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Charlie Sheen -- I'm Gonna Sue 'Em All!!!

2/28/2011 10:44 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen says he plans on suing CBS, Warner Bros., and Chuck Lorre for breach of contract -- and he wants to back the money truck up straight to their door.

Charlie Sheen Abc Interview Video
When asked if he planned on filing a lawsuit over the "Two and a Half Men" fiasco, Sheen told ABC this morning, "Wouldn't you? I don't have a job. I got a whole family to support ... They're gonna put [the money] on a scale and say, 'A little more, a little more. Add some gold! Add some gold! Bingo!' ... I'm here to collect."

As TMZ first reported, even among all this animosity, Sheen wants to do a season 9 and even a season 10 ...  if they paid him $3 million an episode plus a $20 million signing bonus.

You can see the full interview below:

Wait ... there's more. Sheen did "Today" also, so you can watch that below ...


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What arrogance...Thanks dude...I WILL be sitting on my most comfortable chair in my small house (as you stated) while I watch the demise of your career. I am not so sure your "family" that you apparently care soooo much about, appreciate the prositutes, drugs and alcohol misuse. The amazing thing is he actually seems to believe his own!

1330 days ago


Dear Charlie:

I have been saddened to be reading the stories about you, not for you, but for your children.

As you continue on your self destructive spiral, your children will see a very disturbed man posing as their father.

You may think that you are holding it together, but your children will see right through all of your bull crap.

Then when you die (soon if you keep going at your pace) their only memorys of you will be of this messed up guy.

As they get older and read all of the stories about you, they will grow up hating you. Hating you for not having the courage to get the help you so desperately needed.

You will not be someone they will look up to, you will be someone they will have to try to live down. They might use it as an excuse to self destruct also.

I am a disabled vet living on VA benifits, and there are many of us out there who have had the courage to get the help we need, even though we could "function", we knew there was something wrong.

You may think your life is awesome, but all you are doing is making a large fool out of yourselves and hurting your children.

Imagine what the other kids will say to them about you? No matter how many times you tell them differently, they will see the truth.

Please friend, get some help. I ask this for your children. I know what it is like having someone to live down, and not up to.

It is a very difficult thing to do, but I pray you get the courage to get the help you need

Good luck and take care

boB M

1330 days ago


i had to finish watching the interviews. CHARLES IN CHARGE you will always b alone bb. there will b a constant revolving door of women because you will mentally wear them down. those poor chicks. you need to pick them young cause that age is the only age that can handle it for a short time.

1330 days ago


He has no power over the big men he will not win and thats a fact its not about money anymore he will loose his life.

1330 days ago



1330 days ago


looks to me like he pretty much is his two and a half men character (except higher). he is just in a bad place right now and doesn't realize how stupid he looks. hopefully he will wake up and see himself for what he really is.

1330 days ago


Just for a morning giggle...

"‘Moss Man’ Claims Charlie Sheen’s Hairpiece Drove Him Insane"

1330 days ago


While he technically may have a point, I somehow doubt that the network is going to allow itself to be paying Charlie Sheen mega-bucks. My guess is that they've got him on the threats of violence or the verbal abusive. Sure, he's got a great lawyer but they will too. Obviously, I'm not a lawyer but I'm sure they wouldn't have sent him home and ultimately locked him out without the proper legal counsel. And I'm also sure that they'd have worked out the details PRIOR to this happening, as they were expecting a blow-out to come along.

Meanwhile, Charlie continues to emanate craziness. Every statement that comes out of his mouth just screams, "insane!" You actually wince when you hear him speak and at what he says.

I sincerely think the padded trucks will be coming for him very, very soon. For his sake, I hope so.

1330 days ago


The man has always been a jerk, always. I was surprised he was even hired in the first place. Big ego going on, he totally turns me off.

1330 days ago


If this guy understood legal matters he would've kept his mouth shut throughout this ordeal. Jackass.

1330 days ago


i need two and a half men back

1330 days ago


He looks horrible and has a touch of HIV. Shut up, and you are so up yourself, What a TOOL.

1330 days ago


He is

he wants to sue when he left all of those people without jobs and a paycheck which they reveived for way less than what he was always paid...yeah ok.

1330 days ago


just "unbelieveable", enough money to send thousands of people to college

1330 days ago



Posted at 7:24 AM on Feb 28, 2011 by Mikey

I'll second that..."WINNING"

1330 days ago
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