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Sandra Bullock -- One Year Later

2/27/2011 9:53 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

It's been a year since Sandra Bullock won the Best Actress Oscar.

It's crazy how time flies when you are catching your husband cheating, divorcing and adopting a baby.


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Wow that is one classy lady. Gorgeous and a lady. She deserves an awesome man who loves her and her son.

1299 days ago



If you have read any interviews with her, she is not the "girl next door" in any way or shape. She likes to hang out and act like one of the boys by her own admission while tossing out raunchy jokes with the best of them. She couldn't be very intelligent if she married her ex with his background while not expecting anything to happen now could she?

And please...who would want to marry any self-absorbed celebrity type unless you are looking for the bucks or limelight? They are all their own worst enemies in relationships.

Another caricature to fawn over...


1299 days ago


She is Looking so sexy and gracefull, Any mutilation of an infant's genitals is cruel, barbaric, savage and should be as illegal to perpetrate on a male minor as it is for a female minor.

Best Wrinkle Cream

1299 days ago


This aging hose bad will always be white trash & she fools only those low class blue collar types who wouldn't know what class is if it smacked them straight in the face while on line waiting for their Happy Meals. Smart money had this overrated bimbo pegged when she first came on the scene. She looked like a big red pimple in that dress. Her voice is annoying too. Even the crybaby wimp Jesse got sick of her pretty darn quick too which speaks volumes.

1299 days ago


I completely agree with you 100%. She looked "hard" with too much make-up, and the "smile" was missing. What a loss and for what? So sad.

1299 days ago


still very beautifull

1299 days ago


i might tap that

1299 days ago


Sandra Bullock is one classy lady!!! She has the greatest sense of humor!

1299 days ago


Tell the truth....Looks older, hard, too much pain!!

1299 days ago


She was the epitome of grace and class; a rarity in Hollywood it seems. Beautiful dress for America's sweetheart.

1299 days ago


NO NO she is not beautiful..Flat chest, close pin plug nose, weird hair..Nice dress..She tries to hard 2 be classy and with her money it works very little..I do not like her..She is WEIRD and strange..I M sick of hearing how nice she is.She is in hollywood and loves all the attention and money

1299 days ago


sandra bullock looked horrible, her head looked like an animal just not sure what to call it. oprah looked like a cow, jennifer hudson looked like a smaller cow than oprah, dresses were just awful. glad i taped it so i could go through it fast and miss all the boring speaches. absolutely the worst host, anne hathaway looks like a giant bug (the childrens show the bugs in briar patch). i am so glad i've never had any ambitions to be in show business when i see what it does to people. just shameless people. i havent seen a movie in 30 years and nothing you show on tv makes me want to see a picture. i'm enjoying the early pictures when you kept your cloths on. much more entertaining.

1299 days ago


She does not look happy - very hard-looking, really. I can only imagine how she feels about being at the Oscars again, after what happened there last year. Sandra, it takes a long time to get over such a betrayal. I ain't famous but trust me, I know.

1299 days ago


I agree also with Lee, Paul and whoever else said she looked hard: she did. Probably a combo of too much plastic surgery and, well, just how she is these days.

Oh, and can we please get real about something else too? Her husband didn't just cheat on her, he turned out to be a neo-nazi. All the while Sandra Bullock was singing his praises to high heaven; and when the scandal broke, suddenly she had adopted an African-American baby three months earlier? If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.

1299 days ago


I think Sandra is great - beautiful, talented, funny, great personality,warmhearted and smart. What else could a person want?
Whatever she thought she saw in Jesse was an illusion. I'm sure she sees that better than anybody now. So what did she lose? NOTHING!!
He is the one who lost something real and will never be able to recapture it. I believe she is destined for better and greater. Stand tall Sandy!!!!

1299 days ago
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