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Charlie Sheen

Spills His Guts on TMZ

2/28/2011 5:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen just wrapped up a LIVE no holds barred interview with Mike Walters from the backyard of his L.A. mansion -- ripping more people than ever ... and even accepting some blame himself. 

Sheen blasted CBS honcho Les Moonves for not firing "Men" creator Chuck Lorre ... and then scoffed at the studio for giving him waaaay too much money.

Sheen also ripped a false report that he checked himself into rehab this morning -- because he obviously isn't at a rehab facility -- and the at-home interview is all the proof he needs.

Among the hits – Charlie explained that he “hopes” his five kids ask him about all of the drug use one day … so he can fill them in on all of the “epic” stories.

Sheen also explained that his father, Martin Sheen, should stop passing judgment, because Charlie’s a grown ass man ... and can make his own life choices.

Charlie also told a story about how he woke up in the middle of downtown L.A. by himself when he was 7 years old … and had to find his own way home.

You can watch the full interview 42-minute above or click here for a four-minute highlight reel.


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charlie is asking for help! it's so obvious he is not o.k.,afraid,and in some real trouble with his habits. these girl is an idiot. how can you not know how to make coffee. is that winiiiing?? go to rehab or start smoking crack. im bored.

1333 days ago


why are people doing this to charlie??? charlie, come to ireland and dry out. the states are getting to you!

1333 days ago


What a LOSER! Buddy, you're a dead beat, stop trying to re-live your teenage years and get some balls, grow the **** up and be a parent to your kids! And the bimbo you've got 'making coffee'... jesus you've got to be kidding me - drown her in the pool behind you already!

1333 days ago



1333 days ago


TMZ ... really why continue to hurt him. Do not give him a platform for whatever he is on. He's a great actor with a great show (maybe) and your only putting additional nails in his coffin. I would personally plead with him to get help, clearly he is on something that did not make the drug screen.

1333 days ago


Is he going to Libya to help Gadaffi get rid of those rebels - ya know rub em out - He and Gadaffi would make a good team and then he could graduate to HERION since it is OK with islams!!!!

1333 days ago


Has it occurred to anyone that Sheen is just pulling a Jouquin (sp?) Phoenix? I just didn't think he was this good of an actor.

He's been the best entertainment around in ages!

1333 days ago


When you listen to him talk you can hear the crazy come out. He needs mental help.

1333 days ago


He needs help...psychological help. He seems to be bi-polar or something. He needs to be out of the media and into a hospital. He is going downhill fast.

It all reminds me of the Britney fiasco...except Britney was a little more private.

1333 days ago


Winning! Mother f*cking WINNING!!! Everyone do a shot

1333 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

Bring the show back it was funny when I took time out to watch it in prison.

1333 days ago


PS - Maybe I missed this totally, but is Charlie drinking Sanka with Vodka?

1333 days ago


Sad, sad, sad

1333 days ago

two cents    

This is the saddest thing I've ever seen. He's being manipulated, and who is that girl? She's hovering, trying to tell him what to say, coaching him? It's all extremely sad. Why can't his family help him? He needs a 5150 hold before he loses everything.

1333 days ago



You seriously need to stop. You think you're special? You think your **** doesn't stink? You put on your big boy underwear like every other man in this country. You have to work like every other adult in this country. Your problem is that you think you're special. You're going to become like Lynsey Lohan, completely and utterly unemployable. You REALLY think someone will hire you when you clearly not only bite the hand that feeds you, but sever it's life blood, and tear off the rest of the limbs?
No one will want to hire you, Charlie. I can't stand to look at you, and can't stand to watch the show that made the mistake of hiring you.
Closing your mouth would be the best thing you could do.

1333 days ago
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