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Charlie Sheen Sued in Conspiracy Case

3/1/2011 1:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen has yet another problem ... he's going to be sued for allegedly derailing an attempt to replace Charlie with his estranged uncle on "Two and a Half Men."

Charlie Sheen Uncle Joe Esteves

The suit claims Charlie and his dad, Martin Sheen, along with his mom, Janet, conspired to "interfere and restrain" Chuck Lorre from replacing Charlie with Joe Estevez -- Charlie's estranged uncle.

The suit claims the plan was either to have Joe replace Charlie or appear in a spin-off of the sitcom, titled "Uncle Joe."

And the suit claims, Charlie, Martin and Janet also conspired to kill a proposed reality show titled "About the Sheens."

The plaintiff in the case is attorney Ed Meyer, who worked as Joe's manager -- Joe is not a named plaintiff. Meyer tells TMZ he was Joe's business partner in the reality show.  Meyer says he's now estranged from Joe.

The suit seeks at least $20 million in damages.



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Someone should rent a caravan, load it up with the Sheens, transport them to the airport and ship them off to Iraq, never to be heard from again! LoL - problem solved...No more Sheens!!

1271 days ago

Don Alex    

Conspiracy? Uh oh, sounds like another Alex Jones visit is coming! ;)

1271 days ago


I know everything about Charlie Sheen.

The television said so....

Too bad Sheen isnt tough like Chris Brown of John Galliano...

1271 days ago


So - maybe I can cash in on the Charlie Sheen epic rise and fall with a new biopic. I have some working titles -

Dr. Sheenlove - or How I Became the Atomic Bomb
Lord of the Sheen
Sheen Kong
Sheen! The Musical

1271 days ago


How is it conspiring and wrong to block a reality show about your family?

Also, how is it wrong to block a studio's attempt to replace you?

1271 days ago


He is looking really old.

1271 days ago

jealous of kate    

Oh, yes, that explains everything!!! Joe Estevez, GET JOE !!!! Chuck Lorre/CBS/Warner Bros yelled!!! We need Joe here in case we can not contain Charlie any longer. A perfect match, Uncle to Charlie!! Joe who? Jon Cryer said. and wouldn't he, uhm, be my uncle too? No, Cryer, joe estevez is NOT YOUR UNCLE. 'uhm, no, joe estevez is not my uncle, but, does WHAT HAS HE DONE FOR ACTING???'Cryer asked. 'Why Jon, he has hundreds of unmemorable credits over decades and decades, with different stage names, using estevez a few times, sheen and PHELAN? and of course, you must know that famous trilogy he did in the 90's, the 'Legend of Roller Blade Seven'? 'No' Cryer. NO? of course not, that is why this whole bit about him taking over is TOTAL BULLCRAP!!! JOE ESTEVEZ IS UP THERE WITH COREY FELDMAN, living off of someone else's legacy. Most of the Estevez/sheens are NUTS

1271 days ago


Mike... LOL

1271 days ago


I understand Charlie's concerns, but lets be honest:
He is acting like a little kid.
But at least the girls like him for that...

1271 days ago


I don't think Charlie is really aware of just HOW weird he sounds these days. I doubt that Charlie has always been this much of a "space cadet". Never know, maybe he's always been like this. I haven't seen many of his interviews when he was younger.

I guess Charlie laughed at all those "this is your brain on drugs" TV commercials. If the 20 year old version of Charlie Sheen saw the 45 year old version of Charlie Sheen on TV the past few days, he'd probably be making fun of him for being an UN-COOL old burnout with just a few brain cells left.

1271 days ago


Mike.... LOL

You can spin it hard n fast... LOL

1271 days ago


Beotchin freekin rock star from Mars, he is!

Minus being Beotchin and a rock star, I think he is just:


1271 days ago


Most you trolls... need a better job..

You mind is way too creative...

These comments would write a better script, than that chuck dude, hand down, goddess butts up

1271 days ago


One thing that screws me...

Multi wife/women relationships....

Just another form of cannibalism...

Who cares... more success for me...

1271 days ago


WAIT....WTF....Joe who? is he a "character" or is he really his uncle....i'm confused...charlie please expain this one to me...where you going to kidnapp this person? if its a reality series on your life...wouln't you HAVE to be in it? please explain this to me...i can now understand you completely.....GO CHARLIE.....miss you alan,evelyn,jake and berta.....

1271 days ago
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