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MMA Star -- I'll Help Chuck Lorre Kick Charlie's Ass

2/27/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

MMA badass Daniel Puder is taking Chuck Lorre's side in the "Two and a Half Men" creator's epic battle with Charlie Sheen -- telling TMZ, he'll even train Chuck if he accepts Charlie's octagon challenge.

Daniel unloaded on Charlie in L.A. on Friday -- telling us, Chuck's not even Charlie's type ... because Charlie "usually likes to beat women."

Yeah, he went there ...


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More Jews piling on.

1297 days ago


LOL Ya gotta luv this guy!

1297 days ago


This tranny could NEVER beat the maSHEEN!!!

1297 days ago


Who is this guy... another nobody looking for 15 minutes

1297 days ago


Puder just owned Charlie!

Called him right out.

Charlie is an Ahole with money who insults other people-he is mean and demeaning, nothing cool about that. I agree his fan base must consist of 50 jerk men with 12 yr old IQ's.

If there is a WINNER in this....It just stepped up and it's name is ...Ding, Ding, Ding..PUDER!

I may actually watch him and this sport. It not just about a bunch of roid heads (like Jersey Shore Ronnie) runnung around with anger issues.

Nice to know real men work out too. Thanks Puder. You just saved face for tons of men with muscles.....You really can have both, a brain and muscles...Hmm.

1297 days ago


MMA are a bunch of *****'s. There like wrestling, laying down on the canvas with there legs around each other, not doing any damage to each other. I can't tell if there fighting or ****ing, like a bunch of San Fran ***s. Where are the crushed wind pipes,eyes gouged out, broked bones, snapped knees ? There FAKE !

1297 days ago


LOL....that's so true! I am sure there are plenty of woman that would be willing to beat his azz,....Better wear a body condom though, I wouldn't want any of Charlies blood anywhere near me...scary!

1297 days ago


I've never heard of this guy before but he sure is speaking the truth about Carlos Estevez! Never heard anything about "Charlie" fighting a man one on one, but he sure likes to hit women!

1297 days ago


People don't get mad for no reason. Especially when you are getting a 2 million dollar paycheque per episode. Chuck Lorre/CBS/WARNER BROS are all bunch of ungrateful/manupulative rich powerful hypocrites that thinks they are on top of the world. Idiots! Charlie you are a true tv legend. We love you. I do however feel sorry for the cast because they seem to like Charlie very much. No one from the cast ever went out and the defend the hypocrite Chuck Lorre instead they wish Charlie well.

1297 days ago


Domestic violence violaters, like Charlie, are usually stripped of certain rights, like owning guns.

I hope thats the case with Carlos. But funny thing, they didnt take his crack pipe away.

1297 days ago


Charlie is an ungratefull full of himself idiot. He likes to beat women and piss away oppurtunities many of us can only dream of.He is a filthy pig and whats up with brook is she in on the diiirty threesome or whayever those dirty porn bitcches are doing w charlie.

1297 days ago


Danny (as he likes to be called at the gay bar)should keep his big(from having so much cXXX in it)mouth closed. Charlie is white trash,but this AH is wrost and he is trying to get air time, God only knows he gets a lot of ass-time(gay boy)

1297 days ago


someone shut this idiot up... he was the one saying he was going to go around america beating up all the bullies in the country. He is just mad b/c his daddy abused him or sumthing so now he is just a big dumbass with some muscles thinking his opinion matters.

1297 days ago


plus a big forehead and eyes that are 2 close together is a sign of retardation i think

1297 days ago


Some MMA jarhead goon better watch his mouth if he doesn't want a visit from Sheen's lawyer.

1297 days ago
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