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Charlie Sheen

Spills His Guts on TMZ

2/28/2011 5:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen just wrapped up a LIVE no holds barred interview with Mike Walters from the backyard of his L.A. mansion -- ripping more people than ever ... and even accepting some blame himself. 

Sheen blasted CBS honcho Les Moonves for not firing "Men" creator Chuck Lorre ... and then scoffed at the studio for giving him waaaay too much money.

Sheen also ripped a false report that he checked himself into rehab this morning -- because he obviously isn't at a rehab facility -- and the at-home interview is all the proof he needs.

Among the hits – Charlie explained that he “hopes” his five kids ask him about all of the drug use one day … so he can fill them in on all of the “epic” stories.

Sheen also explained that his father, Martin Sheen, should stop passing judgment, because Charlie’s a grown ass man ... and can make his own life choices.

Charlie also told a story about how he woke up in the middle of downtown L.A. by himself when he was 7 years old … and had to find his own way home.

You can watch the full interview 42-minute above or click here for a four-minute highlight reel.


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Corey Stuart    

Charlie--LOVE your house, man. Can I come over for a beer (or an O'Douls)? Hell, I'll even bring the burgers n hot dogs and we can have a ol' fashioned cookout!!

1232 days ago


Can I be a goddess?????? I want to be `` winning`` too! ☺

1232 days ago


OH MY - A talking TURD!!! - Lets name him TURDIE - put him on Sesame Street with Ernie and TURDIE can explain to youngsters watching how he has become what he is today!! From beginning to end and how to end up like him - A piece of PURE S.H.I.T.!!!!

1232 days ago


Yes, he is drinking some kind of coffee with Vodka in it because right before they started and he didn't know they were filming yet I heard him telling that chick to mix in two shots with it.

1232 days ago

Ashley Burke    

Wonder why he was in a hotel room eating nothing but 1 piece of bread in Costa Rica for 3 days? Probably fasting to help cleanse his body of the drugs because he knew the Today show was going to drug test him. Proof that porn stars don't make the best publicists

1232 days ago


Harvey, why on earth on you feeding the narcissistic ego of this obviously very ill man? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see he truly needs help and it's about time his family comes forward and helps him. Can someone say INTERVENTION 3 times real fast! Mr. Sheen, stop talking to the bloody media outlets and seek out professional medical assistance before its to late. Its terribly sad to watch as this 'once' great movie/television icon just wither away from substance/sex abuse.

TMZ, you did this same routine with Anna Nicole Smith and Michael Jackson. Recording ALL the negatives, always mocking. Now you play the devils advocate after they've died. A little to late. Just a thought...

1232 days ago


You guys are doing yourselves no favors with this interview. It shows, and quite clearly, how intensely amateur your employees are in comparison to some of the other pros that have already interviewed Sheen. This guy Mike Walters is coming across like a star-struck fan boy. He's about 25 seconds away from ******ging Sheen.

"Tell me about the best party EVER!" (Googly eyes.)

1232 days ago


I ♥ U!!!!

1232 days ago


This is the biggest thing TMZ has ever done.....ever!

1232 days ago


This is crap - Mike is asking everything he's been asked in every other interview for the last week - hoping he'll get Charlie to say some big crazy sensational thing - not happening, Charlie is taming everything down.
God Mike sucks at interviews - I'm sorry. But he does that constant "adjusting his clothing over his stomach" thing where you can tell he is more interested in that - he does the same thing on TMZ live. They should have done this interview with one of the random paps on the street that shout out the good questions.

1232 days ago


Luv this... great live show!!!

I'm eating lunch watching this go down!!! It's like being there. Cooooool TMZ

1232 days ago


Let Charlie Sheen do as he pleases! This is a matter of personal freedom for all of us!

1232 days ago


a date with charlie, live on TMZ

will he bring the 'goddesses'?

1232 days ago


Winning! Everyone do two shots!

1232 days ago


THIS IS THE LAMEST INTERVIEW EVER. Check out ROL's. This dude interviewing him looks like he just rolled out of bed. Little late to the game TMZ.

1232 days ago
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