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Charlie Sheen Sued in Conspiracy Case

3/1/2011 1:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen has yet another problem ... he's going to be sued for allegedly derailing an attempt to replace Charlie with his estranged uncle on "Two and a Half Men."

Charlie Sheen Uncle Joe Esteves

The suit claims Charlie and his dad, Martin Sheen, along with his mom, Janet, conspired to "interfere and restrain" Chuck Lorre from replacing Charlie with Joe Estevez -- Charlie's estranged uncle.

The suit claims the plan was either to have Joe replace Charlie or appear in a spin-off of the sitcom, titled "Uncle Joe."

And the suit claims, Charlie, Martin and Janet also conspired to kill a proposed reality show titled "About the Sheens."

The plaintiff in the case is attorney Ed Meyer, who worked as Joe's manager -- Joe is not a named plaintiff. Meyer tells TMZ he was Joe's business partner in the reality show.  Meyer says he's now estranged from Joe.

The suit seeks at least $20 million in damages.



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Uncle Joe has even less class than Charley ... and that's say'n something!

1295 days ago



I'd love to beat Charlie Sheen with a Bible.

Set him straight. On the straight and narrow.

Cause, i love the Lord. He guides me.

And i believe, according to His ultimate will and plan, as written in the scriptures.

The word, Itself, in literal form, all 500 pages of that milk n honey dripped lolly pop...

Will... set.... charlie.... Free!!

Posted at 9:41 AM on Mar 1, 2011 by Ben

Ah...your disdain for the church and religion in general has been evident in your interviews that due to your FATHER'S push for everyone tp PRAY for "Disease"?

We already know that what YOU DO is not a "Disease" right CHUCKLES? at least I KNOW that...YOU CHOSE to stuff cocaine up your nose, no one forced you, so that "DISEASE" label is Bullsh*t...CANCER is a're just a CRACK HEAD who enjoys his ruination.

1295 days ago


What in the world? I'm so confused. Sounds like they were attempting to turn Two and a Half Men into a reality show about the Sheens. This is really kinda creepy.....

1295 days ago


Lol! People supposidly LOVE Charlie because they LOVE his money ....ahem....I believe the people who surround him are mostly jail bate...come on people.....really? He was great in 2 1\2 Men and I mean great! The smugness is old and he is looking VERY old! Move on Charlie.....go buy an Island somewhere and retire.....amazing how TOO much money can alter someone like it has him.....sad

1295 days ago


You know those "Soft Targets" you mentioned earlier CHUCKLES?

Yea, you just became one.

Chuck Lorre is going to eat you alive if this ever gets to court...See, he still has TWO BRAIN CELLS TO RUB TOGETHER...unlike yourself CHUCKLES.

1295 days ago


I thought the show was Creepy to begin with....CANCEL THE DAMNED SHOW!!!!

1295 days ago


1295 days ago


All I got to say is when this burnout nut job takes a loaded assault rifle into the studio's of NBC and blasts away 20 people who he has a vendetta against don't act surpised and scream that somebody should have seen it coming...

This man is certifiable right now....

Another thing , he has a dark aura surrounding him that is visiable to anybody how takes the time to look close....It doesn't necessary mean he's evil but it sure in hick means hes in some deep trouble with his health and life..... I've only seen it around people who have have a deadly desiease like stage 4 cancer or something like that ..Get him into a medical setting were he can get help or watch him die ........

1295 days ago



Lobby CBS....he would be INCREDIBLE as the long lost HALF brother momma never talked about...

Send "Charlie" to Rehab and you have brand new show with a TALENTED actor to Replace CHUCKLES THE CLOWN!

1295 days ago


Not a Sheen fan but how is it illegal to try and protect your job from someone who is seeking to replace you? I don't quite get this whole I'm suing you for keeping me from stealing your job thing. LOL

1295 days ago


Two and a half Tokes on the crack pipe.

Sets a guy right!


1295 days ago



As much of a piece of crap I think Charlie is...this is absurd! Don't think "Uncle Joe" is not behind this even though he is not named as a Plantiff in the case, either. Wow!

I like Martin and Janet...and don't think it's fair that they are attempting to now put them through the ringer! This is just getting out of hand! Joe and his manager/lawyer buddy should be sued for being idiots and waisting everyones time (if you could sue someone for that, that is)!

1295 days ago


I just finish a great bag of Corn Chips... Great meal to start the day! Brain food...

1295 days ago


You know those "Soft Targets" you mentioned earlier CHUCKLES?

Yea, you just became one.

Chuck Lorre is going to eat you alive if this ever gets to court...See, he still has TWO BRAIN CELLS TO RUB TOGETHER...unlike yourself CHUCKLES.

Posted at 10:26 AM on Mar 1, 2011 by Lori

why do you refer to yourself in 3rd persin, Chaim?

1295 days ago


Charlie - you are NOT a rock star - you create nothing! Well you do create a mess - but that's not a positive contribution! I started watching the show when this whole brouhaha started - the show as written and produced by Chuck Lorre was comical - but now that I've had a chance to do some research on YOU and heard your words and seen what you are - I won't be watching the show again - You are one colossal jerk - your ego seems to have no bounds - your lifestyle choices are stupidity at its best - Tiger blood? Winning? From Mars? Drugs, porn and erratic behaviour - Go away - you are a waste of skin and air -

1295 days ago
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