NO LOHAN or SHEEN CLAUSE!

1298 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

Jimmy is crazy to have that lying thief Lindsay on his show. I thought he had more sense than that. I won't be watching. I do feel sorry for pathetic looney Lindsay. She's NUTS and I hope she does get Mental Health Help in PRISON. How much is she paid for the Interviews she and her nutty parents give? Is that their only source of income these days?

1298 days ago


Sloane, actually I do somewhat see your point. LL is a complete mess and should not be flaunted out in public. She seems incapable of stopping herself from putting herself into public situations which wind up making her look worse (Exhibit A and B, her recent red carpet strolls to the courthouse in her completely inappropriate attire.) DUIna does not care and pushes her into ANY situation that will exploit her, disgusting mother that she is. As you say, you would think that someone in Hollywood would have the good sense to say, "enough!" and keep her away from the spotlight, as she is like a moth attracted to a flame.

1298 days ago


UM TO # 73 we know you wrote this Dina! HAHAA who else would?

1298 days ago


Lindsay is hot? I think I'm gonna puke..........

1298 days ago


It's disgusting that she's given any type of work at all. With as many great lesser known actresses that are out there, it's a shame that someone like her is getting attention. Hollywood is one screwed up place.

1298 days ago


@ #102...what is llello??? Lindsay has no business being "REWARDED" by being allowed to do a guest stint on Jimmy Kimmel show!! All I have to say is that being around the OSCARS (even if AFTERWARDS) is not a positive sign for her next court hearing(s) and/or trial, ETC.! All I have to say is that Sophia Vergara, Eva Longoria, Scarlett-Jo, Emily Blunt, Minka Kelly, & Jessica Biel better hang on TIGHTLY to their valuables (their jewelry, etc.)! Otherwise, sticky-fingers LiLo will appear having accidentally borrowing & wearing their (other stars) valuables for TMZ to take pics of her wearing AFTERWARDS! Linds is going to jail or prison one way or another. That judge (Judge Schwartz)did order Lindsay to see a therapist regularly b/c he wants reports of her psychological/psychiatric "state of mind"! (Given her drugs and alcohol useages have not nearly totally wiped out her brain function!) I don't see how Judge Schwartz will be able to get a really good indication of Lindsay's brain power since she has to be BACK in court again on March 10th. That really is NOT a lengthy period of time to evaluate Lindsay's screwed up mental state! Although, that judge (Schwartz) can probably (ALSO) review all the reports that Lindsay's doctors/counsellors, etc at Betty Ford have assimilated on her. No one as nuts/screwed up as Lindsay is going to be the picture of mental/emotional health after just around 98 to 100 days of rehab @ Betty Ford (and her 5th rehab)! She went into rehab at end of Sept, 2010 the 27th or 28th (voluntarily) so that is about 4 days PLUS Judge Fox (on Oct 22nd) ordered her to remain in REHAB until Jan 3rd, 2011. So 31 days in Oct; 30 days in Nov; 31 days in Dec, 2010 and 3 days into Jan (3), 2011. All of that adds up to about 99 days @ Betty Ford. She could NOT MANAGE to stay out of legal trouble between Jan 3, 2011 & Feb 25th, 2011 when she was SUPPOSED to see Judge Fox again on her previous probation violation(s)! I guess that she didn't have to go to see Judge Fox on Feb 25th since she was "pre-empted" w/her court appearance before Schwartz on Feb 23rd??? This girl's...actually WOMAN's career is over. Who wants to hire (much less"TRY TO INSURE") someone with a potentially 3 to/or 5 year PROBATION hanging over her head? The girl cannot stay out of trouble for 6 weeks let alone 3 to 5 years!!! BOTH LiLo & Charlie Sheen's trainwrecked lives are now totally de-railed (IMHO)!

1298 days ago

Davey Boy    

There has to be more talented, attractive, actresses out there who DON'T supplement their income by stealing furs and jewelery and then hocking them at the local Pawn Shop.

What a slap in the face to the hard working and honest young women actresses out there. LieLo is such a classless skank. A new low on prime time TV that's for sure.

1298 days ago


I do not agree with all the comments that she's not hot and not talented either. And I'm not a Lohan. Lol. Of course she is. That's reality. She STILL cannot get away with breaking the law. She's getting more publicity than the Hollywood good girls. (O. And the Kaardashians and Paris Hilton, which have no category) Lie low, Lilo! Judge Schwartz is not jokin around. Why even take a chance on his reactions to this?? Just stay out of the Headlines like Charlie. Ask him. He knows what's up. That other time Lindsay was in an awards show and joked about alcohol, it so back-fired for her! Don't sacrifice yourself for all of us. Lindsay! We will wait until you're past all this crapola and we will still be here for you. I am all for giving 2nd and 3rd and 4th and 777 chances! Long as we keep on trying to do what is right.

1298 days ago


I just realized... what time is this show airing? If I recall, I have a hard enough time staying up to see who wins Best Movie because it's shown at the end of the show. Then there is the news after that, AND THEN this special? I'm not sure what kind of ratings this could possibly generate that late at night.

1298 days ago

Davey Boy    

I can just see LieHo eyeballing all the nice jewelery the women will be wearing and start to drool. It's like a fox getting the keys to the hen house.

Heaven help Jimmy Kimmel if he has a coat check for all the other beautiful and talented actresses. Lindsay was just spotted renting a U-Haul truck.

1298 days ago


Personally, though not a fan, I think everyone able bodied has to be allowed to work?

Whether she has an audience that matches the Trollhan claims remains to be see and the market place will adjust her compensation and prospects accordingly. No one is forcing any one to watch. Don`t kid yourself, she is being paid for all her exclusives and exposure here. You`re already supporting her.

1298 days ago
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