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Charlie Sheen SLAMS Publicist -- 'You're FIRED'

2/28/2011 4:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is PISSED at his former publicist Stan Rosenfield -- telling TMZ, "P**sy. He's not allowed to quit, so you’re fired."

Charlie Sheen Stan Rosenfield Publicist

Rosenfield announced his resignation after Charlie insinuated Stan lied on the actor's behalf following Charlie's NYC meltdown at The Plaza Hotel back in October.


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It was Stan that presented all of us with the statement Charlie was "having an allergic reaction" when we all knew better.

It was a less than plausible ridiculous response from a publicist that should have known it would only garner a big laugh and yet he tried to float it anyway.

Charlie is much better off without this publicist. He's really awful at his job.

1297 days ago

Tony B    


1297 days ago


I agree with Poster 61.

Charlie was and IS a good employee. He's getting screwed by CBS and WB not to mention Chuck Lorre.

It's clear if you watch the interview, he is lucid and perfectly able to do the show. He's intelligent and funny.

And then there is this:
What CS does in his hours after work is NOBODY'S business. There is no moral's clause in his contract and therefore, CBS and WB is going to lose any action Charlie files against them.

Mind your own business and conduct your own life. His is NOT yours.

1297 days ago


Well, publicists ARE the greatest liars on earth. Agents and publicists are too busy lying, spinning and trying to destroy other people to puff their clients up or coat-tail off others. Try letting their clients stand on their own talents and merits for once. Truth may be ugly, it may be boring but at least it is the truth...and one never has to keep their stories straight. (cough, Oksana.)

1297 days ago



1297 days ago


Charlie is going to get over this just fine. He will continue to make millins of dollars in the future. Hollywood and the fans of these stars have a short memory when it comes to drug fueled frenzys escalating to this. Remember others like Robert Downey Jr., who was feaked out of his mind on drugs and ended up arrested and also found in someones house asleep? Well when everyone said it was over for him, he turned it around and is now making mega-millions. This is not the last of Charlie Sheen. He's going to be fine. And if he collects half of what the show owes him, it's still enough money to last a lifetime.

1297 days ago


We are all witness to the downward spiral of Mr. Charlie Sheen.

His arrogant rants are nothing more than a preamble to what is about to come next...his certain return to the drugs that got him here in the first place and, continued loss of respect...and support...from those who have stood by him until now, even they are thrown under the proverbial bus by his inability to recognize the damage he has, and is still, causing to himself and those who have stood by him until even they feel it's time to get off the Titanic before they themselves go under and sink along with him.

Charlie Sheen has pretty much thrown his life away, creating for himself the eventuality, when the final chapter is complete, of ending up in the soiled and filthy gutter of life.

1297 days ago


It's nice to see Charlie is lucid enough to be posting comments on here supporting himself. So Charlie, since you're clearly reading these (and responding under various psuedonyms) let me hit a serious note...please get help. You have children to think about, parents and siblings who clearly care about you. They cared before you were a Hollywood star and they care now. Do them a favor and go see a psychiatrist before they end up having to bury you. They shouldnt have to do that. And whether you are sober or not you are in serious trouble, your behavior is INSANE. Stop worrying about Chuck Lorre or CBS. You've got tons in the bank. Worry instead about what you're doing to your family and take care of that. This is all becoming very very sad.

1297 days ago

public flameout    

Chuckles can't seem to get or keep his stories - or his perspectives - straight. He alternates between the crew and other cast on the show are losers, to *sooooo sorry they are doing this to you guys 'cuz you don't deserve it*. The viewers are fat losers who sit in a chair watching him on TV and just wishing they were him yet he fails to recognize that it isn't him who makes the show a hit, it's those *fat losers* tuning in. He has zero appreciation for the role all these people play in his life and his success.

He's succesful because the *normal, average loser* made him successful. Chuckles' arrogance is gonna cost him, much like Kanye West's did. He thinks he is so *above* everybody. Well yes. In a sense, he is. The fans, cast and crew are the ones who made the choice to put Charlie on *Mars*. It's pretty clear they've also decided to leave his ass there and let him find his own way back, which he is quite obviously failing miserably at.

1297 days ago


What a circus!!! Charlie, free PR advice.... **** down & shut up!

1297 days ago


LOL! You can't fire him, you knobnut, he already QUIT. WINNING! (yup)

1297 days ago


I meant to type SIT down. guess that says what i was REALLY thinking!!! bahaha

1297 days ago


I can see Charlie's tomb stone.....WINNING!

1297 days ago


Gee I wish I could get a hold of Charlie..I have a vanity licence plate I want to sell him... WINNING.. I think he will pay a cool million for it...i also have NARLEY 1

1297 days ago

Jill Scott    

Charlie's face looks like a death mask right now. His eyes look almost as wild as Charles Manson during Charlie's most recent inteviews. If he tests clean for drugs that doesn't mean that he hasn't done permanent damage to his brain from overindulgence. He has a sense of entiltlement because he was a part of a very successful show. This is understandable. Unfortunately, I see an Anna Nicole coming on. No where near as talented but people revelled in the chance to do interviews. I feel he'll die 100%. Everyone, other than his family and true friends, need to cut him out and ignore him. The media should, in all good conscience, stop interviewing and hilighting him.

1297 days ago
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