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Lorre: Sheen's Fall From Grace is a 'Sprint'

3/1/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chuck Lorre just posted an existential statement on his website with a vanity card from tonight's episode of "Mike and Molly" -- and if we're reading it correctly, it sounds like "Two and a Half Men" is over and out.


The statement is long and rambling -- it seems he's mocking Charlie's recent ramblings.  Lorre says, "I believe that consciousness creates the illusion of individualism, the false feeling of being separate."  Translation:  Charlie may think he's blazing his own path but he's still on the well-traveled trail of life.

Lorre goes on:  "I further believe that this existential misunderstanding is the prime motivating force for the neurotic compulsion to blot out consciousness."  Translation:  Charlie is living in a dream world.

There are other gems, but Lorre ends by writing, "The Fall from Grace is, in fact, a Sprint from Grace.  Or perhaps more accurately, Screw Grace, I am so outta here!" 

As for writing, "I am so outta here!" could be Lorre talking or it could be what Lorre thinks Charlie is saying. 

The more we think about it, it seems he's referring to Charlie, but either way, what really seems "outta here" is "Two and a Half Men."


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He sounds as nutty as Charlie Sheen!

1334 days ago


Yeah really Rolex, because Jewish names are so uncommon in Hollywood. /smirk

Why does anyone in Hollywood change their name? I suspect it's the same reason some Jews do too. But don't let that get in the way of how you feel about the jews in Hollywood. Bash away! ;)

Other then that i kind of agree that Lorre isn't such hot sh*t when it comes to script writing. TAHM is the exception. Most of his shows suck.

1334 days ago


The whole fiasco is just a shame. The real losers are the fans of the show. I for one will miss Two and a Half Men. As with most corporate failures and breakdowns I would look to management or the lack there of. This sad and I think there are a few people on both sides who need to grow up already.

I will miss Two and a Half Men... It's been a great ride.

1334 days ago


Sounds like Charlie is getting under somebody's skin.Stay safe. They know we're all watching now.

1334 days ago


Duh 88, who else hides his name, Chuckles Sheen~! If anyone can write a "winning" show then go for it. Hey the few are no longer laughing because Chuckles makes people laugh, they are just laughing AT and feeling sorry for Charlie Sheen because he is making a horses ass of himself. He needs to get off this high horse (ass) and get help!!!!

1334 days ago


And they talk of Charlie's rantings & drugs..hate to tell Lorre but if he's suffering from invaders from Mars & zombies maybe he needs to put down the pipe, the rig, the glass & the pills sounds may have created the show but Charlie MADE the show & his fans are sick of hearing how he's the cause behind workers being out of a job...You were the one that pulled it so get your head out of your ass...look in the mirror 7 warn everyone else to standback cause someone is going to get hurt from all the falling glass out of that glass bubble your living in while throwing stones!!!!!!!!!!

1334 days ago

Rolex sucks    

I sort of hated Charlie but after seeing this ego HIDDEN jew AGAIN why do the jews mask their names in hollyweird? This little F88k puppet is full of himself. Bring back Charlie or end the show either way CBS is on the hook. Maybe they can review how corrupt survivors become with Russell Hanz spoiling seasons and not doing anything about it. Clearly CBS is not a family friendly station as they portray like every other station these b**ches are in it for the bucks.

1334 days ago

river rat    

Sounds like Charlie is getting under somebody's skin.Stay safe. They know we're all watching now.

Posted at 9:23 PM on Feb 28, 2011 by Linda

Yeah, Linda, know what you mean. When I see a photo of CS, my skin starts to itch and feel the need for a shower! Nasty man...just plain nasty!

1334 days ago


@ sad sad... no i wasn't looking in the mirror, i don't have "Chuck Lorre Syndrome". I doubt anybody cares what i think any more then i care what other TMZ commenter's think. It's a gossip site on the internet. I don't take any of this seriously.

1334 days ago


Strange Vanity Card. I dont undersstand that kind of talk. I must be Stupid?

Posted at 8:13 PM on Feb 28, 2011 by get real
No, you are not stupid. I have no f**king idea what he is trying to say either. It is super annoying. Just communicate like a normal person for God's sake. Typical liberal elitist wannabe rambling f**king mumbo jumbo. No wonder Charlie hates him. If someone wrote me a letter or e-mail or whatever like this I would probably go find him and punch his lights out.

1334 days ago


I think Chuck Lorre's vanity cards are a little too intelligent for some of you. It's easy to say "f*ck you." It's harder to say it without actually using those words, which Lorre accomplished quite well.

1334 days ago


Charlie....U need to look in the mirror!! Nobody needs crap like this ! U can be replaced!! No problem! Better we write these msg, where does this go..NO where ! just to tmz...lost cause.

1334 days ago



He spent all his money, and will get NO more.

He burned holes in his widdle brain.

Now everyone knows.

1334 days ago

Joe Blowe    

Those 2 should get a room and make mad love to each other

1334 days ago


"TAHM is the only runaway hit that CBS has had in a long time,"

NCIS started at the same time and has five million more viewers. I'd say that has run a tad further.

1334 days ago
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