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Lindsay Lohan

Joins Jimmy Kimmel's HoBo Club

2/28/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If you've ever wanted to see Hollywood's hottest women hump a workout ball, then Jimmy Kimmel's post-Oscar sketch mocking exercise infomercials is the video for you!

Make sure you watch the whole thing to catch Lindsay Lohan's cameo mocking her latest legal troubles.


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Grandma Cracker    

Making a spot for Lindsay at the end was so obvious and unnecessary. She did not look good, and if she had not mocked her current court situation she would have not been involved.

1335 days ago


Wow...Lindsay looked looked and sounded like trash compared to everyone else in that sketch. She should be embaressed but she probably isn't because she is so desperate for attention and has no shame.

1335 days ago


Lindsay is so awesome who cares about all her do***ented and alleged crimes. Even if she becomes a felon(which i hope doesn't happen) i will still support her.


1335 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it is the same problem you had last year.
John Foster Dulles

How do you measure your success Lindsay?

1335 days ago


Waaay out of her league! She is just plain pitiful. She has no grace, no class and obviously no sense of reality. The others are talented, beautiful women and she's just a mess.

1335 days ago


I use to be a Lindsay fan and it made me sad to see her last night.

First off: She looked horrible, her face looked plastic and shiny her hair looked liked it was dyed with mustard and her lips were deformed.

Second: Her acting seemed awkward and she seemed uncomfortable also she did not hold a candle to any of the other even Jessica Alba for god sake.

Third: Crowed reaction was awkward also, really didn’t know how to react but it was clear no one thought it was awesome to see her, public is sick of her.

Fourth: How she made fun of her felony grand theft case at end was the wrong move. Its obvious she stole, she is on camera doing so, she is facing 1 year in jail and felony probation its not funny.

1335 days ago


Wow how stupid, this can be used this against her in court.

1335 days ago


She is just too stupid. Her career is over.

1335 days ago


How embarassing that all these A-list actresses do such a downright stupid sketch... They all devaluate themselves. It's not sexy.... but just plain stupid and not at all funny.

1335 days ago

Davey Boy    

A clueless duck: Quack, Quack.

1335 days ago

Davey Boy    

Amazing. She bailed on Letterman to do Kimmel? At least Letterman is clever and witty. This skit was pure crap and -really- did not make her look Linnocent by any stretch.

1335 days ago


Gee, is this her new career? The self deprecating criminal punchline? It's not the most tasteful sketch, but the other ladies have such classy careers that the contrast is funny.

I notice that she's not in any of the group scenes with the other ladies. She seemed awkward and kind of sad.

No impact on her felony situation. A confirmation she doesn't take her problems very seriously or have a bit of humility or remorse. Kind of suggests tht her recovery is still in very early stages.

Do they not have hair conditioner in LA?

1335 days ago


She wasn't even part of it! 15 seconds at the end of the thing.. blah. A whole lot of nothing. I really wonder if they offered it to her or if she asked them to squeeze her in somehow because it really did seem disconnected to the rest of the skit, like it was a last minute edit in.

Now Tom Hanks making fun of Toddlers and Tiara with the Little Miss Sexiest Baby 2011 was funny stuff! LOL

1335 days ago


Lindsay is a beautiful young woman AND a very good actress. Her career is far from over. She is young and will overcome her situation.......just as Robert Downey Jr. did. Good luck Lindsay. Wishing the best for you. Good Luck !! Heads up!!

1335 days ago


Oh please Robert actually WENT to jail, he also violated his parole and was sent back and then violated probation and was sent to a lock in drug rehab place. That's when he actually got clean. Lindsay is still blaming everyone else for her problems and is not near the actor that Robert is. Fake boobs, hair extensions and injected lips do not make a 'beautiful woman'... add a snarky I'm above the law attitude and you really have someone ugly on the inside and out.

1335 days ago
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