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Charlie Sheen's Publicist Quits

2/28/2011 4:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's longtime publicist has quit, TMZ has learned.

Stan Rosenfield

Stan Rosenfield tells TMZ ... he's resigning because "I worked with Charlie Sheen for a long time and I care about him very much, however, at this time, I'm unable to work effectively as his publicist and have respectfully resigned."

Rosenfield resigned minutes after Sheen appeared live on TMZ this morning ... where the actor insinuated Stan lied to the media on his behalf regarding the hotel trashing incident at The Plaza Hotel in NYC back in October.

Stan had issued a statement saying Charlie was hospitalized that night for an "allergic reaction."

When Mike Walters asked Charlie about the medical explanation, CS responded, "I was asleep when that statement went out."

Sheen added, "I respect Stan ... he was doing the best he could in that moment ... had I confirmed with him, I probably would have come up with something better. "


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passin thru    

yup, charlie sheen = PR NIGHTMARE = sinking ship : )

1333 days ago


I agree completely!


Good! Everyone around him needs to quit - for one because you can't control what he says and he's making everyone that works with him look like fools, and because maybe if everyone walks away, he will snap out of his delusion.

Posted at 11:11 AM on Feb 28, 2011 by Disturbed

1333 days ago


I don't understand you got the free pass to do all the cocaine, hookers and african lion heart you want but now you're Mr. Boring. Are you stupid son?

You're chopping off hooker head while you punch the 9-5 clock and you stand at attention, salute and bend over when you have no boss. You're not too bright Charlie. Maybe you're scared. Is that it? Loser is hiding out scared to live?

You got free time now, smoke all the coke you want.

1333 days ago


I think this says it all. Charlie is a loose cannon and can't be reigned in. His mania is destroying his career and his life. He refuses medical treatment. He thinks he is fine. I wish he could see himself through someone else's eyes. Maybe then he'd wake up.

1333 days ago

There's a problem here    

Charlie is the personnification of a train wreck. The Charlie train is barreling down the tracks, and people keep jumping on it to get a piece of it before the inevitable crash and burn. Charlie is so manic it makes my heart race to listen to him chase his wildly rampaging thought process. The more manic he gets the longer and harder he's going to fall. He seems worse off than Britney in her pink wig days. This is actually becoming frightening ... interesting but frightening.

1333 days ago

Doreen are instrumental in helping Charlie Sheen ruin his life and career. He is clearly mentally ill at this time. It is no longer funny, nor a joke. If this does not stop, he will be dead before the year is over. He already looks sick. Come on…a story is a story, but don’t help destroy him with goading him to keep giving interviews.

1333 days ago


i guess it was charlie talking about making up "spins" about the new york episode and the most recent episode(s).

charlie was bragging about "not rolling people" but he just "rolled" his publicist in the tmz mike interview!


1333 days ago


Its called Show Business and if Stan can't take the heat, F him that lazy bastard!

1333 days ago


No big surprise here. Stan Rosenfield realizes any attempts at damage control where Charlie Sheen is concerned are useless. He's been being undermined by Sheen own perpetually running mouth. He may as well leave now rather than have his name further sullied by the connection.

1333 days ago


Mental illness is not entertainment. Shame on media outlets for exploiting someone who is very, cleary a man in crisis.

1333 days ago


Yes he appears to have gone off the deep end, but in his defense, Lee Aronson (one of the creators of 2 and a half men) who has been a member of AA for over 30 years is a cruel manipulative untalented person who would never work if it weren't for networking in AA. Chuck Lorre isn't much better. I've been there and they are AA Nazi's. I'm sober and not against the program itself, but these people have perverted it. Both of these men have made a lot of money off of intimidating and abusing talented people. I've had horrible personal experiences within AA with both of them, that sent me on a intoxicated spiral. I now avoid the likes of them.

1333 days ago

get real    

Sheen IS Delusional... He is Putting it out for the world to see. It IS Not a Joke. Those 2 Porn Actress's He has Living with Him.This is Sad. They Are FLAKES.. That is Even More Sad. The One says: Hi MOM! Like Look at me. These 2 are Stupid Flakes...Maybe they are smart as Foxes. Hope they are getting Payed and Cash the Check everyday. They are Pretty Trailer Trash. All these Hanger On Ers. Its Sad. Yes Men.. Yes Girls. They are Using him for Cash and Exposure. SomeOne.. Janet Sheen? His Mother? Someone Help him who has his Best Interest.. Please.. He Needs To come down from His Mania.

1333 days ago


Stan Rosenfield reps Clooney and De Niro. Winning!

1333 days ago


There's a bigger strategy at work here. Sheen is not as crazed or out of it as you think. Look at the free pub he's getting here. And - there are a few million guys who would like to be right in his shoes. Hanging out with porn stars, telling the suits to sc-ew off. He's his own publicist now and the bad boy thing is going to sell. All of Hollywood will be imitating this when he scores a few large rights deals. Does he play himself in the movie?

1333 days ago


Sounds like the long term effects of syphilis are setting in

1333 days ago
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