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Corey Feldman Mad About Corey Haim's Oscar Snub

2/28/2011 9:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Corey Feldman is upset that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences left his good pal Corey Haim off the Oscars "In Memoriam" segment -- saying the Academy does not "have a handle on who the public adores."

Feldman tells TMZ he's particularly upset since the same "public outcry" occured after Haim was left off the SAG memorial as well.

Feldman tells us, "Corey's films have earned the industry over a half a billion dollars and his work remains an inspiration to young artists world wide ... Corey dedicated his life to the film industry. The same industry that failed to dedicate even 30 seconds to his memory."

For their part, the Academy released a statement that reads: "Whatever the length of the sequence, there will always be fans and family members of those not included who will be disappointed by their omission. The Academy extends its understanding and its apologies to those who missed seeing a favorite face in this year’s feature."


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All these people saying "who?" are so full of it. Nobody believes you're little passive aggressive attempt at an insult.

1332 days ago


Corey (whichever one died), does not deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as those that were honored at the Oscars. Most of those mentioned had distinguished careers. Hey and most did it without being disgusting druggies.

1332 days ago


Im with corey on this one too.He had alot of memorable movies like Lucas Lostboys Licence to Drive.And there was this werewolf movie that he did with Gary busey that was really good too!I think what is really cool about this unfourtante tradgedy and blatent dis that the acadamy did to him and the other award shows is in this trendy backstabbing world we live in.Cory haim has got a frend whos still got his back to this day freaking way cool cory!

1332 days ago


Adore is a little strong - however he was in several movies should be up there if a lot of those others that nobody knows are.

1332 days ago

Ms. L    

Why are all the unknown Agents, Producers, Writers et al....shown. The paying public knows not who these people are!!!

Where was Rue McClannahan (yes, she was in movies)? Snubbed like Bea Arthur....

Shame Academy!!!

1332 days ago


The oscars were trying to be YOUNG and HIP with their choices of the hosts, but didn't respect (young) Corey for a few seconds, which would have helped his loved ones to some extent since his early death. Shameful.
License to Drive still rules!!!!!

1332 days ago


I think that just because his career was not as good as most, he deserved a nod. I worshiped Corey Haim in my teens. All the movies he was in made the teen movies, he was before cool was cool.. Corey came before the stupid hip hop and porn stars become actors, he could entertain and he had millions of fans. The academy appreciates "who's who" at the moment, Kim Kardashian could win a freaking Oscars these days, it's so ridiculous.

1332 days ago


I'm sorry, Corey F. Corey H. friggin rocked and was a staple of my childhood movie experience. I was so sad when I heard he had passed. Still sad. Just because he got snubbed by these HWOOD peeps, doesn't mean he will be forgotten.

1332 days ago


Forgetting Corey is one thing, but no Gary Coleman! 'What'chu talkin' about Oscar.'

1332 days ago


Yeah they forgot my loser freind and people can't remember who I am.

Corey I know who your friend was and I know your loser self.

Dr. Drew.

1332 days ago


That is reserved to honor honorable actors. Corey your friend gave head on Santa Monica Blvd. so he could buy drugs.

He should not be honored.

1332 days ago

Dylan Franklin    

Feldman is right. Corey Haim made good films in the 80's and he was a teen idol. He deserved 30 seconds of their time. Many of the old relics they show at the Academy Awards had less hits then he did. I thought it was about the acting, not personal lives. Lost Boys is still a good movie even today, so are License to Drive and Lucas. They also omitted Peter Graves from the memorial. Maybe they think Tom Cruise developed that himself. Oh wait, they don't like Tom either. Of course this is the same organization that bases awards on political issues and causes. At least it was made clear to them how awful a show they put on since there were 4 million viewers less than last year. James Franco was weird, always looking off to the side and acting bored. Well, he at least got the bored part right.

1332 days ago


Isn't that the same lame excuse the Academy gave last year? If I remember correctly they left off a few very notable people from list then as well?

1332 days ago


know what ```````````````````````` people suck!

1332 days ago


For the person who wrote that Charlie cured himself. um sorry but the man appears to be on a manic cycle and is heading for a crash. Also, Cory who?

1332 days ago
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