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Lindsay Lohan

Joins Jimmy Kimmel's HoBo Club

2/28/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If you've ever wanted to see Hollywood's hottest women hump a workout ball, then Jimmy Kimmel's post-Oscar sketch mocking exercise infomercials is the video for you!

Make sure you watch the whole thing to catch Lindsay Lohan's cameo mocking her latest legal troubles.


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Wonder what her lawyer thinks of this latest stunt, going on prime time TV and mocking her legal situation. Stunning stupidity, actually: she's showing not one ounce of remorse for violating her probation, let alone for being a thief.

1299 days ago


Wonder what her lawyer thinks of this latest stunt, going on prime time TV and mocking her legal situation. Stunning stupidity, actually: she's showing not one ounce of remorse for violating her probation, let alone for being a thief.

1299 days ago


Does anyone else find it funny that none of the enablers are actually addressing the subject at hand (Lindsay's performace on Kimmel)??? Could it be because they agree that it was a big mistake? But they can't bring themselves to admit it???

1299 days ago


How sad for you, lucky 130, that you think that walking a red carpet makes you "somebody." Maybe that's why so many entertainers have so many self esteem and drug abuse issues - they feel like they are nobodies if they aren't getting attention.

I'll tell you why I'm a somebody and I've never walked a red carpet in my life and never want to: because I had a wonderful child who is now a wonderful young man. I got to help him grow up and lived through those wonderful years with him. Fantastic years. I would never trade a single memory of that for any red carpet walk. If people want to place the value of themselves upon shallow reasons such as how much attention they get, so be it. But not all of us measure life in such shallow terms.

1299 days ago


Sounds like there's a new Trollhan alias now: J A

1299 days ago


Thank you, Lou, for saying what's really valuable in life

1299 days ago


@JA, the theory that "everyone" is jealous is the same one Charlie Sheen is promoting today. They share the same sense of grandiosity.

I have come to agree with what Sharon Stone said. Her celebrity is keeping her from getting the medical treament she needs.

As for haters, normal person, there are less and less of those everyday, by your definition. Very soon, every tabloid story about Lohan will sink to the bottom of the page uncommented on.
The legitimate press have made zero mention of

1299 days ago


Shawn Holley probably has her head in her hands right now saying, "Why, Why, Why?"

One of the dumbest things Lindsay has ever done. I wonder if Judge Schwartz found it funny, too?

1299 days ago


I thought the whole thing was hilarious until Lindsay showed up. She can make fun of herself a few years from now if she stays out of trouble, but it's just sad right now.

1299 days ago


lou- You dont have to walk the Red Carpet to be somebody, it was a point I was trying to make about all the stuck up, self righteous, and entitled people I have to share a city with that are nobody.
Im really sick of it, and people should look at how stuck up, selfish and rotten they really. Whats the old saying about taking a look in the mirror?

1299 days ago


#90, Yeah, don't think this stunt or her other publicity driven stuff is lawyer approved. Somehow, I think that Dina is the driver as to what jobs lindsay will take. Notice how, in this case since Dina was in LA, Dina took her to Kimmel to film the spot. I think that no matter who is in her life to give her advice, she always ends up doing what Mommy wants her to do. So if Mommy will convince her that pleading will only get her 23 days in jail (or less), and that she should do that, then LL will probably plead. But if Mommy thinks she should fight it (not plead on 10 Mar, and possibly, when it goes to another judge will then try to plea deal there. (Since Mommy is needing the money LL brings in to her) then I think LL will fight it. The problem with this is that I believe Dina's thought processes are, to put it mildly, wacked. I could see her thinking that this can still be manupulated in LL's favor with a different judge, and plead out with no jail time on the felony, and take the chances on when she's sprung from Lynwood on the misdemenor probabion violation charge. I think Dina is not only in denial about LL's problems, but Dina is driving LL to the edge.
and normal person (ali) probably you're just bored being in LA and not partying like you did months ago when your mom sent you out here to get a tv show or other acting jobs. If it's so boring, finish up your schooling and get into a good school so you can get a real job in the future. Your acting skills are nil and you haven't been picked up in the music industry (guess the experts don't think you have what it takes). You might pick up some modeling jobs (other than family driven) but you really would need to pay attention and hire a real manager, not your mom.

1299 days ago


Just a bunch of cooze with no self respect. That is the new modern woman. Sluts who think showing off their tits, p.u.s.s.y & ass is earning them respect. Also the way they are that ball is how they got plowed by the fat old studio execs that cast them in their awful movies.

1299 days ago


I'm no fan of Dina, but Lindsay is ultimately responsible for her choices. I'm not hearing either of them say they regret this?

I do tend to agree that they believe some "wink wink" work, some "rumors" of upcoming projects and some monitoring of tabloid sites will turn some sort of tide in their favor. Did they hear something different from Judge Swartz than the rest of us? Taking responsibility is not either of their vocabularies.

1299 days ago


Robert Downey Jr. is a phenomenal actor! He's just absolutely incredible! You can't compare his acting skills with Lindsay's because she was basically in the bobble-head-actress class of actresses, nothing to write home about.

Add into that that he cleaned his act up after being locked up for quite a while. So far, Lindsay continues on her merry, smirky way of criminality.

Add into that that he is very handsome. Lindsay looks horrible these days. She lost her appeal about 2 years ago.

And I don't recall him ever slamming everyone else for his problems, at least not publicly. If he did, it certainly wasn't months and years of slamming.

And finally, maybe the biggest thing of all, he didn't have a creepy Addams family hanging around him 24/7, cheering on all of his criminality. If I'm not mistaken, Robert learned his drugging ways from his father, and when interviewed about it, seemed very thoughtful and sad. It's been many years ago, so I may be wrong on the matter but that's my recollection.

We have no remorse or sadness or any real emotion out of Lindsay beyond nasty glee. She comes across like a 17-year-old child who is rebelling mightily against her parents, doing anything possible to infuriate them. Except she's much too old for that childish crap.

Posted at 8:10 AM on Feb 28, 2011 by lou

Thank you lou. People who keep comparing RDJ with this train wreck need to STFU. The only thing they have in commen is that they both are drug addicts that it and obviously one is dealing with it better than the other.

1299 days ago


@Jay Careful. How was RDJ dealing with his drug abuse at age 24?

1299 days ago
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