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Lorre: Sheen's Fall From Grace is a 'Sprint'

3/1/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chuck Lorre just posted an existential statement on his website with a vanity card from tonight's episode of "Mike and Molly" -- and if we're reading it correctly, it sounds like "Two and a Half Men" is over and out.


The statement is long and rambling -- it seems he's mocking Charlie's recent ramblings.  Lorre says, "I believe that consciousness creates the illusion of individualism, the false feeling of being separate."  Translation:  Charlie may think he's blazing his own path but he's still on the well-traveled trail of life.

Lorre goes on:  "I further believe that this existential misunderstanding is the prime motivating force for the neurotic compulsion to blot out consciousness."  Translation:  Charlie is living in a dream world.

There are other gems, but Lorre ends by writing, "The Fall from Grace is, in fact, a Sprint from Grace.  Or perhaps more accurately, Screw Grace, I am so outta here!" 

As for writing, "I am so outta here!" could be Lorre talking or it could be what Lorre thinks Charlie is saying. 

The more we think about it, it seems he's referring to Charlie, but either way, what really seems "outta here" is "Two and a Half Men."


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#411 - Don't watch any of Lorre's shows, but they're all mindless crap comedies. So I've never even heard of the guy before Charlie's meltdown.

This guy's a writer, right? Well write something coherent! Write what you feel in complete normal sentences. Quit trying to be so creative that you thought and intentions are clouded in fluff.

I realize that Mr. Lorre is trying to be clever or funny, but he comes off as being a sycophant.


My sentiments exactly. Also, writers in this town make megabucks writing - reDon't watch any of Lorre's shows, but they're all mindless crap comedies. So I've never even heard of the guy before Charlie's meltdown.

This guy's a writer, right? Well write something coherent! Write what you feel in complete normal sentences. Quit trying to be so creative that you thought and intentions are clouded in fluff.

I realize that Mr. Lorre is trying to be clever or funny, but he comes off as being a sycophant.


Worth repeating!

And with so much at stake here, why couldn't the show have worked around Charlie until he returned? That's what writers get paid very well for. And why couldn't Lorre have communicated with Charlie directly? I don't watch any of these shows, but it certainly can't be THAT hard to re-vamp upcoming show scrips, since they do re-writes all the time as it is anyway.

1268 days ago


Lorre is not being a sycophant.

He's describing the basic human condition, being with one's self in the present, with all the emotions/experiences/thoughts/feelings that happen to us at any waking moment that we can't bear to be with.

The separateness from God is what Charlie Sheen is experiencing, as well as any one of us. Charlie is not interested in taking his daily bread. He is interested in running the show & not surrendering. And that's good too- but the price for that is sometimes steep - for him, it could go one of two ways - death due to OD on some of the stuff he's taking, a VD he won't be able to shake for life, and possibly the worst one, is spiritual death, and an existential angst so pronounced, that unless he is intoxicated, he won't be able to cover over whatever he's feeling, and will end up either committing suicide or possibly going insane.

It's a downward spiral, and Chuck Lorre, rather than commenting on it with his philosophical diatribes should be confronting him, heck, even dragging him to an institution that can help him. Charlie needs help, he is in profound pain, and the best people can do is sneer at these websites, looking for the next laugh....

Those who know him - HELP THE MAN, stop pretending like you don't care. You could be NEXT!

1268 days ago


Sounds to me like BOTH Lorre and Sheen need some help. Their egos are mind-boggling. Even for Hollywood.

1268 days ago

Politically Incorrect    

I do not know Chuck Lorre personally (or all the other alias'S he goes by), HOWEVER, I can surmise by reading this one particular "vanity card," that he's working IN EARNEST on his spirituality.

TO ALL THE COMMENTORS WHO CLAIM THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND OR CRITICIZE WHAT HE WROTE: 1)This is why TMZ inserted parenthetical references w/"translations" for all you idiots w/a 5th grade education OR LESS, and 2)Do yourself a favor, and GO BACK TO SCHOOL, please! Please also look into and seek books on spirituality and "selflessness," of which you are SORELY LACKING!

