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Brooke Claims Charlie Sheen Sent Anti-Semitic Text

3/2/2011 1:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller claims Charlie Sheen recently sent her a scathing, anti-Semitic text about his manager, saying "I must execute mark b [Mark Burg] like the stoopid jew pig that he is." 


Sources say Charlie sent the text last week, after firing Mark ... but before rehiring him.

The text was quoted in Brooke's declaration in support of her request for a restraining order.

Charlie tells TMZ he did not send the text, saying, "I busted Brooke a year ago sending text messages from my phone to family members to cause discord.  Both Natalie and Rachel (aka, the goddesses)  will testify they observed Brooke with my phone on that day."  Charlie adds, "I have to believe the text about Mark Burg is a repeat performance."

Mark Burg tells TMZ, "Charlie Sheen's ex-publicist, Stan Rosenfield, is Jewish.  Charlie Sheen's entertainment attorney, Jake Bloom, is Jewish.  Charlie Sheen's litigation attorney, Marty Singer, is Jewish.  Charlie Sheen's divorce attorney, Mark Gross, is Jewish.  I've known him for 13 years. I don't believe that he actually sent that text."  

And Burg adds, "For the record, since Brooke Mueller is Jewish that would make Charlie Sheen's two sons also Jewish."



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Fox is saying they have CHUCKLES threat "all on tape" coming up next...hmmm, think he was stupid enough to say all that sh*t out loud, over the phone?


1300 days ago


What's the matter, Brooke? Charlie wouldn't get back together with you, wouldn't buy you a house in his rich neighborhood? Remember, Brooke signed a pre-nup. She didn't come out like Denise did, she's jealous of Denise and has way less class or dignity then Denise.,,20335108,00.html

Sounds like Brooke was angry her divorce settlement wasn't paying off. Funny this comes after Charlie called Lorre by his Hebrew name and Brooke had access to Charlie's phone, what were they fighting about anyway? Why did she use his phone before to send texts as Charlie to start problems with his family?
I think when people who might be manic or have problems starts talking a lot of truth comes out of their mouths...people wish they would hush up and not say the truth, it makes them look bad. Others take great advantage of people who might be struggling for their own agenda $$$---isn't that right, Brooke and Harvey? Old Harvey is a master at stirring racial BS, especially against Blacks and yet, always cries foul if anything is even hinted at the Jewish people or faith. Even if he does play that horrible "Jew or Not a Jew" game. Disgusting.

1300 days ago



You can totally fake IPHONE text messages! TMZ...YOU HAVE TO KNOW THIS!

1300 days ago


Charlie doesn't know it yet....and his attorneys probably haven't mentioned it...but he's in the throws of parental alienation. (Notice no one is looking at Brooke) Details at

Sorry Charlie. Not winning.

1300 days ago


Fox is saying they have CHUCKLES threat "all on tape" coming up next...hmmm, think he was stupid enough to say all that sh*t out loud, over the phone?


1300 days ago


+1 for Team Charlie..Dude is Jewish by association.

If Charlie really was an anti jew hating ass, you think a city ran by Jews would let him keep going on like this.. Look at the duchebag from Dior. Dude got canned QUICK..

Charlie is not a Role Model.. But its not like you are seeing him do DARE and Big Brother commercials. His role on TV is his life..

Its awesome.. Keep up the good work.

1300 days ago


It not conclusive, yet, but it sure looks bad for Charlie. However, if she was at his house, as he claims, the same time this specific message was sent, then she's setting him up, obviously.

1300 days ago


TMZ IS A ***GIT!!!

1300 days ago


I know I shouldn't find this tragedy funny (btw-we all thought richards was lying too but guess not, huh?) but Sheen has almost done so much damage, it's irrepairable. This is what the CEO of CBS Moonves had to say Tuesday: CBS Corp. CEO Les Moonves took a shot at Charlie Sheen Tuesday after the "Two and a Half Men" star's recent spate of interviews where he slammed the show.

Speaking before a Morgan Stanley Technology conference in San Francisco, Moonves wishes Sheen "would have worked this hard to promote himself for an Emmy," according to Entertainment Weekly.

Moonves told the audience he hopes the hit show will be back. He also said there is a silver lining to the show being canceled for the rest of the season because not producing more original episodes "is actually a gainer for us."

Charlie is shooting himself in the foot. And all for his big, giant ego.

1300 days ago


Nobody over 30 uses the spelling "Stoopid"

1300 days ago


This guy will be Dead within the year, he is walking around with PHNONEY Drug Test Results because of the following;

Cocaine is expected to be present in the body for 72 hours since its intake.

Cocaine is expected to be detected in your urine for 1-3 days since its intake provided the intake is only once
Habituated use of cocaine results in traces of cocaine being detected in urine for up to 12 weeks.

Cocaine is said to be retained in your hair for a period of 3 months since its intake.

There are also reports available that suggest the presence of cocaine for a time frame of 25 years since its intake.

A 7 Gram Binge, there is NO WAY in Hell he would test negative!

1300 days ago



1300 days ago


Old Harvey is a master at stirring racial BS, especially against Blacks and yet, always cries foul if anything is even hinted at the Jewish people or faith. Even if he does play that horrible "Jew or Not a Jew" game. Disgusting.

Posted at 9:44 AM on Mar 2, 2011 by kickaboo

Slippery Harvey is quickly becoming a s***bag tin my viewpoint. Since you bring up your heritage so much Mr. Levin, how will you feel when Mr. Sheen is dead and there is blood on your hands?

I suspect you won't feel much...your people are used to it.

1300 days ago


I think people need to back off Charlie and treat him as the ill person he is. Not only is he suffering through withdrawel of a severe drug addiction right now, but he's obviously been thrown into a very manic state as a result of it. This is a mental issue and it can't be helped no more than a diabetic can help the rise and fall of a sugar reading.

The arrogance, hostility, delusional grandiosity is all a part of the illness. It's not HIM.
Regardless of thoughts on how one person might deem living a 'moral' life vs another, the fact is this: Charlie Sheen IS a human being and mental illness is no respector of persons.

If you can't say something to encourage him to get help, then maybe it's best to just keep your thoughts to yourself. Mania has another side it's called depression. And, for men especially, manic depression often times ends in suicide. It don't take much to knock a person on over the edge. Think about that and ask yourself if you want to be the one responsible for that "edge".

Charlie, I believe it's possible to "make up your mind" and be instantly delivered from ANYTHING....however, sometimes we all need a little help when it comes to our emotions. Please consider letting others help, even if it means seeking out others with the same concepts of thinking you have. The key is "positive input" and affirmations. Don't try to go this alone.

1300 days ago


I AM ACTUALLY WATCHING SOMEBODY DIE! How can this be possible America! Why is this man's mental breakdown exploited interview after interview? Piers Morgan should be deeply ashamed, that interview was classless. Engaging a mentally unstable man for ratings. I wonder what your Brittisch friends have to say about your brutal ignorant americana aspect of these days. As for the other media using Sheen, I shouldn't expect any better.

1300 days ago
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