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Lindsay Lohan

Joins Jimmy Kimmel's HoBo Club

2/28/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If you've ever wanted to see Hollywood's hottest women hump a workout ball, then Jimmy Kimmel's post-Oscar sketch mocking exercise infomercials is the video for you!

Make sure you watch the whole thing to catch Lindsay Lohan's cameo mocking her latest legal troubles.


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Robert Downey Jr. is a phenomenal actor! He's just absolutely incredible! You can't compare his acting skills with Lindsay's because she was basically in the bobble-head-actress class of actresses, nothing to write home about.

Add into that that he cleaned his act up after being locked up for quite a while. So far, Lindsay continues on her merry, smirky way of criminality.

Add into that that he is very handsome. Lindsay looks horrible these days. She lost her appeal about 2 years ago.

And I don't recall him ever slamming everyone else for his problems, at least not publicly. If he did, it certainly wasn't months and years of slamming.

And finally, maybe the biggest thing of all, he didn't have a creepy Addams family hanging around him 24/7, cheering on all of his criminality. If I'm not mistaken, Robert learned his drugging ways from his father, and when interviewed about it, seemed very thoughtful and sad. It's been many years ago, so I may be wrong on the matter but that's my recollection.

We have no remorse or sadness or any real emotion out of Lindsay beyond nasty glee. She comes across like a 17-year-old child who is rebelling mightily against her parents, doing anything possible to infuriate them. Except she's much too old for that childish crap.

1280 days ago


Amazing. She bailed on Letterman to do Kimmel? At least Letterman is clever and witty. This skit was pure crap and -really- did not make her look Linnocent by any stretch.

Posted at 7:11 AM on Feb 28, 2011 by Davey Boy


Davey Boy, yes! Exactly! If she hadn't done anything remotely about her legal woes, the Letterman top 10 list would have been a far superior vehicle for her to have appeared on. It would have given her SOME semblance of legitimacy. Gotta agree with Papa Mike on this one. At least he knows enough to try to hawk her on decent shows. Mama Crackhan doesn't care if Lindsay's starring as a hooker, thief, maniac, anything at all, as long as Mama Crackhan gets her crack money for the night.

1280 days ago


How degrading! Why would so many A and B+ -list actresses participate in such tripe!

1280 days ago


A fun video, the A-list and B-list actresses were really great. Looked like the video had been done and ready before LL was invited to be in it and she did her part long after it was originally shot. Otherwise she would have been in the studio with the other actresses. She was not especially good at delivering her lines, and the dialog was so disconnected from the remainder of the video (contrived). The alledgedly line was not LL's best delivery. Too bad. Plus it won't help LL's case in court or help her gain employment if this is what she shows as her "acting" skills.

1280 days ago



1280 days ago


@Nicole -
Lindsay is so awesome who cares about all her do***ented and alleged crimes. Even if she becomes a felon(which i hope doesn't happen) i will still support her.


Yeah her awesomeness outshines her criminal behavior at least 10 to 1, doesn't it? Who, besides that nasty - has it out for Lindsay - Danette Meyers, and all the haters, like the judges, cares about her alleged and doc-u-mented crimes anyways??? That doesn't matter in life, let all the lowlife criminals do whatever they want, as long as they are have "hot" bodies and marginal acting skills, and have trash parents like Dina and Michael.
Yeah, even if she becomes a convicted felon (newsalert, committing grand theft felony makes you a felon the moment you commit the crime, you are only classified legally as felon when you become a convicted felon. That's why LL's deal over the fur did not make her a convicted felon - she bought her way out of it.) I'm sure you will support her.

1280 days ago


Now THAT...was funny!

1280 days ago


Ok, just watched the bit; very stupid piece. Emily Blount totally owned it, IMHO. I honestly didn't think that Lindsay looked too bad in it, she was fixed up far better than I thought was possible. She was passable looking, no great beauty but passable.

The part mocking her legal battles was unnecessary and ill-thought out. Jimmy Kimmle obviously doesn't care if she goes to jail or not but she should be smart enough to keep her nose clean. Obviously she isn't smart enough.

1280 days ago


I was shocked that all those hotties did that bit for Jimmy, but I have to admit, I was LMAO watching it. Lohan was just a small part of it. Awesome Kimmel show last night, between that and the Hanks bit, that has to go down as his all time best show.

1280 days ago


If she's so comfortable being the punchline, why was she complaining about being needled on Glee?

1280 days ago


futmz -
Think maybe DINA is thinking her little meal ticket is going to disappear for a bit, and since she can't rely on her second little meal ticket (Ali) since that hasn't panned out yet, she (as any low life s*** living off someone else like she does) will take any measly sum.

1280 days ago


I had to go back and rewatch the bit after reading the comment about LL's upper lip not moving at all. And it doesn't! WTF is that about? Why would she Botox the area above her upper lip? It was obviously Botoxed to the max. No movement.

And on second view, she really didn't look too good. Those darned duck lips!!! And the acting was wooden. Can't really see the point of her being included in this silly segment beyond pulling in some viewers interested in the controversy.

1280 days ago


We don't know she complained about Glee. Her mom (mouthpiece) said LL complained to her about Glee, and made it look as if the complaint was a juvenile cry to mommy complaint.
Her mom is driven to keep the wolves at bay as much as she can. I don't recall any news items where LL actually complained to someone other than Dina about Glee.

1280 days ago


Ok, I'll bite. Her MANAGER complained about her being made fun of on Glee and then booked her to do the same on Kimmel.

1280 days ago


Lindsay what do you think of lie-ons?" no big deal I do it all the time"..What a joke if you notice in her segment she is alone with Jimmy I read The other ladies objected to being on screen with her..

1280 days ago
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