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Lorre: Sheen's Fall From Grace is a 'Sprint'

3/1/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chuck Lorre just posted an existential statement on his website with a vanity card from tonight's episode of "Mike and Molly" -- and if we're reading it correctly, it sounds like "Two and a Half Men" is over and out.


The statement is long and rambling -- it seems he's mocking Charlie's recent ramblings.  Lorre says, "I believe that consciousness creates the illusion of individualism, the false feeling of being separate."  Translation:  Charlie may think he's blazing his own path but he's still on the well-traveled trail of life.

Lorre goes on:  "I further believe that this existential misunderstanding is the prime motivating force for the neurotic compulsion to blot out consciousness."  Translation:  Charlie is living in a dream world.

There are other gems, but Lorre ends by writing, "The Fall from Grace is, in fact, a Sprint from Grace.  Or perhaps more accurately, Screw Grace, I am so outta here!" 

As for writing, "I am so outta here!" could be Lorre talking or it could be what Lorre thinks Charlie is saying. 

The more we think about it, it seems he's referring to Charlie, but either way, what really seems "outta here" is "Two and a Half Men."


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Send "Charlie" to Rehab and bring in a 1/2 BROTHER... ROB LOWE Genius !!

Then Jake could finally become a MAN and it would still be 2 1/2 MEN!


I'm putting this on EVERY CHUCKLES story.....maybe Lorre will see it.

1276 days ago


Chuck Lorre, how much money do you make? Charlie Sheen just being Charlie Sheen.

1276 days ago

Bobo Frog    

If they do replace Charlie, I think they should replace him with Michael J. Fox. It would be an ironic move, and they could explain his shakes by saying that his character has the DT's.

1276 days ago


He could also be alluding to GRACE UNDER FIRE, whose star Brett Butler also had addiction issues and clashed with both Lorre and co-stars (allegedly flashing her breasts at a 12 year old co-star who played her son). There are definitely parallels, but where during the GRACE era Lorre didn't have the power over Butler, Lorre now seems to have the upper hand over Sheen. Just a thought.

1276 days ago


That was actually pretty well-written.

Posted at 8:45 PM on Feb 28, 2011 by jason

Unlike most of Chuck Lorre's productions, of which TAHM was the exception. Have you tried watching Mike and Molly? Like most people i couldn't bear more then 6 minutes of that crap before changing the channel.

TAHM is the only runaway hit that CBS has had in a long time, and CBS head honchos have said as much publicly, and crap like Mike and Molly is totally dependent on TAHM's strong viewer lead-in for their ratings.

Loosing the final season of TAHM will be tragic for CBS's short term bottom line and Warner's long term syndication deals.

The smart money is on these egotistical asses collective pulling their heads out of their asses and saving the show. Anything else will be an economic disaster for WARNER/CBS/Lorre.

I just refuse to believe a bunch of greedy Hollywood executives are going to just piss sever hundred million to upwards of a billion and revenue away by canceling the show. That's plain stupid and nobody's ego is worth that much to preserve.

1276 days ago


For all of his healthy clean drug free living Chuck Lorre is as delusional and egotistical Charlie, or worse. I mean really who publishes "vanity cards", hundreds of them?

As if anyone gives a damned what you think Mr. Lorre. People watch your goofy ass low brow sitcoms for entertainment, not your deep thoughts. Enough of the Jack Handy routine already. Your just making yourself look like an egotistical ass and a fool.

1276 days ago


His ego compels him react to Charlies statements but he's binded by the legal pitfalls that team Sheen is threatening, you got 2 wrongs and WB hovering overhead ready to pounce.

He's taking analytical generalities so not to become liable by specificness, there was and has been friction and it seems Sheen is stating some truth, only problem for Sheen is that they know his weaknesses and was profiled.

Charlie play with the Devil and his legions, expect the master of confusion to rip you world apart, this world was never meant to be heaven but even you with money to make something bad a bit better is not safe but a bigger target. Your a prime example that once your a target they come after you even harder and your too freaking dumb to see it LOL.

You surround yourself with demonised prostitutes, using drugs which is the gateway to evil and the lair to the Devil himself and his cronies, it's a game and you fell head 1st into it.

just my opinion.

1276 days ago


Well done Mr. Lorre, well done.

1276 days ago

Sad sad    

Puckett Maybe because some people are human

1276 days ago

Tookie Topbox    

We are so over you, Chuckles Sheen, and your juvenile raunchy crap ladened show! The show is done, kaput, finished and so are you. Now if you will, please take your h0s, drugs and booze and go away...far away and SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!

1276 days ago

Rolex sucks    

Why do the jews always hide their names in hollyweird? anyway F**k this guy anyone can write a comedy show but only a few can pull it off and make people laugh.

1276 days ago


Lorre is just as spent as Charlie.


1276 days ago


lol, does anyone else thing of SNL's "Deep thoughts with Jack Handy" when they read Lorre's "Vanity Cards"?

At least one of them was a comedy routine, Lorre seems to take his 2 second on-screen weekly affirmations seriously... what an egotistical jerk.

1276 days ago

Sad sad    

Puckett were you just looking at yourself in the mirror?

As if anyone gives a damned what you think Mr. Lorre. People watch your goofy ass low brow sitcoms for entertainment, not your deep thoughts. Enough of the Jack Handy routine already. Your just making yourself look like an egotistical ass and a fool.

1276 days ago


Gee whillikins, Lorre didn't use the words "dude," "winner," or "fists of fire" even once in his writing.

I saw a bit of an episode of this show tonight. First, it is definitely not a family show. It's not my taste in life choices at all, nor in topic. However, it was cleverly written, which would be credit to the writers, not to Sheen for speaking their words. The public usually gets confused, thinking the actors are spouting their own words and thoughts when they are not. They are just vessels through which the words flow from the writers' minds out of the actors' mouths.

In this episode, Sheen had to frequently refer to a dictionary to understand the conversations that were going on. Lorre's been having fun with him. Charlie ought to watch it, because if by some twist of fate, courts made CBS continue this show with Charlie, Lorre will make him out a complete fool and tool, even more than usual, in every episode.

1276 days ago
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