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Melissa Leo

The Acceptance Speech


2/28/2011 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Melissa Leo's foul mouth just tarnished her Oscar speech -- because she dropped the first f-bomb of the night moments after winning an Academy Award for best supporting actress.



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Sarah T    

This has to be the WORST Oscars ever... it has been beyond cringe worthy...

From the terrible James and Anne (I usually love you Anne Hathaway) .. to the walking dead .. Kirk Douglas... come on.. was that necessary? to uuuggghhhh....... MELISSA LEO.... what were you thinking woman???

Obviously not much... but please dont tell me that was an emotional off the cuff performance... the woman has won every award this side of the Moon.. she should have been more prepared and more professional... her speech was a disgrace.

It HAS to get better? Doesn't it????

1336 days ago


That was nothing compared to the pre-broadcast of Joan Rivers!Talk about F Bomb!!

1336 days ago


I don't think it's going to get better. They just brought out Billy Crystal and are showing clips of Bob Hope. Where's Charlton Heston...oh....never mind....

1336 days ago

miley sucks    

i like melissa leo. great actress. but shouldn't have cussed

1336 days ago

yendor segrub    

even if it did come out accidentally, it shows a tremendous lack of vocabulary skills and from an "actress". And those who think this trash is cool can keep it in your trashy countries--just an ATHEIST saying ...

1336 days ago

george clooney    

@#41 Oh, please! Americans are so insufferably puritanical. Get over it, already.

Posted at 7:22 PM on Feb 27, 2011 by Frank
Frank, why are you even posting here; this is for only puritanical Americans. I know you are so envious, like the rest of the world or we would not have so many people trying to get to America. Smoke that pops!

1336 days ago

Hey Now    

When I was in college, I was a huge fan of Homocide - Life on the Streets. So I loved Melissa Leo then. All those characters were interesting - Frank, Munch, the chief, etc. When The Fighter is out on netflix I will see it. It sounds great.

I've also seen Melissa in a few other smaller movies and movies on Lifetime. I like her - esp due to the Homicide-Life on the Streets (Baltimore)

1336 days ago

Sarah T    

I'm Australian... and I thought dropping the "F"bomb on live tv at the Oscars was the very least really really bad manners.

It's stupid to say Americans are puritanical because they beeped it out.. I think it actually says more about the incredibly low standards we have here on tv and radio...

Nothing to be proud of!!

1336 days ago


Very unladylike.

1336 days ago


It's 2011; who the hell cares if she used the F word?

1336 days ago


OH get over it and grow the Frack up to the fools that find her word mistake offense!! It's a fracking word, big fracking deal, so what, use it; it's one of the best, most flexible words in our language. Geez, I wish you people would just grow up, but what can I expect of a society the claims freedom of speech as its highest rule, yet turns and complains about one word. You'll notice I used a word used in the SciFi show Battlestar Galactica, (least those of you who are geeks), I used it to try to prove my point, it's just a word, but it's meaning in the show was the same as our "F" word, but in most cases I wouldn't get ostracized for using it, but not if I had used the "real" "F" word. It’s childish and ignorant to get upset over this word, especially when used by accident. Why do you care anyway, the original meaning for that word is not the meaning most people apply to I today. So any word, such as frack, can have the same meaning applied, but it don’t matter, it’s still just a word, get over it people.

1336 days ago


Very unrefined. She has no class.

1336 days ago

Keiths Wife    

Typical of this generation. I expect it out of every Hollywood mouth and for sure we hear it out of every black persons mouth...and they are not hollywood stars. Go ahead, call me a liar and I will prove it.

1336 days ago

Sarah T    

GEEZ.. Gwynnie looked as uncomfortable singing that as I felt watching that!

Gosh, I really need to turn this off!

1336 days ago


She has the strangest shaped eyebrows in that photo TMZ posted.

1336 days ago
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