1268 days ago


I actually thought this guy Chuck Lorre might be a decent, hardworking producer who was mercilessly malaigned by a strung-out Charlie Sheen. Wrong! Reading this ridculous Vanity Card I realize that Lorre, just like Sheen, failed to heed Lao Tzu's timeless advice: “Silence is a source of great strength.” How much smarter Lorre would be if he had just remained silent instead of creating this meaningless, puff piece that suggests Lorre is as empty and silly as poor Sheen.

1268 days ago

Politically Incorrect    

Regarding "David" Comment #426
David, I DO agree w/you, however, I am giving Chuck Lorre a "benefit of the doubt," if you will. I am also a student of Lao Tzu, but I must say that I fail sometimes, as well. To err, is human, and I am human, after all. That being said, his "vanity cards," aptly named....are just that. However, I can love the message, but not be so very adoring of the messenger, ya know? Both....what he said in his latest vanity card, and what you've just written, have given me much to ponder, study, and practice. I will take, and be thankful, of reminders regardless of the form they are upon arrival to me. You seem like a cool dude!

1268 days ago


I urge you to end the Sheen feud. End it the only way I can think of.
Simply have the chick that was always stalking him, kill him in his sleep, off screen, and while attending the service, introduce the new charater who decides to stick around afterwards.
Ratings winner, and the solution to a major league problem.
Thanks for all your fine shows Chuck Lorre !

1268 days ago


lmao tooo Koru..Does Chuck Lorre "believe" his existential misunderstanding is just another judge mental theory of his own "belief" in a fear of a monolithic sided mind to blot out consciousness.. your drug little man is your feeling like you have the right to judge, grace is beyond anyones consciousness, otherwise you would be the first to judge it, now wouldnt you

1268 days ago

Livid killer    

Stick to writing tv shows. This is why there's PR. This isn't a reply, this is a longwinded diatribe that shows the stupidity of a persons actions. What i'm about to say is an attack on his professionalism not his personality: Chuck your no f*cking wordsmith, Charlie Sheen is only picking on you because he thinks your the easy amputee to beat in a one legged ass-kicking competition. This remark that you made proved it.

1268 days ago

fear n loathing    

Well it is obvious who the clever part of the Sheen/ Lorrie team was;
Has anyone else noticed that CS's ramblings are similar to Col Kurtz in his dad's movie Apocalyse Now; you know the Brando thing on tape where he describes a slug traveling on the edge of a razor and calls everyone errand boys

1267 days ago


There isn't an episode of 2.5 men during which I've ever seen Sheen do anything but deliver. Perfect sarcasm, perfect comedic timing.

But the writing has degraded horribly over the past year, with Alan turning into a character no one could like. Even so, the cast always delivers. And Sheen IS the best, followed by Evelyn his mom, then Rose. Berta is great, and Alan is very talented too. Now they're all out of work.

It seems such a shame, but until the unfortunate writing of the past year, then the dirty laundry, we didn't have a reason to become acquainted with the fellow Sheen has become in his personal life. We all assumed he was a self-indulgent happy-go-lucky guy suffering from an acknowledged case of arrested development and substance abuse issues apparently in check.

I only know that on the program, he always delivered. Consistent genius.

1264 days ago


Just reading Chuck Lorre's existential statement #334 above...

CHUCK LORRE HAS REAL CLARITY OF MIND, seeing and speaking like the sharp-eyed, pristine logician Gautama Buddha (the Enlightened One). NO JOKE! WE NEED MORE OF THIS CLEAR THINKING, AND TRUE HUMOR.

LORRE SAYS IT BEST: "Conscious existence flees...".



1263 days ago


Sheen has been around for so long, and he will continue to be around until most of us are dead and buried.
Lorre, on the other hand, is just a pretentious one-off success that has finally found a way to get back at Sheen who he believes had always taken credit for what he created.
The show will end, and soon, all of Lorre's other show will too. And all of us will forget about Lorre. But Sheen, he will be here still. Genius' are always flawed.

1262 days ago


Sorry Charlie that thing you see coming ever so quickly is called bottom and baby you gonna hit it hard. Please pray you find your happy place to dwell within untill you regain your self sans tiger blood and the smoke you are blowing up your own a*s. Still pulling for you dude but you goin in. Please come out the other side and be the better for it. Did I mention prayer. Like this ' God please help me win again and heal the hearts I have damaged.' Get well soon. You is most cool.

1262 days ago


You think that's long and rambling? Wait until you see the inside of a book.

1262 days ago
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