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Lorre: Sheen's Fall From Grace is a 'Sprint'

3/1/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chuck Lorre just posted an existential statement on his website with a vanity card from tonight's episode of "Mike and Molly" -- and if we're reading it correctly, it sounds like "Two and a Half Men" is over and out.


The statement is long and rambling -- it seems he's mocking Charlie's recent ramblings.  Lorre says, "I believe that consciousness creates the illusion of individualism, the false feeling of being separate."  Translation:  Charlie may think he's blazing his own path but he's still on the well-traveled trail of life.

Lorre goes on:  "I further believe that this existential misunderstanding is the prime motivating force for the neurotic compulsion to blot out consciousness."  Translation:  Charlie is living in a dream world.

There are other gems, but Lorre ends by writing, "The Fall from Grace is, in fact, a Sprint from Grace.  Or perhaps more accurately, Screw Grace, I am so outta here!" 

As for writing, "I am so outta here!" could be Lorre talking or it could be what Lorre thinks Charlie is saying. 

The more we think about it, it seems he's referring to Charlie, but either way, what really seems "outta here" is "Two and a Half Men."


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Two psychoes going at it. Charlie is a nut but unless this guy is trying to generate more DVD sales for a show that he doesnt want to continue, hes a nut too. Since when has it been appropriate to argue with employees in such a public manner? I feel like this is just free publicity on Lorre's part and Charlie is just out of his mind.

1241 days ago


I agree with VictorD to a degree but I think he is just watching and referring to Charlie's very public fall from Grace.

These two are both nut jobs.......they both speak in riddles!

1241 days ago


Lorre is as intellectually pretentious as Sheen.
These two idiots were made for each other.

1241 days ago


Keep the show, get rid of Charlie. Me and my daughter were a great fan of the show, and we didn't want him to go, but now we know he has to leave!!!! Bring on new blood for the main character, and keep it - it's a great show. Keep up the good work!!!! Please......

1241 days ago


WTF? Crazy v. Crazier....

1241 days ago


I think the vanity cards are funny. I can see how Charlie Sheen doesn't find them funny. To me, from the diaphonous outsider perspective, looks like this whole situation started from Charlie Sheen, in a totally mind-altered state, totally, totally misunderstanding the vanity cards.

Most people see them as a bit of fun and light mockery of an absurd situation. I think Charlie Sheen obviously feels unfulfilled, which is why he sought oblivion through substances and sex, and he is obviously angry about it.

I hope he ditches all the pretense and does something sane, with a chance of fulfillment, like going back to school (has the money) or ditches the celebrity stuff and writes books. Something to build him up. It's clear he's not a happy man.

I think many celebrities have missed chunks of life many peope go through. Like going off the rails a bit at college or university and learning from it. They haven't had to learn outside of their craft. For them it pops up in later life, they missed it the first time, and by then they're surrounded by people who are in awe of them and it can be too late.

That's why, generally, in my experience, celebrities value people who don't BS them (unless they're that far gone). I assume that's why Mike has a connection with Charlie Sheen.

1241 days ago


I hope Charlie sues everyone!!!! They have a CONTRACT!!! I do not see the show suffering because of what he does in his own free time. Lorre is a jerk off, be a man and answer the guys questions!!! Charlie is 100% right you are a P_ _ _ _!!! I guarentee Lorre envys the lifestyle Charlie is living, he is just a jelous little B _ _ _ _!!!! Step up Warner Brothers and do the right thing.

1241 days ago


Two & 1/2 Men is my favorite sitcom (and I'm a woman) and I will miss new episodes if it's true the show is kaput. Charlie; we beg of you, get help and come back bigger and better than ever. You might want to bring yourself down a knotch or two from off that pedestal you have mounted yourself on to. Your a man...a human just like the rest of the world only you had the luck of beening born into the "Hollywood Scene" thus devoloping your talent over many years. I've seen cuts of your interview that airs tonight on 20/20 and I have to say sweetie; you don't look so good. You look pale, hollow and wild eyed. You have lost a bit of what make you attractive with how you have presented yourself publicly lately. I know you don't believe in God; but I'm praying for you Charlie. I for one will miss the many laughs I've had watching you over the years on Two & 1/2 Men. Best of luck to you and your family. Hugs.

1241 days ago

fred s.    

Lorre's missive is straight out of Buddhism and it causes me to wonder how someone can be tuned in to such elevated perspectives and yet be the jerk that Sheen claims Lorre to be. I suppose every conceivable combination of attributes and faults can coexist in one human being. I was also surprised at the level of introspection Sheen demonstrated during the Morgan interview last night. Both of these guys are interesting characters, to say the least.

1241 days ago

steven katona    

sometimes you need to take the higher road. both these men need to talk. its important to settle each others differences. i support both of these talented men. there's no room for differences when the economy of the american nation is at stake. these men need to step down off the podium and find a solution to these personal and professional issues. its clear both have made a stance and both men need to settle this. only through litigation and negotiation and back room dealin will these issues be dealt with. i emplore both men to find common ground for the greater public good.

1241 days ago


Jeremy Piven would be AMAZING as a replacement or a new "Spin" on an old spin.. Michael J Fox?

I mean come on give us (viewers) an ending, a HAPPY one !

1241 days ago


I haven't read all the comments, but in case no one got it (TMZ didn't) Lorre is writing that having consciousness (awareness of self) gives human beings a false sense of being a separate individual, alone in this world. This can be scary, which is why so many try to wipe out their consciousness by taking drugs and drinking alcohol into oblivion. He then goes on to joking around a little with those concepts.

1241 days ago

james hart    

Wow, impress me with your big words....idiot

1241 days ago


The guy had to say something, Charlie is bashing him at every opportunity because the networks see nothing wrong airing the rantings of a manic bipolar idiot, who feels all his actions are his and his alone and it hurts no one else, he is living in a psychotic dream world.

1241 days ago


Is it just me or do these vanity cards seem very immature and inappropriate?

1241 days ago
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