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Lindsay Lohan

Joins Jimmy Kimmel's HoBo Club

2/28/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If you've ever wanted to see Hollywood's hottest women hump a workout ball, then Jimmy Kimmel's post-Oscar sketch mocking exercise infomercials is the video for you!

Make sure you watch the whole thing to catch Lindsay Lohan's cameo mocking her latest legal troubles.


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#64, sean, Yup, agreed, several of us here feel that it's Mikey Sr. coming on here and making very sexualized comments about LL. I have wondered for quite some time if LL isn't a survivor of sexual abuse? That possibility could account for all of her incredibly out-there behavior. And...if she actually WERE a survivor of it...I WOULD have much more sympathy for her. Sex abuse can quite literally make people go nuts. It can be a complete soul-breaker.

1303 days ago


I'm surprised I didn't get the "lie-ons" joke when listening to TMZ's video (above) but it's quite clearly there. Guess she has no shame about laughing about her lying, either.

#50, LindsayLohan, I quite seriously couldn't believe the difference that 5 years made. She was stunning in the 1st photo and looked like she could be her own cracked-out mother (not Dina, Dina looks way better than this) in the second photo. And all of that hot mess is festering underneath the Botox. Downright frightening what she's done to her own body.

1303 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

Jimmy has a great arse and thighs. Mmmmmmmm.

1303 days ago


Note to all
I got to thinking how over the last few months here of all the like comments. You know the ones like, Im so sick of her and her entitlement issues,Its always about her, She is a selfish b., Who does she think she is? I could go on,and on. The point Im trying to make is simply these are a the basic character traits I find in the majority of everyone, and thats why Im staying single for life.
Now I can forgive Lindsay because of her up bringing,and I really believe she knows not what she does, but for anyone else... forget about it.
I say on a regular basis who the hell does this person think they are? Well whoever they think they are, they are nobody. They will be nobody tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that, no matter how good looking they think they are. No red carpet for them.
All of the issues that people dont like about Lindsay really should keep those things in perspective, nobody likes a hypocrite either.

1303 days ago


I still see the similarities between Dana Plato and Lindsay, like I first pointed out last week. It saddens me. I'm not a Lindsay hater at all. But it really just looks like SHE is her own worst enemy. She really needs a mother, father, or manager in her life. O. She has them all. Ok then, SOMEONE to look at what's in her own best interests. Wow. She even has an attorney. A judge too. Lindsay needs to just sit quietly and take in what ONLY her attorney and the judge are saying right now. My God, anyone would do that at this point!

1303 days ago

Rob Page    

The original fake exercise ball workout. Hit show for Ripe TV Ballwork4Dudes:

1302 days ago


@ 68 Lou

yea its one of those things that are subtle until you get it, then its obvious. The JK line "Tell us more about lion Lindsey (as in your an expert at lion)" says it all. Still I have to wonder if she understood the joke going in. Could be I guess, she did the whole allegedly line and even her old eharmany ad was mostly at her own expense so who knows.

1302 days ago


Than was funny? Hardly. It could have ended after one minute. How degrading for these women to "hump" a ball ...not that's acting!! Wow... am I ever impressed.

I know it was suppose to be a comedy skit but it was way too long and not funny.

The kicker....? Lohan. Wonder who will be getting the last laugh come court day??

Linday ... nice try. However, your back is against the wall and I suggest you just stay home, pray and get ready for your big decision day in court.

The judge says... jail. If you don't take the deal ... and try this in front of a jury and lose. Guess what? It is no longer county jail but the California Intitution for Women in Frontera CA. You don't want to go there, Lindsay. However, it just might do you some good.

Whatever it takes, Jesus. "Whatever it takes."

1302 days ago


#50 - The photos displaying the 5 year difference between LL in 2004 and 2009 is startling. While I agree with those that she showed promise regarding her acting talent when she first came on the scene, I think a large part of that was her voice. She had a cool voice for a teenager - deep and raspy which set her apart from the other normal voiced teens. Truly, if her voice hadn't been that way, I'm not sure she'd have received such favorable reviews even back then. She WAS funny Mean Girls though...that being said...

She WAS NOT funny in the J.Kimmel skit! Even Jessica Alba outshined her. Her comedic timing was off, she looked bad...the way she was reading from cue cards was so bad and obvious. I don't think her "acting" career will survive.

1302 days ago

normal person    

Same haters day in and day out saying the same crap . Boring

1302 days ago


There you are..Trollhans right on cue.

1302 days ago

Bigge S    

Lindsey L, Britney S and Charlie C, they are as close to royalty as anyone will get in USA.
I quite envy you. Our royalties are so booring here i Europe.

1302 days ago

E B    

Tom Green would be proud!

1302 days ago


Look how all of you cant stop hating on her. Each and every one of you would love to be in her shoes.

Let the girl live. Also, noticed how she is the higlight of the video.

Everyone is interested in seeing her more then anyone else. She makes headlines and everyone hates.

1302 days ago


Wonder what her lawyer thinks of this latest stunt, going on prime time TV and mocking her legal situation. Stunning stupidity, actually: she's showing not one ounce of remorse for violating her probation, let alone for being a thief.

1302 days ago
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