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Melissa Leo

The Acceptance Speech


2/28/2011 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Melissa Leo's foul mouth just tarnished her Oscar speech -- because she dropped the first f-bomb of the night moments after winning an Academy Award for best supporting actress.



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Osiris Reborn    

I'm glad there are still simpletons out there who are offended by people saying f#$@, or a boobie popping out during a musical performance. If it wasn't for the insane prudes out there, artists like Gaga, Manson, Cooper, Stern, KISS, and numerous other entertainers wouldn't have been able to create the controversey they needed to sell their albums, or get people to tune into their shows.

That type also allows the porn industry to thrive on the net..

So thanks to the lil church ladies, hypocritical pta moms, and latent homosexual evangelicals.. quite a lot of people out there are raking it in.

1331 days ago

tony check it out the uncensored video

1331 days ago


Is she related to Bono? LOL

1331 days ago


They're usually on a 10-second electronic delay so if something like that happens, they can kill the audio feed or video feed if it's something visual. Either they weren't using the delay, or for some reason didn't catch it. 10-seconds is plenty of time to react. Oh well, I wasn't offended.

1331 days ago


I agree it was kinda tacky, but so are about 95% of the rest of Hollywood. I'm sure someone else in the show will trump what she did! are some places where Celebs go in LA:

1331 days ago


Wow. I'm surprised a small insignificant laughable handful of you are getting all butthurt with your panties in a knot over this. You must be American, just got home from Church, and have never heard such sinful filth before? lmao.

1331 days ago


I'm no prude. Hardly. But did she really need to drop the f bomb? Even I can edit myself in crowds. No wonder people think Hollywood is a bunch of f*****' pricks. Oops!

1331 days ago


Hailey would have shown more class and grace....

1331 days ago


I think the whole thing was planned.The whole "oh I'm so embarassed " schtick.Oh please.

1331 days ago


what a bunch of f u c k i n g losers... you seriously have nothing better to do than jump on someone for cussing when they are a grown adult on an adult show?? get real or hide in your house for the rest of your life, because you can't handle reality if you can't handle this lol.

1331 days ago


it seriously embarrasses me that i share the name "american" with all you stuck up housewives who think an f-bomb is the worst thing on t.v.

1331 days ago


So she said **** big deal. American television is so other countries you will hear this word over and over again. Get over your ****ing selves.

1331 days ago


Oddly enough I didn't even notice the f bomb.

1331 days ago


We're all so caught up in people swearing on tv or a boobie slipping out of janet jackson's bra. Get over it people! The F word is a part of the English language and it's nice that someone in stuffy Hollywood is a normal human being.

Good for her. I loved it and thought it was great and I'm a very well off classy 35 year old educated man, not some street walker thank you very much.

1331 days ago


I am just sorry she didn't use the "F BOMB" to tell them all to F THEMSELVES. who cares what she said, are you people at Tmz for real? This is the headline of the whole oscar show, even on CNN. Must say alot for the rest of the crap that was on there!

1331 days ago
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